Monday, 4 September 2006

Big Brother's brownshirt army

On 13 August 2000, Abdi Hamza, a 12-year-old Somalian refugee was chased by a gang of youths from a music festival in Holloway, north London, and stabbed six times.

He died at the scene. The My website informed us thus on 14 January 2002:

"Abdirizak Hamza tried to get away after being stabbed in the heart and liver, but collapsed in on a road near his home. Four youths pleaded guilty to offences related to the vicious attack…

Two 17-year-olds had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm. Another 17-year-old and 20-year-old Errol Tobiere, of Lever Street, Shoreditch, pleaded guilty to violent disorder. The Crown dropped charges of murder against the three juveniles because it was accepted none of them had the knife. A 16-year-old youth will be tried for the killing at a later date. The juveniles cannot be named for legal reasons.

Stephen Kramer QC, prosecuting, said Abdirizak was spotted at a street festival in August, 2000, at the Elthorne Park estate, Holloway, north London, where he lived with his family. He had been attacked in retaliation for a knife attack on one of the group by his elder brother two months before. Mr. Kramer said: ‘The defendants, the 16-year-old and most likely others chased the deceased across a road and into the estate. He was stabbed. He tried to get away but he fell and collapsed in a nearby road’."
Kay Jason Martin fled to his home in Monserrat after the killing but was extradited and tried for Abdi’s murder. On 12 March 2002, he was found guilty of murder at the Central Criminal Court and was made the subject of a Hospital Order. He was found unfitfor trialas he had the intellectual capacity of a child and would have been unable to give intelligent or coherent evidence.

Tyrone Lindo pleaded guilty to violent disorder and was sentenced to a 12-month Detention and Training Order; Errol Tobiere pleaded guilty to violent disorder and was sentenced to 2 years’ detention in a Young Offender Institution. Ali Moses and Osbert Ponde pleaded guilty to conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm and were each sentenced to 3 years 4 months’ detention in a Young Offender Institution.

Abdi was mentioned in parliament by Jeremy Corbyn, who also introduced an EDM commemorating him. In this EDM, Corbyn did not point out that Abdi had been killed by a gang of murderous, West Indian teenagers. Nor did he point out thatthey went after him in revenge for a previous knife-attack by his own brother upon a member of the gang (Lindo)that killed him.

Those who signed Corbyn’s EDM, apart from himself, included:

For the Tories: Peter Bottomley and Julian Lewis.

For New Labour: Diane Abbott; John Austin; Tony Banks; Harry Barnes; Harold Best; Russell Brown; Martin Caton; Michael Clapham; Tony Clarke; Helen Clark; Tom Cox; David Crausby; Ann Cryer; John Cummings; Terry Davis; Janet Dean; Andrew Dismore; Jim Dobbin; David Drew; Huw Edwards; Jeff Ennis; George Galloway; Ian Gibson; Norman Godman; Win Griffiths; Kelvin Hopkins; Lindsay Hoyle; Brian Iddon; Jenny Jones; Piara Khabra; Ashok Kumar; Lynne Jones; Stephen Ladyman; Andrew Love; Judy Mallaber; Paul Marsden; John McDonnell; Kevin McNamara; John McWilliam; Alan Meale; Edward O’Hara; Syd Rapson; Chris Ruane; Phil Sawford; Alan Simpson; Dennis Skinner; David Taylor; Jon Trickett; Desmond Turner; Bill Tynan and Rudi Vis.

For the Lib Dems: Paul Burstow; Brian Cotter; Andrew George; Donald Gorrie: Mike Hancock; Nick Harvey; Simon Hughes; Paul Keetch; Bob Russell and Paul Tyler.

For Plaid Cymru: Elfyn Llwyd and Simon Thomas.

For the Ulster Unionists: Roy Beggs and John D Taylor.

Interestingly, although Corbyn was happy to sign 12 of the 13 EDMs commemorating Stephen Lawrence, an EDM concerning Abdi and Damilola Taylor, an EDM sympathising with Quaddus Ali, several EDMs mentioning Rohit Duggal and Rolan Adams, and EDMs noting the deaths of Kenneth Severin, Roger Sylvester, Muktar Ahmed, Brian Douglas, Omasese Lumumba, Shiji Lapite, Ibrahim Sey, Zahid Mubarek, Jay Abatan and Joy Gardner, since the death of Stephen Lawrence, he has only ever bothered to sign one EDM commemorating the death of a white youngster murdered by first or second-generation immigrants.

Scott Davies was stabbed to death in Reading by a vicious thug called Kevin Alvarado and Jane Griffiths introduced an EDM sympathising with Scott. However, there is more to this, the one immigrant-killing-Brit EDM that Corbyn was prepared to sign, than meets the eye.

Firstly, Scott’s murderer is never named, so anyone giving the EDM a casual look would never know of his murderer’s alien pedigree. Secondly, Alvarado is white, so, if you can keep the immigrant bit out of the equation, this would come across as a purely white-on-white killing.

Thirdly, Murray Lewis, a Reading mini-cab driver,stopped at the scene of the stabbing and called upon Alvarado and his friends to stop attacking Scott. Mr. Lewis was black and the Corbyns of this world seize every opportunity to publicise the immigrant when he has done a good deed.

Fourthly, and most importantly, Scott’s murder was the first to be caught on CCTV camera and Jane Griffiths used his death to call for the widespread introduction of this technology. She mentions Scott twice in the EDM, she mentions CCTV on four occasions.

What’s wrong with CCTV you may ask? Well, if you knew what I know, you’d be pretty confident in asserting that the imposition of CCTV throughout the country had at least as much to do with the New World Order’s desire to keep an eye on US, the law abiding majority, as it ever had to do with the police keeping an eye on the criminals.

Jeremy Corbyn signed this EDM, not because he gave a toss about the death of a young, English lad at the hands of a thuggish, second-generation immigrant, but because he is on the side of those who wished to introduce this Brit-controlling spyware.

It’s us, the decent, much put-upon solid citizens of Britain thatthetop lot are afraid of, the Kevin Alvarados of this world merely comprise the cutting edge of Big Brother’s brownshirt army.

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