Thursday, 20 July 2006


On 13 July 2012, The Independent quoted George Osborne’s Office for Budget Responsibility thus:

"HIGHER NET MIGRATION than in our central projection, CLOSER TO THE LEVELS WE HAVE SEEN IN RECENT YEARS… would put downward pressure on borrowing and public sector net debt, as net IMMIGRANTS ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE OF WORKING AGE THAN THE POPULATION IN GENERAL."
Ship over lots of youthful aliens and they’ll take care of us in our old age. Ah yes, I seem to remember another traitorous bunch of New World Orde w**kers saying the very same thing a few years back.* Then up pops an election and, all of sudden, overt melting-pot treachery wasn’t so fashionable any more.

My dear Tory top folk, whatever the problems New Labour’s fiscal ineptitude and your banker pals have saddled us with, if you renege on your immigration pledges (down to tens of thousands), we’ll have your tiny, little yellow testacles on a platter, by God we will!

* Tony Blair's Immigration Minister, Barabara Roche, a second-generation Jewish immigrant herself, was the first to say that we needed another 150,000 legal immigrants every year piling into our alreasy massively overcrowded island.

The Independent added:

“HIGHER LEVELS OF IMMIGRATION OVER THE NEXT 50 YEARS would spare taxpayers from the need to endure much greater austerity, the Government's fiscal watchdog has said.

The ageing population will put growing financial pressure on future taxpayers and governments, and Britain will need to undergo an extra £17bn of spending cuts and tax rises to bring down the national debt to 40 per cent of gross domestic product by 2062, the Office for Budget Responsibility said...

HIGHER LEVELS OF IMMIGRATION would help the economy to grow faster and ease the pressure to cut spending, according to the OBR.

Boosting immigration would prove controversial, however, because THE COALITION HAS PLEDGED TO REDUCE THE ANNUAL FIGURE TO THE ‘TENS OF THOUSANDS’…

The OBR's analysis… showed that IF ANNUAL IMMIGRATION WERE TO REMAIN AT PRESENT LEVELS OF 260,000 the economy would grow more quickly. The OBR said that HIGHER IMMIGRATION WOULD RAISE THE ANNUAL GROWTH RATE over the next five decades from 2.4 per cent to 2.7 per cent…

The Government is struggling to meet its target of just ‘tens of thousands’ of immigrants coming to the UK each year, and SOME MINISTERS WANT TO SEE FOREIGN STUDENTS TAKEN OUT OF THE FIGURES…

The OBR's analysis showed that with annual immigration of 260,000 the UK's population, presently 62.3 million, WOULD REACH 85.8 MILLION BY 2060... If annual migrant flows were 140,000, THE BRITISH POPULATION WOULD REACH 77.2 MILLION… With zero migration THE POPULATION WOULD RISE TO 64.1 MILLION.”
Oh yes, ladies and gents, you can bet your worthless pensions that THEY will be planning to ship over a Red Wedge or ten of Brit-loving alien horde as we speak.

Hey, George, these lovely, fluffy foreigners coming to take care of us in our old age, will there be any drug dealers amongst them? Any beggars, pickpockets, muggers, pimps or burglars? Any rapists, gang rapists and murderers? Any council house queue-jumpers? Any Yasmin Alibhai-Brown types who want to see we white folks gone in a hundred years?

What about the side-of-the-eyes chancer looking to scream racist at the first opportunity? We don't want any more of them piling in. Will there be any who'll sue the system for bundles at the drop of a hat? Any postal fraudsters whose presence here will ensure we sad, old indigenous types NEVER AGAIN see anyone in Westminster who’ll stick up for what we want?

Will there be any Muslim paedophiles? You know, like those who’ve been raping and prostituting our little girls for decades now throughout the north of England?

Is it a civil war, you top folk are after, George? Do you want the uncomplaining, much put-upon British Stoic to go bang?

Because that’s what going to happen if you keep on taking the p*** out of us.

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