Wednesday, 9 August 2006

Ed Miliband's magus

On 18 July 2011, The Telegraph article, ‘Labour’s Anti-Immigration Guru,' told us this:

“Maurice Glasman... guru, leading policy adviser and Ed Miliband's magus... His influence has been little short of seismic.”

The Telegraph quotes Lord Glasman thus::

"I don't like Israel. THERE ARE TERRIBLE THINGS GOING ON. The Jewish settler movement is as bad as Islamic jihadist supremacists. What I see with jihadists and settlers is nationalist domination."
Well said, Maurice. Truth at last from a New Labour bigwig. Though the 'nationalist' = 'domination' thing was a bit of of a sneaky sting in the tale. Just for the record, British Nationalists are pink and fluffy compared to the characters Glasman mentions.

"THERE WAS A REAL CONNECTION BETWEEN ME AND ED... Ed's the leader, and we have to show him love and support... The party, David as well, has got completely to support Ed into growing into the leader he can be'...

We've got to reinterrogate our relationship with the EU on the movement of labour. The EU has gone from being a sort of pig farm subsidised bloc to the free movement of labour and capital. BRITAIN IS NOT AN OUTPOST OF THE UN. WE HAVE TO PUT THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY FIRST.”
'There was a real connection between me and Ed.'

For sure there was/is, Maurice, you're both Jewish.

'We have to put the people in this country first.'

Enormously nu-thinking here from those who have previously screwed us to the hilt, don't you think? Well, actually, no, but more of that later.

Jewish personages were (and still are) massively over-represented in the faction that called for the imposition of mass immigration and political correctness upon the unwary British multitudes. The brute, guilt-making dogma of Cultural Marxism, as political correctness was once known, enabled the politicans and PC Crowd to put the foreigner first throughout the western world without too much compaint from those who would suffer most as a result of the 'enriching' of their world by the alien hordes.

So why are representatives of the tribe that played such an enormous part in these movements appearing to stand up for the indigenous majority now? Well, of course, enough foreign bodies have already been imposed upon us to do away with what we once had anyway. The peaceful, proud, homogenous, secure and stable country of fifty years ago is now gone forever. And, as so many of the 'diverse' types breed with such gleeful indiscipline, the situation will only ever get worse for the native Brit. It could also be that the Jew has begun to feel a little anxious now that there are so many Muslims living alongside of him. It could also be an act. Saying what most of us want to hear in order to get our votes.

However, it isn't any of these things. What has to happen is all laid out in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. A problem is created. Then a shining white knight comes riding to the rescue of those suffering the problem he, himself, brought about. And the gratitude of the sheeple and the lemmings, who imagine that the problem was caused by whatever The Sun and the soon-to-be-with-us Sunday Sun says it was caused by, will know no bounds. And the deleriously grateful dumb will then ensure that their rescuers remain in power and control forever.

That would be my guess. That's why I think the leader for whom we all must demonstrate our 'love and support' and his 'anti-immigration uru' are speaking out for what we all want now.

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