Monday, 4 September 2006

Gareth and the Bosom Clutchers

On 16 January 2003, 13-year-old Liam Richardson was killed when the stolen car in which he was a passenger crashed into a tree.

14-year-old Gareth Price was driving the car. He pleaded guilty to death by dangerous driving and aggravated vehicle taking, and, even though his irresponsible behaviour had caused Liam's death, he did not receive a prison sentence. Price was made the subject of an 18-month supervision order only.

On 20 January 2005, 16-year-old Price was found hanging in his cell at Lancaster Farms Young Offenders Institution. He died later in the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. His death was mentioned by Paul Goggins and Hazel Blears in Parliament and, on 24 January 2005, notice of a forthcoming Early Day Motion commemorating Price was also given by Hilton Dawson, MP. This EDM said in part:

"This House deeply regrets the death of 16-year-old Gareth Price following an incident at Lancaster Farms Young Offenders Institution on 21st January; recognises with great concern that this is the 27th child death in prison since 1990."
By the end of the day, 17 MPs had already signed this EDM. These MPs were: Hilton Dawson himself; Martin Caton; Alice Mahon; Lynne Jones; Simon Thomas; Martin Smyth; Gregory Campbell; Roy Beggs; Elfyn Llwyd, Peter Bottomley, Paul Holmes, Ronnie Campbell, Ann Cryer, Nigel Dodds, Jeff Ennis, Dennis Turner and Keith Vaz.

Why, then, should these parliamentarians take an interest in the death of Gareth Price when they have showed so little for almost all of those who might be described as 'White British'? In fact, of the 26 other 'child deaths' mentioned by Dawson in his EDM, only 16-year-old Joseph Scholes rated a mention in another EDM, although Gareth Myatt, the only black lad who killed himself, was mentioned many times in parliament without being named in an EDM.

In the 1930s, 40s and 50s, every shade of government was encouraging the working classes to curtail their natural inclination to breed, in order, so they were told, that they could concentrate their efforts and finances on giving fewer children a better chance of escaping the drudgery of working-class life. However, comes the fast-breeding immigrant to our shores, political correctness saw to it that everything changed, and the feckless ways of the newcomers were encouraged by an enormously generous and evolving social security system, which rewarded those who bred with irresponsible vigour.

Thus, a big tick from New Labour, the Lib Dems and the rest of the PC crowd for Gareth's dad, Sealuse, and his mother, Mary, for doing their bit in this respect. Gareth was one of twelve brothers and sisters.

Also, even though he was only 16, Gareth Price was well on the way to being a career criminal, so that would have endeared him to the bleeding-hearts in parliament. For example, apart from the central role he played in Liam's death, on 5 September 2004, he raped a 17-year-old girl twice in the Formby area of Liverpool. As his dad said:
"He was in bother all the time. He was more or less away with himself when you were talking to him. He just kept re-offending."
All of these things must have affected the PC wagtails in parliament to a considerable extent because, as can be seen from the above, they really went to town in the hand-wringing department when a poor, little lamb called Gareth, who'd gone seriously astray, topped himself.

However, there was one more thing about Gareth Price that might just have attracted the bosom-clutching attention of the MPs listed above. He was a Gypsy.

In contrast to the parliamentary sympathy demonstrated on behalf of this 16-year-old career criminal, no sympathy at all was offered up for the girl he raped or the boy he killed. No MP at all mentioned Liam Richardson in the House of Commons and no EDM was introduced commemorating his death.

Liam Richardson was a constituent of the MP for Sedgefield, Tony Blair.

Wake up, England.

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