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Ray Winstone: England has gone to the dogs

On 5 December 2008, the actor, Ray Winstone, was quoted thus by The Daily Mail:
"Every time I get on a plane the thing I love is that moment when the captain announces we’re flying over England. You open the shutters on your little window and you look down at all those miles of green fields and think: 'This is it. This is England. This is the greatest, most beautiful country in the world.' But it’s just not great any more, is it?

Let’s be honest. This country isn’t going to the dogs. It’s gone to the dogs. We’re a mess. And do I really want to live in this mess any more? I feel bad saying it, but I’m just not sure."
Don't go, Ray. You'll miss all the fireworks!
"It breaks my heart to even think about leaving this country but it’s becoming more of a thought in my head. I LOVE BEING BRITISH, I LOVE ENGLAND, BUT I HATE WHAT’S BEEN DONE TO IT."
I 'hate what’s been done to it' as well, Ray. If I had a choice, I wouldn’t want to live alongside a brainwashed bunch of suicide merchants either. Thing is, what about their kids and grandkids? If we don’t stick around, who’s going to look out for them? People like me, Ray, those who know that THEY are at war with us, we don't have a choice. We have to be here to fight for those whose kinfolk are asleep or hiding under the blankets. Ray continued:
"What are we 'doing about drugs… kids on the streets in gangs' and 'lawless behaviour?'"
Well, yes, Ray, 'nothing' would be right. Thing is, do you never wonder why THEY are doing nothing?
"The war in Iraq - what was all that about?"
Do you really want to know, Ray? Do you really want to know how much money Haliburton has made out of the war? How would you react if you discovered that George Bush’s Vice President, Dick Cheney, was the CEO of Haliburton immediately before he became Vice President? Wouldn't you wonder why the company gave him $42,000,000 in severance pay after he got the call from the smirking chimp? Wouldn't you wonder what he was required to do for that kind of pay-off?

And would you really want to know about how most of the US Neoconservatives were banging the drum for a second war with Iraq as soon as the first one ended? If you then discovered that most of these warmongering Neocons were Jewish, what would you think?

Then again, what would you think of the man who put such information before you, Ray? Might you think that he was a conspiracy theorist? Might you think that, God forbid, he was an anti-Semite?
"There’s no sense of pride, no sense of unity, no sense of people wanting to make this country a better place to live in."
I agree, Ray. Would it astound you if I said that some have been working to achieve these things for a long time now? Do you still imagine that it’s just the politicians being out of touch and if only someone like yourself could grab them by the lapels and tell them what was REALLY happening, all of a sudden they would wake up, see the light and make everything better?

That's not the way it works, Ray. It really isn't.
"The politicians we’ve had in the past few decades are the ones who are directly to blame for the mess we’re in."
Oh yes, Ray. Never a truer word was said. Doesn’t it amaze you that, even now, after all the Brit-crushing awfulness stoked up by the Westminster wallet-stuffers in recent times, millions of British people will still be voting for them come the General Election?
"We’re falling apart at the seams. All the things we used to be proud of – our police force, our schools, our hospitals – have gone to hell."
It is war, Ray. THEY are at war with us. I know it sounds weird. Like, how could those we vote for be actively working against our best interests but, hey, at least it’s an answer that explains everything that has happened over the last half century. If THEY were at war with us, well, all the terrible things that have come to pass in our country would suit the bad guys down to the ground, wouldn’t they?

I mean, if our enemies could get our own politicians to put the British poor and working-classes last and the fat cats and foreigners first for more than 40 years, that would be the kind of thing that would make those who want us gone really, really happy, now wouldn’t it?

It is war, Ray. THEY are at war with us. Honest.
"If you’ve come into our country and you commit a crime, you should be deported, end of story… To me, this all makes sense."
It makes sense to me as well, Ray. I’ll wager it makes sense to the vast majority of those who keep on voting for the bad guys, as well.
"I’ve never met a politician I haven’t wanted to walk away from and I’ve yet to hear a politician speak and actually believe the words coming out of his mouth."
I know what you mean, Ray. Do you know, ever since opinion polls became popular in the 1930s, whenever the British people were asked the question 'who do you trust the least' or 'who do you despise the most,' the politician would come top of the poll? And yet, at election time, we kept right on voting for the same old untrustworthy crew.

Defies belief, doesn’t it?
"As a country, our choices are these: w****r number one, Gordon Brown, and w*****r number two, David Cameron. No thank you. I won’t be voting for either of them. I don’t vote... I won’t vote for anyone I don’t want to vote for."
Good for you, Ray. No one should have to vote for a w****r, that's for sure. I would ask you, though, to check out what the parties who have sided with the British people over the years have to say. Go and see what is being said at the various Nationalist web sites and forums.

And remember, if you recoil at the idea doing such a thing, who is it that the politicians (those who are the least trusted and most despised remember) fear the most? Who is it that they disparage and demonise the most? Who is that they have tried to get such as yourself to believe are the worst people in the world over the years? Who is it that the media has never given a fair crack of the whip to, so that they have never been able to explain their ideas in any depth to the British people?

And here's a thing, Ray: one of the favourite sayings of any and every British Nationalist you'll ever bump into is this: 'ENOCH WAS RIGHT.' What do you reckon? Do you think he was right? Because if you do, there really isn't much difference between you and the average British Nationalist, that's for sure.

I’ll tell you this, the lads will be jumping for joy right now at the fact that a well known British actor, a bloke who, on screen, has always come over as a true Brit, has spoken out as you have. AS THEY WOULD HAVE DONE if anyone had ever bothered to ask them what they thought.

It says it on the tin, Ray: the British National Party, the National Front, the British Peoples' Party, England First; those who join such parties want the politicians to put the nation and the people of that nation first in the land that they made. It's as simple as that.

Which of the mainstream parties will be 'jumping for joy' at the things that got said here, do you think? New Labour? Oh, dear me, no. There'll be wailing and gnashings of teeth down at party HQ tonight. No one will be happy that someone of your standing has voiced their thoughts so honestly. It might encourage others to behave similarly, you see.

And that would never do.

The Tories and the Lib Dems will certainly be discomfited by your truthfulness as well. As my old Dad used to say: 'politicians all p*** in the same pot.'

One last thing, Ray: thanks for saying it how it is. It’s more than most ever do.

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  1. Ray Winstone, I used to like you, but you are a traitor. You shout that England has gone to the dogs, and yet you do the very satanic sign that Tony Blair and Barack Obama do with their fingers. And to top it up, you were dressed in white and gold when you did it. Occult symbolism, anyone? Why don't you stand up to these creatures and be a true human being and a true Brit?