Saturday, 8 July 2006

This has been going on for years under the radar

On 3 June 2012, Children’s Minister, Tim Loughton, said this to the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee:

“If there is some form of political correctness around ethnicity which is getting in the way of police and other agencies investigating, tracking down and nailing these perpetrators, then that needs to be removed and we need to do something about it… We have not seen the half of it yet…

What we have seen in high-profile cases in Derby and Rochdale, and other cases still to come fully to court, is that there is a problem around, in most cases, British Pakistani men – there are a few cases of Afghan and Bangladeshi men involved – who, operating in gangs, are preying on mostly teenage white girls… That has been a pattern we have seen in high-profile cases…
I know that in certain more closed communities, people who know about this form of abuse are less inclined or feel threatened about coming forward and reporting it to the authorities…

This has been going on for years under the radar. People didn’t come forward and report it, the police, for whatever reason, didn’t investigate it, or certainly didn’t investigate it sufficiently for cases to be brought to court that then stuck.” Don't let PC brigade bury ethnic links to sex gangs warns children's minister
'This has been going on for years under the radar,' says the Children's Minister.

‘Under the radar.’ Which is code for under the politically correct radar. Under the mainstream radar. Under the radar of the global elite whose brute, anti-indigenous philosophies foist the immigrant pervert upon us in the first place.

These matters have not, of course, been ‘under the radar’ of British Nationalism. The Nationalist was speaking out about these things decades ago. And all the while the nu-Knight-in-Shining-Armour Tim Loughton types were hurling abuse. ‘Racist,’ ‘Fascist’, ‘bigot,’ ‘Nazi’ chorused the PC Brigades in parliament and the press. And all the time we were telling the truth. And all the time THEY were covering it up.

And now those who kept it quiet, who pretended it wasn’t happening, who airbrushed the awful truths out of the picture and demonised AND CRIMINALISED the honourable man for trying to warn their kinfolk, come riding to the rescue.

Fifty years too late.

I preach hatred, not just of the alien paedophile, but of those in high places who aid and abet his savagery as well.

Vulnerable children housed in street with 15 sex offenders!
Most vulnerable kids routinely sent to live on same street as sex offenders and violent criminals!
Children in care deserve better!
Our children are at risk!
Social workers considered sending boy to the Congo for exorcism!

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