Tuesday, 5 June 2012


The reason why we went to war in Iraq is simple.

Those who take an interest in politics and follow such events have been allowed to surmise that oil was the casus belli. It wasn't. When the time came, oil and multinational contracts would be a glorious bonus but the real reason the war was fought lies elsewhere.

In order to ensure that the only viable threat to Israel’s future security was permanently removed, the destruction of their neighbour was necessary. The Neoconservative movement in Washington and New York and the wider Jewish lobby arranged this destruction.

Our own young men AND women were sent to the Gulf to fight, kill and die in Israel's behalf.

The leading oil and money men within the Bush administration were Bush himself, Dick Cheney and the Afghan born, former Unocoal oilman, Zalmay Khalilzad, who would become Bush junior’s special envoy to Afghanistan.

Condoleeza Rice, who was later promoted to Secretary of State, was National Security Adviser when Bush and Blair went to war. She, too, was, at one time, an oil consultant for Chevron. Although this black woman is not Jewish, her most influential tutor, Joseph Korbel, the father of Madeline Albright, is. He was, as much as anyone, responsible for guiding her to the top of the greasy, diplomatic pole.

The grand strategy, however, was always in the hands of the Perles, the Wolfowitzes and the Libbys. Such men were mapping out the WWIII battle plan for over ten years before Iraq was invaded in 2003. Most of the others named were bang on message and all were in a position to influence a President who was somewhat limited intellectually and morally.

If you add the war cries of the above to those of Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu, Rupert Murdoch and the totality of the US media, much of which is owned and staffed by Jewry, then what occurred does not seem such a non-starter as it might have when, in 1992, Wolfowitz produced the paper, 'Defence Policy Guidance,' for his boss, Dick Cheney.

To top it all off, the fanatic contribution made by Tony Blair fuelled the crusaders’ blaze considerably.



  1. The wars against Islamic countries are to reign them in to the globalist system of governance being constructed.