Saturday, 2 September 2006

Tory Principles and the World’s Poor

On 15 June 2011, Benedict Brogan’s article, 'Tory principles drive David Cameron’s resolve to help the world’s poor,' appeared in The Telegraph.

This was my response:

“Benedict Brogan poses the question we all want answered: ‘Why, they ask, are we devoting scarce resources to foreigners when we could do so much with the money here? They point to India, one of our major recipients, a country that accounts for a third of the world’s poorest people and records higher rates of malnutrition than sub-Saharan Africa, yet spends £1.5 billion a year on its space programme, £20 billion on defence, and gives aid to Africa.'
Here’s the answer Benedict and the Camerons give: ‘There is a moral case for helping the poorest on the planet… As citizens of what is even in these straitened times one of the wealthiest nations on earth, we have a duty to help where we can.’

Then let the wealthy donate, Benedict! Let Cameron, Mitchell and the Brogans empty their bank accounts in favour of ‘the world’s poor’! Let the bleeding hearts in Westminster give! Let London’s Russian Oligarchs give! Let the greedy bankers and the multinational corporation owners give!
Let the UK’s richest man, Indian steel tycoon, Lakshmi Mittal, drag India’s poor out of the sh**! Oh, wait a minute, a lot of India’s poorest would be ‘untouchables,’ wouldn’t they? And India’s elite don’t want anything to do with them, do they?

Hey! You PC bleeding-hearts in Westminster and the media! Have you ever wagged your fingers at your elite buddies in Delhi? As regards the way the caste system (codified racism) has treated the Dalit since time immemorial?

Yeah. Get Mitall to fork out for India. And, Dave, the Times Rich List folk can donate to the other bits of the global village your so fond of.

And the Tory and New Labour millionaires who sit and sat round the Cabinet table, get them to chip in as well. And the PC Crowd, they’ve always cared a lot more for foreigners than the indigenous Brit, haven’t they? Let’s have it away with their dosh before you come sniffing for widow’s mite down our way.

Benedict then opines nobly on behalf of all of those who gave their word without realising it: ‘What’s more, WE gave our word. The last government, and then this one, put its name to the pledge to raise UK aid spending to 0.7 per cent of GDP.’

And when did a British politician ever keep the promises he made to the British? How come honesty is only important when he pledges billions to the alien? If you love the third world so much, Benedict, b***er off over there with Cameron, Mitchell and co. and kiss it better. I’m sick of the politically correct much-better-off insisting that the British lowly bail out the world. If the know-better, see-further rich kids of the Westminster village want to wipe the behinds of the downtrodden multitudes they should go right ahead and do it ON THEIR OWN!

Personally, I think it would be much better for all concerned if the multitudes were left to sort out the messes they make themselves.”
CensoredNotSilenced replied thus to my post:

“Better that folk are vaccinated against communicable diseases before they arrive at our borders?”
I responded thus:

“Good point. Here’s a better one: ‘when they arrive at our borders,’ don’t let them in. And cut off the benefits, free council housing etc. etc. etc. for the unimmunised already here. That will stop the alien hordes coming in the first place.”

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