Tuesday, 26 December 2006

Ironwand and the Zionists

On 24 December 2012, I was banned from the Telegraph web site.

I had been contributing to the Comments section of the article: The cowardice at the heart of our relationship with Israel, by Peter Oborne.

During the course of the 'debate' I was libeled contantly, my real identity was exposed, my Twitter account was hacked and used to change my pseudonym at the Telegraph and the insults and ad hominem attacks were legion.

Not only did the Telegraph's moderators do nothing about this until very late in the day, they also removed a good few of my perfectly reasonable responses to these attacks.

Here are some of the things that were said:
"Legend in your own mind; anti-Semite; (repeatedly) neo-Nazi (repeatedly); Muslim (repeatedly); Moslem; fool; press the bell for the nurse to give you your medication; idiot; gratuitous racism; supremacist; I doubt his ancestors fought Hitler; nastiness and vile bigotry; offensive; racist buffoon; Adolf; your history is not in this land; You are not British; your Mother never knew your Father and left you in a toilet somewhere; David Icke Masonic lizard nuts; collective rantings; ignoramus; Bi-atch (bitch); how far back you can trace YOUR ROOTS in the UK?; goofy; coward; sniveling chickenshit coward; lunatic; knuckle-dragging, racist trash; hate-filled neanderthals; your kind live your hatred; a community of the sick and the damned; Israel haters; traitor; fake; low traitor and fake; supremacist; verbal diarrhoea; really disgusting; no Englishman; vile insane disgrace; mendacious, demonizing; self-loathing; living in paranoia, Ironbottom is pretty revolting; stupid, your revolting kind; racist gutter that you inhabit; racist fantasist; racism; xenophobia; up to your neck in sewage; Nazi boy; bitter and twisted; supremacist; idiot; neo-Fascist; looney; inane bullshit; fanatics; pathetic."
Despite the above, at one point ganef-returns, ('My passport and Identity Card both say I am an Israeli') says this:
"You seem to be particularly well read and articulate."
Which was nice of him. Anyway, the childish bile cited above wasn't the worst of it. I received two threatening messages at my own personal email account purporting to be from the Jewish Defence League. (I now think that the threat originated from a contributor to the discussion posing as the JDL)

The first said this (in part):
“When we are attacked by hate-filled, nazi filth like you, we respond with all the resources at our disposal... You have been waging a campaign of anti-semitic extremism for a long time, but the time has come for the people that you hate with such rabid venom to respond.

There are three things that you should remember: the code that we live by is 'never again'; our hatred of nazi scum like you is stronger than your hatred of us; we didn't choose you as an enemy, you chose us.”
The second said:
"Let's hope that when you're at the next quiz night, (one Telegraph commentator had unearthed details of my social life) they don't ask you what century we're living in. This is the 21st Century, and the "last century" was the 20th Century and your 'ideological soulmates' that we referenced were the Nazis...

We doubt very much that you "know what (we're) made of". In our experience, big, brave internet warriors like you squeal and cry like frightened pigs when we make house-calls. And we intend to call on you very soon, and you will be no different to the rest of the cowardly Nazi filth in this world.

And yes, Mr **********, that's a direct threat. We strongly advise you to report this matter to the police; and when you have done so, just let us know the contact details of the investigating officer and we will be more than happy to contact him/her.

However, we can assure you that the British authorities have no interest in protecting extremist scum like you. In any event, your long-standing attempts to incite racial hatred against against Jews via the internet (using a variety of anonymous pseudonyms) is a very serious criminal offense. The last scumbag who reported us to the police after receiving one of our emails is now serving an eighteen month prison sentence. But then again, prison is your best option in this instance.

You've got nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. You are going to face the retribution that you deserve for your crimes against the Jewish people. You chose us as an enemy, but the battles that you foolishly started all those years ago don't matter; what matters is who wins the war.

We have been trying to find out your real identity for a very long time, and now we know it. You're not 'somewhere near the top' of our list, as one of the UK's most pro-active and virulent Jew haters, you're No.1 on that list. Thankfully, your reign of anti-semitic terror will soon be at an end.

Until we meet...

Jewish Defense League."
I posted these threats in the aforementioned Comments section, along with my responses to them. I also contacted the moderators direct after the first threat was sent and again after the second arrived.

They only removed some (not all) of the posts detailing my ID and biography after I contacted them the second time. Why did the moderators wait so long to do so? And why was I banned and not those who published my details? Isn't that what moderators are for? To prevent such information emerging and, when it does, to remove it?

The last few observations I entered into the site, those that got me banned, can be seen here, along with snapshots of the offending emails.

It may interest some to know that, after my penultimate post was published, none of the usual suspects reappeared.

Here are some of the other interactions that took place along the way of this thread. (ironwand was the pseudonym I used at the site)

"The collective rantings of ironwand in the last 24 hours on this blog, comes to 6,601 words, rather more than most professional writers produce over the same period."
"Not ranting. Dilligently answering the various spittal-drenched sneers and snarls from the oppo."
"And now he admits he has been collecting his material for 30 years. Only a total Antisemite would do this. Or a lunatic. Or both."
"Hmm. I wasn't an antisemite when I started, just someone who began to notice things that weren't quite right. Someone who always had an enquiring mind. And so, one investigates. In an easy going, haphazard way at first. Then, as time went on, with more and more urgency.

A lunatic? Some might say that. The type who doesn't want what I know known by the majority. Yeah. They'd say I was nuts.

Here's a funny thing, ganef (thief in Hebrew) thinks it 'lunatic' to try to warn one's own kith and kin of the things I entered into this forum 2 hours ago, most of which are not known by the majority.

If the situation was reversed, would ganef warn his own tribe? Would he think it 'lunatic' to do so?

Maybe. But then he's not someone who's ancestors are all buried in England's green and pleasant land. So, I wouldn't expect it.”
"The DT isolates your postings and Microsoft Word counts them. It doesn't take long unlike your antisemitic obsession that you admit has covered 30 years."
"Is it possible to be obsessed with the truth, facts and REAL history? Probably, in ganefworld.

If I'm in the business of exposing the antiGentilism focused upon my own kith and kin since time immemorial, I think the fair-minded might conclude that such exposure would be a few rungs up the morality ladder from a ganef (thief: Hebrew) doing his best to con the goyim into thinking concern = obsession."
Using my real name as his pseudonym, larry********** entered the debate with this comment:
"There's a lot of very ugly, unpleasant anti-semitism on this forum."
He added ominously:
"Something needs to be done..."
This comment (and thus my identity) can still be seen in the thread six days after it was first posted.

Beneath larry**********'s submission the words 'Edited by a moderator' appear. Thus we can see that, although the post was censored to some extent after I reported it, incredibly, the moderator did not see the point of removing it!

Elsewhere, larry********** says this:
"ironwand, you're so stupid and lost in your hatred, that you don't understand the difference between 'fact', 'critiscism' and inciting anti-semitic hatred...

What you have posted is just the usual anti-Jewish, conspiracy theorist nonsense that your revolting kind always spout. In fact, the European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia defines anti-semitism very specifically, and it applies absolutely to your efforts over the last few days:

Making mendacious, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.

Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews."
Ah yes, the European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia. I wonder who formulated that particular Judaeophilic, no-truth-critical-of-the-Jew, indigene-bashing organisation? It wouldn't have been folks like you, would it Larry? With a little help from rabid, un-English Brit-loathers like Denis Macshane MP? Check this out...

'The Parliamentary Committee against Anti-Semitism has established a parliamentary inquiry into anti-Semitism...

Those conducting the inquiry include senior members of Parliament from the three main parties, and IT WILL BE CHAIRED BY DR. DENIS MACSHANE, the former Foreign Office minister responsible for European affairs.'
(The Jewish Chronicle)

Macshane (real name Denis Matyjaszek) is the bloke who's just been booted out of the Labour Party for expenses fraud. He's a half-Polish, half-Irish, Scottish MP. There are lots of not quite English folks occupying English seats in parliament these days.

Yeah. You'd love him sneering and snarling alongside of you, wouldn't you, Larry. He's just the kind of bloke who'd be up for an insult or two. You know stuff like 'stupid, lost in your hatred, anti-semitic hatred, anti-Jewish, conspiracy theorist nonsense, your revolting kind, racism, xenophobia, anti-semitism, mendacious, demonizing, stereotypical, neo-nazi, holocaust denial, virulent brand of overt anti-semitism, racist gutter, abuse Jews, racist fantasist.'

Pretty special, Larry, and all in just one short post. I wonder why we Anglo-Celtic Brits don't have an organisation like the one Denis MacShane used to hang out with? One that might stand up against people like you doing your damnedest to demonise those who dare to tell any truth that doesn't suit you?

Yeah, that'd be good. In fact, given the factual stuff I've posted, the organisation you cite really ought to be studying it long and hard and considering the enormous amount of anti-Gentilic hatred some of you have been guilty of promoting over the course of the last couple of millennia.

But they won't. Seeing as those who constructed it aren't the sort to be all that interested in truth, fact and real history...

I particularly like this bit: 'It applies absolutely to your efforts over the last few days.'

Which is code for 'Be afraid! Be VERY afraid!'

As for the EU's 'racism and xenophobia' definition, quoted above, this is code for:

'OUR myth and OUR spin is THE LAW. Your facts are illegal!'

And: 'All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others!'

And The 'more equal' must never be criticised. NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO!

Well, Larry, as you really should have gathered by now, I'm no scaredycat, my facts are going to get told no matter what laws you devise to prevent this...

(As for this:) 'Making mendacious, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews... especially... the myth about... Jews controlling the media...'

This EU construction is saying that Jewish control of the media is a myth. Well, 'Jews' don't TOTALLY control the media but they control enough of it to ensure that what they want said gets said and what they don't want said doesn't get said very often. At least, that is the historical actuality.

AND EVERYONE OUT THERE KNOWS IT. I know it, you know it, the moderators know it, everyone connected with the media knows it, the politicians know it, the Jews know it, increasingly, the average Joe is coming to know it and, most importantly, the European Union Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia knows it.

And yet this organisation (in the land of 'free speech') insists we pretend that the truth is a 'myth' and the spin is real.

Well, I could easily cite a multitude of Jewish personages in a position to 'control' media output but that would be tedious so I'll just let the words of a couple of Jewish gentlemen speak for me.

On 1 July 2012, the essay, Jews DO control the Media by Manny Friedman (Elad Nehorai) was published by The Times of Israel web site. This said:

'We brag about Jewish authors, Jewish politicians, Jewish directors. Every time someone mentions any movie or book or piece of art, we inevitably say something like, “Did you know that he was Jewish?” That’s just how we roll.

We’re a driven group, and not just in regards to the art world. We have, for example, AIPAC, which was essentially constructed just to drive agenda in Washington DC. And it succeeds admirably. And we brag about it. Again, it’s just what we do...

Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. WE DO CONTROL THE MEDIA. We’ve got so many dudes up in the executive offices in all the big movie production companies it’s almost obscene. Just about every movie or TV show… is rife with actors, directors, and writers who are Jewish.

Did you know that all eight major film studios are run by Jews?'

On 19 December 2008, Joel Stein said this in his LA Times essay, Who runs Hollywood? C'mon

"Only 22% of Americans now believe ‘the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,’ down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows HOW DUMB AMERICA HAS GOTTEN. JEWS TOTALLY RUN HOLLYWOOD.

How deeply Jewish is Hollywood? When the studio chiefs took out a full-page ad in the Los Angeles Times a few weeks ago to demand that the Screen Actors Guild settle its contract, the open letter was signed by: News Corp. President Peter Chernin (Jewish), Paramount Pictures Chairman Brad Grey (Jewish), Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Robert Iger (Jewish), Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton (surprise, Dutch Jew), Warner Bros. Chairman Barry Meyer (Jewish), CBS Corp. Chief Executive Leslie Moonves (so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel), MGM Chairman Harry Sloan (Jewish) and NBC Universal Chief Executive Jeff Zucker (mega-Jewish). If either of the Weinstein brothers had signed, this group would have (had) the power to shut down all film production…

The person they were yelling at in that ad was SAG President Alan Rosenberg (take a guess). The scathing rebuttal to the ad was written by entertainment super-agent Ari Emanuel (Jew with Israeli parents)…

The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC President Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish…

Now, Messrs Stein and Friedman are NEVER going to be subject to the attentions of Larry's 'racism and xenophobia' police. Such truth-squashing dictat was not conjured up to keep them quiet. It was designed to silence the truth-telling Gentile.

Thus, the globalist construct that is the EU is now, officially, in the business of antiGentilism. It tells us that 'some animals are more equal than others' and these must not held up to critical scrutiny in the way that the rest of us are.

So, Larry, I keep asking you folks to set aside the childish insults and deal with the factual info I introduce. Here's your chance. You have just one issue to deal with. An issue that YOU introduced. Jewish 'control' of the media. The 'racism and xenophobia' cops insist it's a myth. So do you.

I say it's not a myth. Joel and Manny say the same thing. Could you, for once, offer some proof of your assertion? Can you, or anyone else, offer us some proof of what you insist is untrue?

Or will you revert to the usual ad hominem attack?
"AntiGentilism?? Where in God's Name did you ever come up with that word????"
"What's the matter, USN69, you offended by its use? You want the dim to think there's no such thing as Jew-on-Gentile hatred?

Within the Talmud there are 63 separate books, one of which, Abhodah Zarah, says these things:

'Bloodshed is forbidden to a Gentile who may kill neither another Gentile or a Jew; but it is not forbidden to the Jew in regards to the Gentile.'

'Theft, robbery, and rape of a beautiful woman and similar deeds are forbidden to every Gentile towards another Gentile, and also towards a Jew: but they are allowed to a Jew against a Gentile.'

Is this not antiGentilism, USN69?

In Edward Boraz' 1996 primer, Understanding the Talmud. A Modern Reader's Guide for Study, Jacob Neusner is quoted thus:

'The Talmud is the single most influential document in the history of Judaism.'

How many orthodox Jewish Rabbis have taken the Talmudic pronouncements cited above to heart over the years, do you think? How many of them conveyed these beliefs to the faithful?

Consider this:

'A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition.' (Sanhedrin)

'A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated.' (Abhodah Zarah)

'When a grown up man has intercourse with a little girl, it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this it is as if one puts the finger in the eye, tears come to the eyes again and again, so does virginity come back to the little girl under three years.' (Kethuboth)

Perhaps these Talmudic extracts explain why so many Jews are involved in pornography. Second boss of Channel 4, (fellow Jew, Jeremy Isaacs, was the first) Michael Grade, ('pornographer-in-Chief' according to The Mail) gave us soft core porn on that channel; Channel 5's first boss, David Elstein, introduced hard core.

Boss of Express Newspapers, Richard Desmond, was a notorious top shelf pornographer before he acquired The Express, Daily Star et al. He still is.

And then the world's no. 1 media Zionist, Rupert Murdoch, gave us teenage t*ts on Page 3 of The Sun; Jewish immigrant, Robert Maxwell, (Jan Ludwig Hoch) followed Murdoch's lead soon after in The Mirror.

And most of Hollywood's sleaze output is generated by our Jewish chums as, for that matter, is most of the non-sleaze."
"You are also a member of Stormfront, a well-known neo-nazi forum that promotes holocaust denial..."
I would describe Stormfront differently. I'd say it was a collection of individuals deeply concerned about the way their world has been given away to fat cat and foreigner in recent times. Given away, for the most part, by those they elected to represent THEIR interests.

Regarding the 'holocaust,' elsewhere in the thread I said that a Jewish death total of 'between 300,000 and 600,000 would, I think, be closer to the mark.’

hotmale (who has contributed in similar debates alongside USN69) wondered thus:
"How did you come up with these figures?"
I replied:
"At Nuremberg, the Soviets insisted that 4million had died at Auschwitz. The allies chose not to question this assertion. In 1948, memorial tablets in 19 different languages were laid commemorating the innocents said to have perished there.

Despite the 'official' Auschwitz figure, a French documentary was, from 1955 onwards, insisting that 9MILLION had died! For more than forty years, 'Nuit et Brouillard, (Night and Fog) was repeatedly shown on French TV and in their schools' system.

In 1973, Dr Jacob Bronowski's intellectual gravitas was brought to bear upon the subject in 'The Ascent of Man.'

'Into this pond were flushed the ashes of some 4 million people,' he said.

In 1990, the original memorial stones laid at Auchwitz were removed. Five years later they were replaced. 50 years after Nuremberg first trumpeted the 4m statistic, a new memorial tablet stated that 1.5 million had died there.

Nowadays the Auschwitz website tells us that 1.1m died.

A great many people lost their lives at Auschwitz. But at least 2.9million more survived than was originally thought.

The death totals have been coming down at other camps too. At Nuremberg, the Soviets declared that 1.5 million had been killed at Madjanek. As of December 2005, the site museum was saying 78,000 people had lost their lives there.

On page 288 of Volume 18 (1963) of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, no less, this is said:

'At Mathausen... close to two million people, mostly Jews, were exterminated between 1941 and 1945.'

The US Holocaust Museum now says:

'At least 95,000 died there. More than 14,000 were Jewish.'

The Dachau concentration camp used to display a sign saying 240,000 Jews had died there. Nowadays, another sign suggests that 19,000 people perished, mainly of typhus and starvation.

Once upon a time, the powers-that-be demanded we believe that 4m died at Auschwitz and 6m died overall. If you dared to question either figure you would have been vilified as an anti-Semite. And yet, as we have seen, those who once had us pay homage to 4million have now reduced this figure considerably.


Using the latest figures from the cited camps alone, a total of 462,000 dead emerges, many of whom would not have been Jewish. If that statistic was an accurate record of those who lost their lives in such circumstances, it would still be horrifying.

But it wouldn't be as horrifying as six million."
“So bloody what? whatever your figures are Jews were killed by Hitler in large numbers and so were many of our (but probably not your) relatives. They were killed in all sorts of ways. How dare you excuse any of it or attempt to with your anti Jew obssession.

You are no Englishman. You are a vile insane disgrace.”
"And here's me thinking that after decades of evidence and education, Holocaust Deniers didn't exist."
"Amazing isn’t it? After decades of brainwashing and threat, those who would have the inconvenient, unfashionable and establishment-exposing truths told still exist."
"You think that if your figures are right and the murder of Jews 'only' amounted to between 300,000 and 600,000 that somehow makes it all OK?"
"Oh no. The death of any innocent should be a matter of concern to all. However, your question seems to imply that it is O.K. to multiply tragedy by a factor of 10 to 20 if the Jews are at the heart of it.

Which says a lot more about you and those who's fantastic dishonesty you seek to excuse than it does me."
"Ironwand you dont get it that your denial of the horrors of WW2 dishonors all the fine British men and women who died fighting the monstrous thing Hitler made of Germany.

It wasnt just Jews now was it? He bombed our cities. He tortured and murdered our soldiers. He sank the ships bringing us food. men died freezing in the water or choking in burning oil.

Your history is not in this land if you have no family history of all this. And it seems it isnt now is it. You are a fake. You are not British or your Mother never knew your Father and left you in a toilet somewhere."
The above post inspired the most aggressive response of any introduced by me. I wouldn't have complained if this had been removed:

"What a creep you are. 55 million people die and I deny that such a monstrous event is horrific? Point out where I utter such a denial, would you?

Do you see how these disgusting types try to divert the attention of the unwary with b***ocks, ladies and gentlemen? The truth, seek it out. Don't be bamboozled by psychobabble and don't be intimidated by the fashion-following sneerer.

You're pathetic, Cartimandua. I LOVE the British people. I love our history. I love what we once were before the Global Elite drugged us up and dumbed us down. You do not love. You despise. You are for yourself and your own.

A fake? Me? I'm an Englishman, English for the 3.5 generations I've been back. You're Jew-bought. Or a Jew. Plenty of decent Jews in the world but they don't buy up the Goyim. Any Goy that's Jew-bought is a traitor to his tribe.

You're no fake, Cartimandua. You're a one hundred per cent genuine, died-in-the-wool enemy of the British people."
"Ironwand is a traitor and fake."
"Insults are easy. They are the stock in trade of the spitall-drenched, Brit-loathing Left.

Explain your insults, C. How do you get from a bloke telling truths the establishment doesn't want told to 'traitor and fake.'

Cartimandua was a British Queen. The one that infects this forum is not the kind of Brit most would identify with, I wager.

A queen, however, now that I'd believe."
cartimandua: "
Our families lost loved ones in battle, and in the bombings of London. One of my extended family came back from a POW camp skeletal. Those who want to minimize the Jewish experience are actually minimizing all the British, European and American experience."
"I am happy to note that you feel the same way as I about these things, Cartimandua. I, too, do not wish any sufferer's 'experience' minimised. In this spirit, here is what the Jewish historian, Sir Martin Gilbert, tells us about the 'experience' of some 'European' citizens during the course of WW2.

Hamburg: 27 July 1943: 'By morning more than forty-two thousand German civilians were dead. This was more than the total British civilian deaths for the whole of the Blitz.'
"If you were a real British person the knowledge of the suffering of the British in WW2 would be in your family history and your DNA. You are a low traitor and fake."
"I know about British suffering. I know about German, Austrian, Hungarian, Russian, Greek, Slavic, Romanian, American, Chinese and Japanese suffering too. All manner of innocent people suffered during the course of WWII. But to hear characters like you tell it, only one lot REALLY suffered.

I guess you won't be putting the stats I've introduced here before the British people any time soon. If you did it might just get them thinking that your favourite folk didn't suffer quite as much as you, the History Channel, Hollywood, the Murdoch media, the PC Crowd, the bought politician and the Jewish Elite says they did.

Never mind. The truth will out, as they say, it always does in the end. When that great day dawns, Cartimandua, I wouldn't want to be you."
After publishing the fact that Lazar Kaganovich was the man 'most responsible' for the Holodomor, during which event around seven million Ukrainians died, Cartimandua responded thus:
"Stalin was in charge of that genocide. That he may have had a Jewish henchman makes as much sense as pointing out Hitlers "Christian” henchmen. Both the Arabs and the Catholic church behaved in a very matey way towards Hitler. Wasnt that sweet?”
Elsewhere he/she added:

"You very dishonestly ascribe the genocides of Stalin to "Jewry". That is what you were trying to do."
"I was doing no such thing. I point out that the man most responsible for the implemenatation of the 1933 Ukrainian Holocaust, Lazar Kaganovich, was Jewish. Stalin was, of course, the bestial overlord of the Bolshevik system at that time so he certainly bears as much responsibility for those dire events as Kaganovich.

Thing is, the Jews are supposed to be blameless at all times, aren't they? Do you think Kaganovich was blameless, Cartimandua? The Ukrainians don't.

Here's something else you wouldn't want the Goyim to know. In 1922 there was another man-made famine throughout the Volga regions. Approximately five million people starved to death at that time when Lenin (whose grandfather was Jewish) ruled the roost.

A gentleman by the name of A.B. Khalatov was the Soviet Minister of Food at the time.

He, too, was Jewish."
Changing tack and attempting, I think, to score a cheap point, Cartimandua sneered:
"I expect you think the "protocols" are real too."
To which I replied:
"The Jewish Peril, in which The Protocols were first introduced to the masses, was first published extensively by Professor Sergei Alexandrovich Nilus in Russia in 1905.

Excerpts from the book had been seen in Russian newspapers as early as 1903 and Nilus had some of it published as early as 1901 in a book entitled, The Great Within The Small. In fact, a variety of tracts and essays containing very similar information were discussed widely in the drawings rooms of the Russian upper classes in the early 1890s.

Justine Glinka, the daughter of a Russian general, acquired the original documents from a Jewish freemason named Joseph Schorst in 1884.

After Justine returned to Russia she passed a copy of The Protocols on to the leading man in her area, Alexis Sukhotin. Sukhotin showed the document to two friends, Philip Stepanov and Sergei Nilus. Stepanov had it printed and circulated privately in 1897. Nilus published it as previously stated and a copy was deposited in the British Museum on 10 August 1906.

In 1850, a Jewish gentleman called Jacob Venedey published a book called Machiavelli: Montesquieu and Rousseau. This contains passages that are very similar to some that can be found in The Protocols.

Then, in 1921, The Times suggested that The Protocols had been extensively plagiarised from a book by a French lawyer named Maurice Joly. Dialogues in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu was published in Brussels in 1864.

A few years later a gentleman by the name of Gougenot de Mousseaux wrote another book saying the world was being taken over by Satan-worshipping Jews and, in 1881, one Abbe Chabauty wrote a voluminous tome that said Satan was using the Jews to prepare the way for the Antichrist.

Another book, published the following year, included several letters supposedly written in 1489 by a Jew who spoke of the chosen tribe rising up to 'dominate the world.'

It can be seen then, that, at the time that Joseph Schorst passed the offending documents to Justine Glinka, a good deal of similar material was already making the rounds of the Parisian bookstores and drawing rooms.

Some historians also suggest that The Protocols were forged by Elie de Cyon (Ilya Tsion), a Russian Jewish journalist living in Paris, as a satire on Sergei Witte, the Russian Minister of Finance.

Whoever put The Protocols together was one (or more) of the following:

i) Someone who wished merely to defame the Jews.

ii) Someone who wished to deflect attention from some other elite grouping bent on world domination.

iii) Someone who, in order to try and alert the non-Jewish world to what they believed were the secret intentions of a powerful body of Jews and their co-conspirators, was prepared to concoct a document predicting their future intentions.

iv) A raving loony who, by an extraordinary coincidence, happened to accurately foretell a hell of a lot of stuff that most at that time would not be remotely aware of.

v) Someone who was intimately acquainted with the predatory aspirations and designs of the Jewish elite.

It seems likely that The Protocols were inspired by and constructed from a variety of earlier works and, whoever the author was, he would, probably, have used the previous writings of the likes of Venedey, Joly, de Mousseaux, Chabauty and de Cyon etc. as a blueprint.

Whether this was done in order to enlighten us, or as a cynical attempt to make money from a credulous non-Jewish world, is a matter for debate.

The Jews, themselves, at pains to rubbish The Protocols ever since they were first published, have been at even greater pains to ensure that they are never read by the common man, rubbish or not.

Anyway, there is plenty of historical evidence out there suggesting that there was a deal of Jewish involvement in the creation and exposure of these documents.

For what its worth, I reckon that The Protocols were, probably, concocted by some very well informed person in an attempt to warn the rest of us of what he believed that the elite of world Jewry was up to, hoping, perhaps, to galvanise the non-Jew into taking action against them.

That the author should choose the vehicle that he did for this exposition should not be regarded as proof of any intrinsic deceitfulness. The playwright may write a play in order to throw some light upon a subject close to his heart. A novelist may write a novel to expose a body of information that the establishment would rather be kept secret. A documentary maker may include a dramatised scene in his documentary in order to illuminate a point he is trying to make. And a Stephen Spielberg may make a film like Schindler's List to ram home a message to those who wouldn't otherwise have known what the message was.

If The Protocols were designed to inform an uninformed majority of an historical conspiracy that was intended to do them harm, then Nilus et al did us all a favour.

Unfortunately, for many, the favour came too late. Within 12 years of their publication, a very real conspiracy had overtaken the people of Eastern Europe. The Russian Revolution ushered in a period of genocide and horror that only really ended with Stalin's death in 1953.

Apart from Lenin, who was one quarter Jewish, and Stalin, who was a Georgian Asiatic, Sverdlov, Zinoviev, Trotsky, Kaganovich, Kamenev, Sokolnikov, Yagoda and a sizeable majority of the movers and shakers within the revolutionary hierarchy were Jewish.

Sverdlov countersigned the Tsar's death warrant and the Chairman of the Petrograd Cheka who carried out the executions, Moses Uritsky, was also Jewish.

The Cheka, the original incarnation of the NKVD and the KGB, roamed Russia imposing the Bolshevik's will from the early twenties onwards.

This organisation was comprised, for the most part, of Jews."
A goodly number of Jewish folk are also concerned to get the truth about these matters out.

In The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, the historian, Professor Norman Finkelstein says this:
"The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world's most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a 'victim' state, and the most successful ethnic group in the USA has likewise acquired victim status."
"The Holocaust proved to be the perfect weapon for deflecting criticism of Israel."
"The Holocaust may yet turn out to be the greatest robbery in the history of mankind."
"No-one should be surprised by what ironwand is posting. His real name is Michael Graham, (deanmason was the first to publish anything about me not relevant to the topic) he's a well-known British neo-nazi (he's known as Jack Black on Stormfront) who hates Muslims and Black people with the same rabid zeal as he hates Jews. You get such nice people on this forum."
"Thus spake an establishment apparatchik. The establishment has been at pains to vilify the truth-teller as long as the truth-teller has been telling truthful anti-establishment tales.

You will note, ladies and gents, that the deanmasons and the Cartimanduas never provide any proofs of their own. On the other hand EVERYTHING that I have posted within this thread can be checked and verified by those who are prepared to make the effort.

By the way, I'm no neo-Nazi. I'm an honest English man who hates what the traitorous animals at the top of the tree have done to our country and its people over the course of the last century.

Very few politicans and very few of their creatures within forums such as this will ever encourage you to investigate. They do not want you to find out. They do not want you to know what they do, what they have done and what they will continue to do until they are stopped.

I want you to know.

That's the difference.

As regards 'Muslims and black people,' I hate the Muslim paedophile, I hate those who murder, rape, gang-rape, drug-up, rob, mug, pimp, threaten and intimidate. (Check out The Rogues' Gallery and see how many you find unloveable)

I don't, however, hate the law-abiding who for more than sixty years, have come to our country knowing that the indigenous majority did want them to do so. I don't hate them even though they have take our houses, jobs, businesses, security and culture when, really, they should have been creating their own carry-on back where their ancestors are buried.

No, I don't hate them.

But I do hate the Brit-loathing politicians who beckoned them in."
cartimandua replied to deanmason's post thus:
"He is really disgusting. I doubt his ancestors fought Hitler or perhaps he doesnt know any of his family history."
Whereas my 20-year-old father, who joined the army as a boy soldier at 15, took part in the D-Day landings and spent the next two years in France and Germany.

At one point as gentleman calling himself davinciclaude wonderered:
"What on earth has this to do with the price of cheese in Denmark?"
This with reference to a creepy biography of yours truly posted by one frank********* (his pseudonym relates to a character I played on stage more than 30 years ago) which cited my real name and published a good few details of my career and private life. I responded thus:
"The answer, davinciclaude, is simple. There are those abroad on this planet who will stoop to ANYTHING to prevent any fact they do not want told from coming out.

That's it in a nutshell. One wonders why The Telegraph's moderators allow such behaviour. Perhaps it can be summed up by the Orwellian quote in the previous post:

'Some animals are more equal than others'."
"********** now spends his life... projecting his bitterness and self-loathing on to a group of people who represent everything he would love to be, but can never be."
"What? You think I'm envious of you? Wow! I am my father's son, Frankie. And he was about as much like you, deanmason, reetpetite, USN69, cartimandua, Bill Pearlman, larry********** and ganef_returns as Harold Godwinson was like the $50billion dollar fraudster." (Bernie Madoff is Jewish)
"In many ways, he is only to be pitied."
"Oh no. No pity wanted or deserved over here, Frankie. I made my bed long ago. The fact that this particular Judaeophilic fellow would have you think that a man should rate your pity simply for telling the truth, speaks worlds.

P.S. This pitiable wretch isn't going anywhere, Frank.

Now what?"
"You're just a racist fantasist and you're completely out of your depth. And you don't even know it do you Frank********"
So this lovely, fluffy fellow thinks I'm a really horrible person for letting the world know what liars the top folk are. At the same time as he's calling me all the names under the sun, he is revealing my identity, (having previously gone to the effort of discovering it, perhaps illegally) and then, via the Frank********* reference, introducing a biographical detail.

I trust the vast majority of fair-minded people who happen across this exposé will not impressed by the foam-flecked indignation of such a malign sneak.

After taking issue with the my introduction of term 'antiGentilism', USN69 sneered thus:
"Is the rest of the world picking on "De po' white folk"?"
"Well, I don't see Africa, the Indian subcontinent and China being invaded by millions of white folks, do you? The traffic is one way. We made something special in our own back yard, now everyone else wants it. And, with the enouragement of political correctness; the Murdoch, Maxwell, Grade, Elstein and Desmond types in the media and bought politicians, they take it."
"Once you get up to your neck in sewage, you don't even recognize it anymore."
"Up to my neck in sewage for making use of a term exactly similar to the one Moritz Steinschneider invented in the 1860s? Yeah right.

Do you think if I use the term antiGentilism too often it might get the non-Jew investigating what the Jew has done to the non-Jewish world over the millennia, USN69?

Or do you wish to claim that the poor, long-suffering Jew has never done any harm to anyone? You know, like the Israelis have never harmed a single Palestinian?

In case you missed them, USN69, here's a few bits of antiGentilism I introduced earlier:

The Jewish Neocons who brought about the war in Iraq; the Jewish financiers who brought about the world-wide recession; the Jewish lobbies that have such a malign effect on governmental policy throughout the Western World; the treatment of tens of millions of innocent Soviet citizens who suffered at the hands of the mainly Jewish Cheka and N.K.V.D. throughout the twenties and thirties; the Jew-owned media that whacks us with so much anti-White propaganda and prevents so much truth coming out; the creation and imposition of political correctness, which the Frankfurt School's mainly Jewish academics foist upon the world; the first usage of the term 'racist' ('racialist', first used in 1907, was a scientic, non-pejorative word), seen in the 1930 essay, 'History of the Russian Revolution', written by the mass-murdering Jewish revolutionary, Leon Trotsky, and the imposition of the term upon the world by Hirschfeld, Gollancz et al; the creation and financing of the shadowy 'Focus' group, which did so much to stoke up the fires of WWII (in the 1930s); the murder of Lord Moyne, Count Folke Bernadotte and a great many British soldiers, policemen and civil servants by Irgun and the Stern Gang during and just after WW2; the imposition of the hateful, Brit-bashing race laws upon the indigenous population at the behest of the Jewish Board of Deputies; the imposition, via the great traitors Tony Blair and Gordon Brown of their twerpish, unrepresentative proteges, Miliband 1 and 2; the constant media promotion of the foreigner and the 'mixed-race ideal' by the media; the plot to kill Foreign Secretary, Ernie Bevin, by the Israeli government; the Jewish oligarchs who, with Boris Yeltsin’s blessings, plundered the wealth of the Russian people during that country’s particularly nasty variation on the privatisation scam and the promotion of the terms 'racism’; 'anti-Semitism' to counteract any criticism of the Jew and the Global project. (See Comment section of The cowardice at the heart of our relationship with Israel etc. etc. etc.

Oh yes, anti-Gentilism exists alright.

As USN 69 well knows."
Anyway, ladies and gents, that's a small of example of what went on.

THEY commit the crimes, THEY issue the threats, THEIR unpleasantness is not removed by the mods and my rather easy-going responses to it are, AND MUGGINS GETS BANNED FOR TELLING THE TRUTH!

Oh, and for more than sixty years their side of the argument has waged a campaign of disinformation intended to airbrush an enormous amount of needful truth from the historical picture.

By the way, The Telegraph is not the worst example of collusion and 'cowardice' in the face of Hebraic threat. In fact it is, probably, the best of a bad bunch. I have certainly had more off-message stuff published there than any other establishment media source.

But their moderators have made several terrible mistakes here. If they thought the whole thing would just disappear if they got me out of there, they were mistaken.

I'll keep you posted.


On 29 December 2012, I contacted the Telegraph editors Benedict Brogan, Christopher Hope; Tony Gallagher; Matthew Bayley and the jounalist Peter Oborne via email, apprising them of the situation.

On 2 January 2013, I received the following reply from Kate Day:
"Dear Mr **********,

Benedict sent your email about comment moderation on to me. Many thanks for taking the time to get in touch and apologises for the delay in responding, I wasn't in the office last week.

First, I hope I can reassure you about your Twitter account. The name Michael Graham is simply the full name associated with your account (see here https://twitter.com/ironwand). Our commenting system displays this name rather than Twitter usernames; in my case I am 'Kate Day' when I log in to comment using my Twitter account and not "@kate_day". So I would expect 'Michael Graham' to appear next to your comments and this is not an indication that your account has been hacked.

Your second concern related to the posting of your name and your identities on other sites in a comment and, specifically, that this comment hadn't been removed. I have been through the comments under Peter Oborne's piece and found what I think is the comment you refer to (posted by 'deanmason'). The information posted is publicly available on your Twitter account (ie the name Michael Graham and your username on other websites) and so this would not normally be grounds for us to remove a comment. However, as a gesture of goodwill I have deleted this comment.

If you have any further concerns, please let me know. It would also be helpful if you could identify the name of the reader who posted the comment as well as the article that the comment was posted on.

Kind regards,

This was my response to the above:
"Dear Kate Day,

Thank you for your reply.

I'm not quite sure how you've managed to figure things out the way you have given the information I sent to Mr Brogan but your response to this information is sadly lacking. My real name is not Michael Graham. The release of this freely available info was never the problem. My real name is ***** ********** and this name can be seen within the thread in question even now. It was, somehow, unearthed (sinister behaviour in itself) by someone contending against me in the Peter Oborne thread.

Once discovered it was then published. At first, this name was used as a pseudonym by the oppo. Then another name associated with my biographical history was used as a pseudonym by another contributor to the thread. I reported these matters to the moderators.

Then this/these person/persons began introducing biographical detail etc. etc. etc. Then I was threatened (purportedly) by the Jewish Defence League, who sent two emails to me directly.

I'm afraid, Kate, that you cannot have read the email (and the associated links) sent to Mr Brogan (and others) in its entirety, as these matters, and their consequences, were fully explained.

Perhaps you have not been apprised of the original email. Perhaps Mr Brogan didn't read enough of it. But laws have been broken. You and those to whom these matters may apply at The Telegraph really should be taking the matter more seriously.

For your own edification, here is a copy of the email sent to Benedict Brogan; Christopher Hope; Tony Gallagher; Matthew Bayley and Peter Oborne." (I enclosed a copy of this)
I then added:
"My replies to the JDL and snapshots of their emails may be seen here:


Some of the interactions between the 'Neo-Nazi' and those ranged against him may be seen here:


P.S. As previously suggested, the solicitor I contacted still hasn’t replied. My guess is that he leaves his work in the office at this time of year. However, as I know he‘s a conscientious fellow and know him personally I’m sure he’ll get back to me within the next few days.

I’d appreciate a reply before then."

As you can see Kate, I provided Mr Brogan (and thus you) with a very full acount of what transpired here.

I'd appreciate if you could oblige me with a similarly fulsome investigation of these matters.


***** **********"
Kate Day subsequently replied thus:
"Dear Mr **********,

Apologies if I have misunderstood. Please can you send me the details of the comments you would like me to look at ie the username of the commenter and the full text of the comment.

Kind regards,

I did so and on 3 January 2013, I got this response from her:
"Dear Mr **********,

"Thanks for your emails. I have been through all the material you sent me.

I checked the "larry**********" account and there is only one comment still live on the thread and it does not identify you. It reads: There's a lot of very ugly, unpleasant anti-semitism on this forum.

Something needs to be done...

This does not breach our terms and conditions of commenting and so I have left it up. Otherwise, all the comments from this account have been deleted.

Regarding the other screen shots you sent, this comment from "frank*********" had previously been deleted by the moderators:

***** ********** (ironwand) had it all to play for in the mid to late 70's. He was an aspiring actor/singer who appeared in stage productions ranging from an Ibsen play to a leading role in the last production of *** ***** ****** at the ****** **** Theatre in London.

In spite of rave reviews for his ***** performances, his stage career petered out and came to a halt in the early 80's. He then tried his hand at becoming a professional singer, and he recorded a couple of albums ('*************?' and ************?'), neither of which sold any copies.

He had another brief brush with fame at the dawn of the Millenium when he appeared on ************** on four occasions as a *********** contestant, but he never actually got to take part in the actual quiz. However, he also appeared as a prosecution witness in the case against ************* who was wrongly convicted of cheating his way to the ********* prize, and who appeared on the programme at the same time as ***********.

He still loves a quiz because it gives him a chance to show off how clever he is...or thinks he is. He's a regular on the the *********** circuit, and in 2012, he was a finalist in the *********** competition. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. It's the story of Whitehurts's life; he's always been close to achieving something, but he never quite makes it."

You also seem to identify yourself (eg telegraph18) in the comments. I am happy to delete this comment if you would like me to.

I haven't seen any comments where people have mentioned your contact details and we would not give out personal info about our readers. Your email address is publicly available elsewhere online though eg *************


I'm sorry I can't be of further assistance.

Kind regards,

I replied as follows:

"Dear Kate Day,

I'm grateful to you for pointing out that my email was available at ******. Although I was responsible for that message I hadn't realised the world would be able to see it. As regards this:

'I checked the '**************' account and there is only one comment still live on the thread and it does not identify you... This does not breach our terms and conditions of commenting and so I have left it up.'

So, using my name as a pseudonym and thus revealing my ID doesn't breach your terms and conditions. Noted.

Quite obviously the introduction of my name at this point within the thread was intended to intimidate me. i.e. 'We know your name.' This seems to bother you as little as it bothered your moderators. Noted.

As regards the ********** post, (********** being linked to my biography, another attempt at intimidation) it was, indeed, EVENTUALLY removed. However, it wasn't removed when I reported it.

Indeed, if you look at the snapshot again you will see that a moderator tinkered with it but left the essential biographical information up. The screenshot that I sent you had been up for fifteen hours. It was available to be viewed for some time after that. To the best of my recollection it, along with almost all the rest of the ID-revealing and biographical stuff, was left up until or just before I mentioned that I had contacted a solicitor.

At the same time as this and the nasty, ad hominem material was NOT being removed, some of my perfectly reasonable responses to he revellation of my identity, the ad hominem nastiness and the threats posed WAS removed. The fact that you do not deal with this moderator partiality in your reply is also noted.

As regards telegraph18, re 'identify' myself: i) the cat was well and truly out of the bag by then. My ID and biography was being mentioned by various of the contributors and the moderators were NOT removing the offending material. ii) I 'identify' the pseudonym '**********', which you, EVEN NOW, are happy to leave up! iii) As regards 'delet(ing) this comment', you're not paying attention, Kate. The comment has already been deleted. It disappeared when I was banned by the moderators. Your attitude here is noted.

You obviously couldn't care less about the threats levelled at me by the IDF or someone posing as the IDF, as you do not mention these. The fact that one or more of the contributors to the Oborne thread directly or indirectly instigated/encouraged these threats also seems to be of no concern to you. This, too, is noted.

You do not deal with the hacking of my Twitter account and the changing of my pseudonym at the Telegraph via this account. You also make no mention of the fact that I, who was extremely civil thoughout, considering the unpleasantness levelled at me, was banned by the moderators. These did not see fit to act similarly towards those spittal-drenched commentators whose venom was, primarily, aimed at me.

It seems to me that given what happened here, a reasonable management would have investigated these matters to see if it was possible to identify who was behind the revellation of my ID; the vicious 'JDL' threats and the hacking of my Twitter account. That this was not done and the Telegraph management's subsequent apparent disinterest in these matters speaks volumes.

I contacted a solicitor by email on the 23rd and apprised him of the situation. He had not replied by the 28th when I sent a considerable update. He still hasn't replied. I guess he must still be on holiday.

I'll ring his office tomorrow to see if he's back and what, if anything, he intends to do about all of this. Given his track record, I'd be amazed if he did not wish to take the matter further.


***** **********"

After discovering that, in the previous email Kate had sent to me, she had unearthed my REAL real name, I responded thus shortly afterwards:

"I missed this first time round ***************

You seem, just like the character(s) who outed me in the Oborne thread, to have gone to a great deal of trouble to amass as much information about me as possible. On the other hand, as suggested by my previous email, you seem to have made very little effort to identify those who behaved criminally (the 'JDF' threats, the hacking of my Twitter acount and use of it to change my ID at the Telegraph and the probable personation of an JDF representative) at and via the Oborne thread.

The person identified in the above link is ***************, not **************. ************ was never identified in the Comment section of the article. That you do so here seems ultra-creepy and not a little suspicious in itself.

Your emails will, of course, be passed on to the aforesaid solicitor.


********** ********* ************

Today, the 8th of January 2013, I got a phone call (I don't think I'm listed so unearthing this was no mean feat) from the JDL! (1.50 p.m.)

The middle-class 'English' chap at the other end of the line said:
"Just to let you know we will be calling on you very shortly."
"Of course you will," I replied.
Persistent little threateners, aren't they?

UPDATE: Thursday 10 January.

When I went to check on the Oborne thread ALL of the posts up to the point where I joined the debate had been removed. Interesting. It would appear that the powers-that-be at The Telegraph ARE paying attention. Whether they care to admit it or not.

Check it out.

At 12.59 today, Thursday 10 January 2012, I received another email purporting to be from the JDL.

This cited the following quotation from me:
"I've got Nationalism's top solicitor involved. He's busy at the mo but will be able to make some time at the weekend to work through it all, hopefully.

I don't want to get the cops on it without his say so...

But yes, whether the bad guys know it or not, they have bitten off more than they can chew and, as far as I'm concerned, the more tormementing the better!"
The (fake?) JDL then said:
"That really is the best laugh we've had in ages. Do you understand the concept of irony? A racist criminal who is staring down the barrel of at least a year behind bars is pretending to go crying to the 'cops' because the people that he continually abuses and demonizes decide to defend themselves. Now we've heard it all. 
Tell you what fool, once you've got 'the cops on it,' just let us know the details of who the investigating officer is, and we'll make it easy for all concerned by contacting him/her. And when we do, we'll be able to point him/her in the direction of the police officers who are currently investigating YOUR efforts to incite racial hatred online over the last few years. It'll be quite a coup to see such a big fish in the Nazi-boy world finally drown in a cess-pit of his own making.

Are you so stupid that you don't realise that spewing out poisonous hatred in sick blogs and on public forums, twitter and national newspaper websites actually constitutes a very serious criminal offense? You'd get away with it in the USA where Nazis like you flourish under the constitutional right of absolute free speech, but here in the UK, they put scum like you where you belong - in prison. And when the police and the criminal justice system have finished with you, we'll be waiting. We've got very long memories when it comes to hate-filled lowlifes like you...

Jewish Defense League"
To which I replied:
"As I have said before, I have been looking forward to my day in court for some time.

And the thing is, as you will know, I do not rely on sneer, smear, insult and threat. The truth, the facts and the REAL history are my watchwords. Everything informational that I introduce can be proved.

Now we are both aware that you are just one person. An internet savvy chap who, almost certainly, took part in the Oborne/Telegraph debate. I'm 99% sure that an organisation like the JDL wouldn't make so many stupid mistakes. And, if contacted them, I think they'd be pretty p***ed off to find that some jumped-up wannabe had been acting the amateur vigilante in their name.

And then there's the little matter of impersonating a police sergeant. However bought-and-paid-for the boys-in-blue happen to be, I don't think they'll take kindly to such behaviour.

Anyway, the various truths about your antics (and that of the corruptly partial Telegraph censors) are out there now. Whatever threats you level, whatever unpleasantness you seek to inflict, there'll are plenty of decent folks who know about it. These will, of course, point the finger in your direction should you decide to try and make good on your childish threats.

As for the telephone call at 1.50 p.m. this Tuesday, re: 'we'll be calling on you very soon,' I'm still waiting. You see, this is what idiots like you don't get. I'd be happy to go down fighting. Nobody lives forever. In any case, whatever happens it's Zion's reputation that suffers, not mine.

There are plenty of decent Jewish folk in the world. You aren't one of them. You are very much the kind of fellow I contend with and seek to expose. You're it. You're the bad guy.

As for me, I just sit back and let all the oh-so-delicious nastiness wash over me. I don't have to do a damn thing when you are doing such a grand job of exposing the psychopathic malice of the Zionist fanatic all by yourself.

And, all the while, you are out there committing those mindless, little-boy crimes that really ought to be worth a bit more than the year you think truth-telling will pull in a politically correct age.



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