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Shahid Malik's sense of empathy

On 18 September 2005, 31-year-old Lee Pygott was the victim of a savage and unprovoked attack in Heckmondwike, West Yorkshire.

On 30 September 2005, the website reported thus:

"A man was beaten unconscious during one of three savage and unprovoked attacks in Spen. Lee Pygott was walking home after visiting a friend when he was jumped from behind in High Street, Heckmondwike. Just three hours earlier a 25-year-old man had been attacked, just around the corner in Lobley Street.

Police believe the assaults were carried out by the same gang of teenage thugs... Details have only just been released by the police. Lee said: 'I was coming up to the pelican crossing on High Street when I got jumped on. I don't remember much about it, I was knocked to the floor and lost consciousness. The next thing I knew the police were there and I was being taken to hospital.'

He lost three teeth and suffered two black eyes and bruising to the back of his head where he was kicked and punched... Mr Pygott did not see the people who attacked him but other witnesses told police they saw three Asian men in the area at the time. The descriptions given were similar to those from the earlier attack."
Nothing was stolen from Lee or either of the other white victims on 16 September. The Asians who launched these three unprovoked assaults did what they did because they felt like it.

They knew that, in the politically correct climate of the times, they could do as they did with impunity. They will, probably, not be caught and, if they are, they it is unlikely that they will suffer much of a punishment.

Lee's attackers knew that there would be no Paliamentary questions asked, no media circus and that the police and local politicians would do their bit to stifle any negative reaction from the indigenous population. Most of all those who did this knew that any sanction or censure from the Asian community would be kept in-house. They would not be given up by their own.

Shahid Malik, New Labour MP for Dewsbury, never mentioned any of the incidents described above in parliament.

Malik has only been an MP since May, 2005, and yet he has already built up an impressive PC portfolio.

He voted to introduce another raft of racial and religious hatred legislation in January, 2006. ThE legislation is intended to further protect the Muslim population of Britain. Thus, at a time when Muslims are blowing people up in Britain and waving placards threatening to behead those who criticise the prophet, Malik voted for yet another law intended to bear down upon the native, white population of these islands. This, if we ever dare to wave a placard or two asking for the Muslims to stop blowing us up and threatening to behead us, one presumes.

Indeed Malik made his maiden speech during the debate leading up to this latest race law being imposed by the mind-moulders. On 21 June 2005, he informed the House that other great Lancastrians (just like him) had 'crossed the Pennines to do missionary work in Yorkshire.'

Did you get that? Here comes the British-born Muslim to do 'missionary work' in the dinosaur area of Dewsbury, where the unreconstructed Yorkshire folk (racists) live.

Malik then went on to describe how 'Dewsbury has produced men who have changed the course of human history.' Implying, perhaps, that this New Dewsbury fellow sees himself as a 'man' who is going to 'change the course of human history.' He continues:

"I stand here today, the first British-born Muslim MP, but representing a seat with the highest BNP vote in the country... As a former member of the Commission for Racial Equality and as the only commissioner from Great Britain on the Northern Ireland Equality Commission, I have spent a lot of time and much of my working life fighting sectarianism, bigotry and hatred".

In other words, he's never had a proper job.

He continues:

"The world has changed, however, and PARLIAMENT MUST BE RECEPTIVE AND REFLECT HE NEW REALITY. Now, when I receive anonymous hate mail or the family car is firebombed in the middle of the night, or when abuse is hurled from cars that whisk by, or I am surrounded by a gang of 20 thugs from Combat 18 telling me that I am going to die, it is because I am a Muslim."
If '20 thugs from Combat 18' told Malik he was going to die because he is a Muslim, how come he is alive to tell the tale? Did he fight them off? Did he reason with them? Did they all, suddenly, see the light and go home to their mams singing the praises of Allah? I think Malik is fibbing here, don't you?

He was never surrounded by 20 thugs from Combat-18 threatening to kill him. He is exaggerating for maximum effect. In other words, he's being a politician. He goes on:

"I have challenged the poison of Nick Griffin and the BNP".
Well, the BNP do tend to tell a different set of truths from the PC crowd, this is true, but if Malik is equating the truth, wherever it comes from, with 'poison,' he is a PC prat that we would all do well to beware of.

Indeed, if you compare the BNP with the inveterate liars in Westminster, ('Weapons of Mass Destruction' 'Saddam can bomb us in 45 minutes' etc.) well, they come across as a bunch of monks alongside that lot. Malik adds:

"A modern Britain has no place for extremism of any order. We often talk of our pride in the British tradition of tolerance, but I ADVISE HONOURABLE MEMBERS TO THROW TOLERANCE IN THE BIN… TOLERANCE IS FICKLE AND... MEANINGLESS!...

We need to move to a society that goes beyond tolerance, and which moves towards acceptance."
Wow! Acceptance of what, we wonder. Acceptance of what the majority don't want? Acceptance of whatever you decide is good for us? Acceptance of what you stuff down our throats?

Hey, Malik, would you mind if we Brits took you at your word and threw tolerance in the bin? Would you mind awfully if we didn't tolerate jumped up toerags like you telling us what to be, think and do and, for once, put ourselves first? I don't think that's what you meant, is it? I think you're preaching intolerance for the immigrant and the PC politician and race laws and imprisonment for poor whitey if he dares to speak up for himself.

Am I right? Malik continues:

"In constituencies such as mine... there is severe segregation. It is ignorance of other cultures and other faiths that breeds fear: it is fear that breeds hatred, and hatred that breeds ignorance.


At this point, I feel that I would be failing in my duty if I did not mention how abhorrent I found the Conservatives' general election campaign, which ruthlessly exploited voters' insecurity about issues of immigration. It was profoundly depressing and served only to give the FAR-RIGHT FASCISTS credibility."
So, Malik seems to be implying that, any Brit, who feels 'insecure' about immigration is a 'far-right fascist.' Good, eh?

He adds:

"On a positive note, we have never before had such a diverse Parliament… it is right that we celebrate our diversity… Britain is proud to be a diverse society."
Is it? Does Malik really believe that every working-class, white Briton is proud of the way their know-better, do-gooder, bleeding-heart politicians ignored them in the 1950s, when they said they wanted ALL immigration stopped and, every time an opinion poll was conducted on the subject, 90 percent or more of those who voiced a preference said NO MORE IMMIGRANTS, PLEASE!

Are you 'proud' of the fact that even now, after fifty long years of remorseless PC propaganda, and mass murder in London committed by those they allowed in against our express wishes, the politician continues to ignore what the vast majority of the indigenous population really want?Malik continues:

"The Bill that we are debating today... sends out a very powerful signal of WHAT IS AND WHAT IS NOT ACCEPTIBLE in our modern-day society. It still sets out the parameters of decency that we expect from citizens in a cohesive, forward-looking Britain."
Malik forgot to add, 'a cohesive, forward-looking Britain RUN BY PEOPLE LIKE ME!'

In 2005, Shahid Malik won the 'House Magazine Best Maiden Speech' award, beating 117 new MPs in the process, with the speech cited above. Since HE became an MP, he has signed several EDMs mentioning words and phrases such as 'stigma and discrimination' and 'racism.'

He signed an EDM congratulating 'the anti-racist group, Show Racism the Red Card, on celebrating its 10th anniversary… and looks forward to the day when racism is confined to the history books.' He signed another EDM which stated that:

"This House is heartened by the profound sense of unity in the UK since the terrible events of 7th July 2005... and urges the Government to do everything in its power to ensure that... nothing imperils the diverse and multicultural character of the UK."
He also signed an EDM calling for the voting age to be lowered to 16.

So, who are the racists and the fascists that Malik, so casually, denigrates in his thoughts and speeches? An article in 30 June 2002, edition of The Observer gives us a clue:

Malik was in hospital at that time, after he was beaten up (allegedly) by the police. They suspected him of having taken part in the Burnley riots and had treated him accordingly. Malik insisted that they were wrong to think this and he had been trying to calm the situation when he was set upon. Anyway, at first, Malik trots out the usual PC stuff. To whit:

"There is a need to assimilate all cultures into a new as yet undefined and ever evolving British culture...

Integration of course is part of the solution… If we are serious in terms of education then our curriculum, materials, teachers and senior management need to reflect the local community in all its diversity, and help develop a common set of core values... The biggest obstacle to racial harmony in this country is the pervasive institutional racism that exists...

During the Burnley and Oldham riots… the local media was at best over-zealous in putting to print the malignant voices of right wing discontent…

We have not created an environment where people are happy allow public funds to go to deprived areas - irrespective of the ethnic origin of its inhabitants. The issue here is not one of preferential treatment or positive discrimination or political correctness…. It is about creating a society that accepts that public funds should prioritise those in greatest need (Asians) and that, when we successfully do so, we all benefit".
Then he says this:

"If we are to defeat the far-right then our leaders must challenge them at every opportunity…

The message must be simple - we need to create a society where people have only two options: EITHER YOU'RE RACIST OR ANTI_RACIST. In other words, IF YOU FAIL TO CONDEMN...YOU WITTINGLY CONDONE"!
In other words, folks, you are with us or you are against us. You are a politically correct, pro-immigrant, mind-moulding, world-changing 'anti-racist' like Malik, Or you are a 'racist.'

Who should be dealt with, one presumes.

So, Mr. England, are you a 'racist,' according to Malik's definition of the word? If you are not on his side, I'm afraid that this former Commissioner on the Commission for Racial Equality, has determined that that is, indeed, what you are. And you are, probably, a fascist, a little-Englander, a neo-Nazi, a white supremacist and a redneck to boot, in the minds of all the Maliks who seem to control our world these days.

Gratitude, eh? You give them sanctuary and then, sometimes, within the same generation that they are allowed in, they are saying that you 'have only two options: either you're racist or anti-racist... if you fail to condemn... you 'wittingly' condone.'

That's us, then. The second-generation immigrant Muslim MP has spoken.

Anyway folks, as you have seen if you have read any of the things I point out at this BLOG, I have a set of truths to tell that Malik will never apprise you of. Everything you read HERE is, as far as one lone Englishman has been able to determine, accurate. And yet Malik would not applaud me for telling the truth, he would condemn me for it.

So, here's the thing that both Shahid Malik and myself would like to know: whose side are you are on? His?

Or mine?

In Shahid Malik's maiden speech he told the House:

"I was beaten to a pulp by a gang of skinheads on my first day at high school... In those days we were all seen as 'Pakis' and we were all fair game."
Which experience, if it's true, should have given Malik a special sense of empathy with all of those who get beaten up by racists. But this doesn't appear to be the case, I'm afraid. You see, Shahid Malik never bothered to mention the racist attack upon Lee Pygott in parliament.

Nor did he mention the murder of Michael Hanley who was murdered in Dewsbury by a black man who shot him in stomach in order to 'win' an argument. They had never met before that evening.

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