Sunday, 28 May 2006

Good intentions got the better of us

On 8 December 2006, The Guardian quoted Tony Blair thus:
"Very good intentions got the better of us... We wanted to be hospitable to new groups. We wanted, rightly, to extend a welcome and did so by offering public money to entrench their cultural presence. Money was too often freely awarded to groups that were tightly bonded around religious, racial or ethnic identities.

In the future, we will assess bids from groups of any ethnicity or any religious denomination, also against a test, where appropriate, of promoting community cohesion and integration…  
We are not on our own in trying to find the right balance between integration and diversity. There is a global agonising on the subject."
The Guardian added:
"Mr Blair warned that public money had been too easily handed out to organisations 'tightly bonded around religious, racial or ethnic identities'. In future they would have to show they aimed to promote community cohesion and integration...
The suicide bombings in London on July 7 last year had thrown the whole concept of a multicultural Britain 'into sharp relief,' the prime minister said. He insisted it was an idea that should still be celebrated but said it went hand in hand with a duty to share 'essential values… We are a nation comfortable with the open world of today'."

"Very good intentions got the better of us."
Thus does the greatest traitor this country has ever known explain away forty years of putting the immigrant first and the indigenous poor last. Thus does this statement excuse forty years of politically correct, black man good, white man bad Orwellian propaganda.

Thus does the Marxist 'good intention' pat itself on the back and imply that those they chose to criminalise, with 41 years of truth-denying race law, were were right all along. Thus do the Machiavellian bleeding-hearts, whose hearts never bled for us, attempt to portray themselves as the whitest of knights riding to the rescue of those their own treachery disenfranchised so completely.
"We are a nation comfortable with the open world of today."
You, the rest of the global villagers and those you criticise here may be 'comfortable' with it. Most of the unfortunates this 'open world' brutalises and diminishes are, of course, distinctly uncomfortable.

To be honest, Tony, you're full of s**t. You're a liar, a cheat and a top-bloke thief of beautiful things. And now, because it's getting to be impossible to maintain the pretence that your immigrant-sucking, one-world policies have proved anything other than catastrophic for the British people, you try to con the dim into thinking it was all a well-meaning mistake made by the best for the best of well-meaning reasons.

I suppose that's why you said we need another two hundred thousand 'legal' immigrants coming here every year a couple of years back.

Is that why you said:
"One day, yes one day, there will be a black Prime Minister?"
"The two million Muslims in Britain are an inspiration to us all and we can learn much from you."
"Those who warned of disaster back in the 1960s and 1970s if migration was not stopped, who said Britain would never accept a multi-racial society, have been proved comprehensively wrong...  
Britain as a whole is immeasurably richer... for the contribution that migrants have made to our society."
"I agree entirely with what my hon. Friend (Oona King) says about the nature of our society and the desire to see it as a multicultural, multiracial society... I think that it is the type of country that the vast majority of British people believe in."
"Globalisation is a fact... we celebrate the diversity in our country, get strength from the cultures and races that go to make up Britain today... JEWS, MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS ARE ALL CHILDREN OF ABRAHAM... This is the moment to bring the faiths closer together... Let us re-order this world around us."
Come on, Tony, you'll be telling us all it had nothing to do with you next. Oh yes, ladies and gents, there's always someone else a wannabe Messiah like Tony B Liar can point the finger at when he's run out of poor, white folk, foreigners in their own lands minding their own business and the occasional imported terrorist over here.

On 4 March 2006, he said this on Parkinson:
"In the end, there is a judgement that, I think if you have faith about these things, you realise that judgement is made by other people... and if you believe in God, it's made by God as well."
All God's fault, then. There is, however, one happy, little band of New World Order agent provocateurs whom this prime Minister will never put the blame on, no matter what the provocation, no matter what the evidence.

On 18 February 2005, Blair said this:
"I've been a very, very strong supporter of the Jewish community and of Israel, and will always be so... We have been staunch supporters of Israel, staunch defenders of the Jewish community."
On 23 February 2005, he added:
"There has not been a bigger supporter of the state of Israel than this Government and this Prime Minister."
A few sentences ago I described this man as 'the greatest traitor this country has ever known.'

These days, the dim, the brainwashed, the odd repentant jobsworth and even a loose mainstream cannon or two are thinking the same thing.

As regards his 'very good intentions' Shadow Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, opined thus:
"The speech constitutes a remarkable turnaround. Many of the problems in relation to the issues he addresses are at least in part the consequence of a philosophy of divisive multi-culturalism and political correctness that has been actively promoted by the Labour Party over many years."
Independence Party MEP, Gerard Batten, added:
"It is hypocritical of the Prime Minister to say that 'integration is a duty' when it is his Government who has pushed, paid for and promoted the multicultural agenda which is already starting to cause problems in this country."
British Nationalists, of course, have been saying such things for more than half a century now and the media has either not reported them or howled them down.

On 9 December 2006, two days after Tony Blair was implicitly critical of the Muslim presnce in the UK, The Sun said this:
"A Muslim could one day be Prime Minister, Tony Blair said last night."
Which might once have been ironically described as 'having your cake and eating it.'
In the time of Tony such slippery, disingenuous behaviour has become the norm.

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