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Babies should not be ignored in the hunt for racism!

On 7 July 2008, The Daily Mail told us what a Government-funded advisory group calling itself the National Children's Bureau had in mind for our children: 
"Toddlers should be taught about racism and singled out for criticism if they have racist attitudes… nursery teachers, playgroup leaders and childminders (must) record and report every racist incident involving children as young as three…

Nurseries are encouraged to report as many racist incidents as possible to local councils. Even babies should not be ignored in the hunt for racism… 
Anyone who disagrees is racist themselves!”
The 366-page guide, ‘Young Children and Racial Justice’, also warned:
By saying 'yuk'.

Is there anyone out there who agrees with this totalitarian nonsense? ‘Young Children and Racial Justice: Taking Action for Racial Equality in the Early Years Understanding the Past, Thinking About the Present, Planning for the Future’.

That’s what the little, red book Jane Lane wrote is called.

Do you believe that someone who could create something as Orwellian as this would be happy to sing along as Rule Britannia or Land of Hope and Glory is being sung? I think Ms Lane would recoil in horror from bloke who still thinks that 'Britons never, never, never shall be slaves'.

The foreword to this document was penned by none other that Lord Hermann Ousely, a West Indian immigrant who owes his career, his status, pension, bank balance and title to political correctness, positive discrimination and 60 long years of liberal establishment treachery. The former Chief Executive of the Commission for Racial Equality, a government quango that employs more than 50,000 people, informs us in his foreword that toddlers can, indeed, be 'racists.'

He believes that children of different races should be encouraged to play together 'from day one' in order to prevent bigotry and help them, and I quote 'unlearn any racist attitudes and behaviour they may have already learned.' That’s 'from day one', ladies and gents! Lord Herman seems to be suggesting that we white folks can develop unsavoury, politically incorrect thoughts in the womb! Before we’ve actually been born!

Jane Lane, herself, has defended her work thus:

"In my book I have tried to unpack racism and expose it for the evil that it is… As Michelle Obama, wife of the US Democratic Presidential nominee, says: 'Real change comes from having enough comfort to be really honest and say something very uncomfortable'."

Well, I would very much appreciate it if Jane Lane would allow me to say something here that might make her feel 'very uncomfortable'. I, too, would like to 'unpack' the term 'racism' and 'expose' the 'evil' behind it.

Leon Trotsky did more than any other to make the Russian Revolution happen. He raised many millions of dollars from American businessmen, without which there wouldn't have been a revolution, and, through the campaigns of terror that he ordered and organised as Head of the Red Army, all resistance was crushed and Bolshevik rule was entrenched. Millions of innocent Russians lost their lives as a result of Trotsky’s bloodthirsty revolutionary zeal.

Trotsky was the first person ever to use the word 'racists' in its pejorative sense. It can be found in his 1930 essay, The History of the Russian Revolution.

Magnus Hirschfeld, a cross-dressing 'sexologist' who liked to describe himself as the 'Einstein of Sex', introduced us to his magnum opus in 1934. It was titled 'Racism.' This was first published in English 4 years later by Victor Gollancz.

The adjective 'anti-semitic' was seen in print as long ago as 1860. The Austrian bibliographer, Moritz Steinschneider, was the first to use term.

Now, I suspect that Jane Lane, Herman Ouseley and Michelle Obama would tell you that I was a 'racist' for informing the world that a mass-murdering Russian revolutionary invented the word. I think they might also say that I would have to be a 'racist' and possibly a 'homophobe' for telling you that a German pervert popularised the term.

But if I dared to point out that Steinschneider, (left) Hirschfeld, his publisher, Victor Gollancz, (above left) Trotsky AND Jacob Schiff, (below left) the American businessmen who was the principal monetary sponsor of the Russian Revolution, were ALL JEWISH, I’m as sure as God made little, green apples that Jane Lane, Herman Ouseley and Michelle Obama would swear blind that I was an anti-Semite who ought to be locked away forever from decent people like them, and you, forever.

They’d say this despite the fact that what I’ve just told you is 100 per cent accurate.

As for the woman whom Jane Lane was so happy to quote in defence of her work, well, here is something else that Barack Obama’s wife has said along the way:
"There was no doubt in my mind that as a member of the black community, I am obligated to this community and will utilise all of my present and future resources to benefit the black community first and foremost."
'First and foremost.' And that, ladies and gentlemen, isn’t racist. Because Michelle Obama is black. And, as we all know, black people just cannot be racist. No matter what they do, no matter what they say, no matter how they say it, the word racism was not invented to do them down. It wasn’t invented to bother Jews or Muslims or anyone else who isn’t white. It was invented to marginalise and disenfranchise us. And it has, hasn’t it?

A lady by the name of Jane Lane, an 'early years equality adviser' produced a 'government-funded' document which dared to suggest that our 'babies should not be ignored in the hunt for racism'.

I say this: those who have consistently sought to unjustly shame, degrade and brainwash the British people into thinking and doing things that have only ever promoted and encouraged the immigrant do not, and never have had, the best interests of the indigenous majority at heart.

An agenda was forced upon the kindest, most fair-minded, most trusting and well-intentioned people on the planet. It was an agenda that only the do-gooders, only those who saw further and knew better, only the bleeding hearts whose hearts never bled for us and the sinister, destructive forces behind them all, ever wanted.

You know, it might be your child or your grandchild who reacts 'negatively to a culinary tradition other than his own by saying yuk’. If your three-year-old refuses to eat his curry, because it’s too hot, do you really want him standing in the corner, wearing the dunce’s cap, whilst all the other children are encouraged to call him names?

If there is anyone out there who is comfortable with the idea that our little boys and girls might be designated 'racist' because they have offended the Arabs by refusing to eat a sheep’s eyeball, you should keep on voting for New Labour, who gave the National Children’s Bureau 12 MILLION POUNDS in 2007 to produce, Brit-bashing, Stalinist nonsense like this!

And remember, ladies and gents, according to Jane Lane and Hermann Ouseley, 'anyone who disagrees' with any of this 'is racist themselves'!

On 14 September 2008, The Mail on Sunday told us what a government-funded advisory group calling itself 'No Outsiders', had in mind for our children.
So now you know. Now you know what the politicians and their government-funded advisory groups have in mind for our children and grandchildren. Now that you know what their plans are, who are going to vote for?

I stood for parliament as an Independent in 2010 and received just 1-in-125 of the total votes cast. Which suggests to me that 124 out of 125 people who now inhabit this island wouldn't be that bothered if their kids were taught 'the pleasures of gay sex' at five and had the on-message, PC teacher scolding them for being 'racist' at the tender age of three.

Trust me, folks, the lads who died in the two world wars did not fight for this.

We are not what we were, that's for sure.

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