Monday, 14 August 2006

CLEGG: We are in nobody's pocket!

On 22 September 2011, Nick Clegg said this at the Lib Dem conference in Birmingham:

“These are not easy times for the country. Economic insecurity. Conflict and terrorism. Disorder flaring up on our streets. Times like these can breed protectionism and populism."
'Protectionism' = putting the country’s needs first. ‘Populism’ = Giving the people what they want. Two things the Lib Dems have never been very good at.

“Times like these are when liberals are needed most.”
The globalists and the PC Crowd and the immigrants need the 'liberal' mindset. The rest of us need it about as much as we need a hole in the head.

“For liberals, the litmus test is always the national interest.”
This is 100 per cent bulls ***! For the modern Liberal, the ‘litmus test’ is how much you can give away to the EU, the immigrant and International Development without waking up the indigenous sheeple.

“People before politics. Nation before party.”
Absolute 180 degree dishonesty! Clegg couldn‘t care less about the nation. His agenda has always been global. As for the British ‘people’, well, if you think a half-Dutch, quarter Russian silver-spoon boy whose dad was a banker and whose wife is Spanish is going to care more for the British working-classes than we do, you’re nuts.

“You never, ever play politics with people's jobs.”
Before the coalition came to power we learned that 90% of all the jobs created under New Labour had been taken up by foreigners. That statistic hasn’t changed in the sixteen months Clegg has been Deputy Prime Minister. The traitors in Westminster have been playing Brit-bashing politics with our jobs since Margaret Thatcher was elected in 1979.

“We can say until we're blue in the face that no one will have to pay any fees as a student, but still people don't believe it. That once you've left university you'll pay less, week in week out, than under the current system, but still people don't believe it. That the support given to students from poorer families will increase dramatically, but still people don't believe it.”
They don’t believe it because it isn’t true. You were photographed before the election signing a National Union of Students pledge vowing not to raise tuition fees if you were elected. You lied. You broke the foremost promise you made before the last election. No wonder ‘people don’t believe’ what you say.

“In our long, proud liberal history, WE HAVE NEVER SERVED THE MEDIA MOGULS, THE UNION BARONS OR THE BANKERS. WE DO NOT SERVE, AND WE WILL NEVER SERVE, VESTED INTERESTS. WE ARE IN NOBODY'S POCKET. That's why the Lib Dems can take decisions in the national interest."
Why are the bankers not being prosecuted then? Why are you waiting until 2019 before sorting them and their banks out? And how can you sayyou're 'in nobody's pocket' when you 'serve' the ‘vested interests’ of the EU, the immigrant and the PC Crowd so slavishly?

For that matter, Nick, we want our troops out of Afghanistan. Why do you care more for what the Western elite and the massively corrupt Afghan puppet leaders want than we do?

“Of all the claims Ed Miliband has made, the most risible is that his party is the enemy of vested interests. While we were campaigning for change in the banking system, they were on their prawn cocktail offensive in the City. While we've led the charge against the media barons, Labour has cowered before them for decades. The most shocking thing about the news that Tony Blair is godfather to one of Rupert Murdoch's children is that nobody was really shocked at all.”
Your lot leading the 'charge against the media Barons' doesn’t ring any bells, Nick, but you’re on the money with Miliband. New Labour was on board with every last top table requirement. Fot trough-gobbling with the bankers, the oligarchs, the Multinationals, the Neocons and the Murdoch empire, Tony, Gordon, Mandy and co. were every bit as bought and paid for as the Tories ever were.

"We are right to stand up for civil liberties. No retreat to the ILLIBERAL POPULISM OF THE LABOUR YEARS."
New Labour was about as concerned with what the British people wanted as a fox would be with a brood of chicks. No illiberal populists they. Nicky's spouting b***ocks again.

Of course, you will. The obscenity that is the Human Rights Act is right up the politically correct alley of the Lib Dems. The rights of foreign criminals versus the welfare of the British citizen whom he preys upon? It’s non-starter.

“The European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act are not, as some would have you believe, foreign impositions. These are British rights, drafted by British lawyers.”
Well, maybe. Lord Lester was the prime mover behind the imposition of the Human Rights Act upon the British people and he was born here. He’s Jewish though. And the Jews do have a bit of a historical reputation for not being overly concerned about the non-Jew in the societies into which they enter.

“Let me say something really clear about the Human Rights Act. In fact I'll do it in words of one syllable: IT IS HERE TO STAY.”
Oh yes. We will never be able to deport the alien bad guy if our Nicky's crew has anything to do with it.

"I know I have had all the advantages, good school, great parents. I was lucky. But it shouldn't be about luck. Other children need these opportunities."
If that’s what you think, why have the Lib Dems insisted that British children be taught alongside immigrant kids who can’t speak the language? Their education has, for the last sixty years, been severely compromised as a result of the attention of the teacher being focused upon the least able. Upon those who could not speak English. And you were all for it. All for little Abdul. And to hell with the ‘opportunities’ of Tom, Dick and Harriet.

"In terms of opportunity, we are a nation divided. Children from a poor background a year behind in language skills before the age of five; MORE YOUNG BLACK MEN IN PRISONS THAN AT RUSSELL GROUP UNIVERSITIES.”
Nice of you to own up to the criminal disposition of your favourite folk, Nicky.
“And within one city, two nations: in Hammersmith and Fulham in West London, more than half the children leaving state schools head to a good university. Just thirty minutes east - down the district line to TOWER HAMLETS - AND JUST 4 PERCENT DO.”
Hammersmith and Fulham = 0.8 per cent Bangladeshi. (2008) Tower Hamlets = 22.1 per cent Bangladeshi. (2008) Figure it out, Nick. And these stats are the official estimates. They don’t include all the illegals.

Of course, social mobility in the mind of the most fervent Lib Dem means positive discrimination and upward mobility for the foreigner and negative discrimination and downward mobility for the native Briton.

“This summer, we saw the consequences of a society in which some people feel they have no stake at all.”
Yep. We saw the society built by the three establishment parties falling apart all right.

“On the peace wall in Peckham there was a note that simply read: 'Our home. Our children. Our future.' Six words that say more than six hundred speeches. Our home. Our children. Our future. Britain is our home. We will make it safe and strong. THESE ARE OUR CHILDREN. WE WILL TEAR DOWN EVERY BARRIER THEY FACE. AND THIS IS OUR FUTURE. WE START BUILDING IT TODAY.”
Nick is about to 'tear down every barrier' that the rioters and the looters of Peckham (the non-indigenous ones) might face in the future. Oh yes, ladies and gents, Nick and the rest of his insanely anti-British Lib Dem posse don’t believe in punishing the alien hordes when they misbehave. They’d rather throw money at them, pander to them and promote them over us. And, in a future where ‘every barrier’ to the progress of the bestial has been torn down, to replace the British people entirely with such anti-societal types.

Norman Tebbit commented thus on his Telegraph blog:

“Clegg even invoked the spirit of Gladstone in his speech. That prompts me to contemplate what that grand old man would have thought of such a speech, or even such a leader of his once great party.”
He would would have considered Clegg an enemy of the people, Norman. A self-server as far removed from his own values as Tony Blair’s values are from those of Snow White.

Gladstone and his wife used to walk the streets of London looking for prostitutes to help and rehabilitate. If Clegg had been around back then, he would have been one of the few prostitutes the Gladstones would have ignored.

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