Sunday, 1 October 2006

Spot the white guy!

Covent Garden, London - 20 September 2012.

"Customers queue outside the Apple Store in Covent Garden, London, as the new iPhone 5 goes on sale."
They do love their toys, don't they? All the latest must-have gadgets, well, they just must have them.

"Police are hunting Britain's first iPhone 5 thief who disappeared today along with more than 250 of the latest smartphone before they even went on sale.

Mobile phone shop worker Usman Sethi, 23, is believed to have made off with 252 brand new iPhone 5 models - worth up to £170,000 - plus A WAD OF CASH from the store's safe.

The O2 store in Wimbledon, south west London, where Sethi works, took delivery of the phones, which were due to go on sale at 9am today, in the early hours of this morning. However, they disappeared along with Sethi, who lives in Ilford, east London, at around 1.30am.

Sethi, A PAKISTANI NATIONAL, is believed to be driving a grey Ford Mondeo. Detectives say they also want to speak to Sethi in connection with MISSING JEWELLERY taken from a member of his family."
Ah, those lovely, fluffy 'Pakistani National' iPhone thieves. However did we manage before they shipped over to nick all the playthings? (Along with 'wads of cash' and the family jewels)

We all know why the PC Crowd and the globalists want the alien hordes over here. (Or at least we should) How about the multinationals? Can you think of a reason why they might want in on the act? Who would be more likely to be taken in by the corporate marketeers and to spend their benefits accordingly? The sophisticated first world or the unsophicated third?

You know what the above photograph tells me? It says that the enrichment, diversity and cohesion mantra, rammed down our throats so remorselessly in recent times, is b***ocks. As for those who did the ramming, if they don't think it's b***ocks, where are they? Why aren't the PC Crowd cohering with their favourite folk? Why weren't the gadget-strapped children of the social engineers who knew so much better and saw so much further than we ever did cuddling up to the enriching diversity on show in Covent Garden?

Diversity is national death. Many of those who, back when this was still our country, arranged for all the Covent Gardens of the future to be ethnically cleansed of their indigenous content, will have known this. However, the melting pot was never for them. It was for us.

Tell me this, if what they did wasn't an act of war upon the world as it was, where did all the white folks go?

P.S. I see a couple of blonde ladies who, I presume, are some sort of Apple store ushers. There may be more but, I think you'll agree, they're pretty difficult to spot in amongst the non-natives.

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  1. we design & build these gadgets, cars, planes & mobile phones, internet etc ...they turn them into weapons to use against us.