Friday, 1 September 2006

Amber Latif cancels Christmas!

On 3 December 2008, The Nottingham Evening Post reported thus:

A school CANCELLED ITS CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCES TO MAKE WAY FOR EID… Eid ul-Adha, or the Festival of Sacrifice, is a religious festival celebrated by Muslims.

A letter was sent to parents of children at Greenwood Junior School, Sneinton from ‘The staff at Greenwood Junior School’… ‘IT IS WITH MUCH REGRET THAT WE HAVE HAD TO CANCEL THIS YEAR’S CHRISTMAS PERFORMANCES. THIS IS DUE TO THE EID CELEBRATIONS THAT TAKE PLACE NEXT WEEK’…

The follow-up letter, sent by HEAD TEACHER AMBER LATIF and Yvonne Wright, chair of governors, said: ‘I would like to apologise for any misunderstanding that was caused from the letter that went out last night. We are a very inclusive school and fully respect the cultures and religions of all the children. We are upset to know that some of our parents/carers have been offended by the letter.

The Christmas performance has not been cancelled outright but has been postponed until the New Year’.”
Do you remember, when Ms Latif’s mob were piling into our country forty years ago, how we were instructed not to 'offend' them? The 'O' word must have been used a thousand times to ram the message home to those who would have to live alongside the alien hordes.

Funny how the Eid types don’t seem to give much of a toss about offending us nowadays, isn’t it? Until the press get hold of it, that is.

Don’t you find it interesting that the PC Crowd, who were so insistent that we mustn’t cause them offence back THEN, never seem to be on our side when they cause us offence NOW? Makes you wonder whether THEY were out to destroy US all along. And the pity-the-poor-immigrant immigration thing was just another a weapon in the armoury.

Check out the origins of the PC Crowd here.

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