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Rape is endemic in South Africa

On 9 April 2002, the BBC’s Carolyn Dempster told us this:

“Rape is endemic in South Africa. On this the police, politicians, sociologists and rape survivors all agree. THERE IS A SILENT WAR GOING ON, A WAR AGAINST WOMEN AND CHILDREN. It is a fact that A WOMAN BORN IN SOUTH AFRICA HAS A GREATER CHANCE OF BEING RAPED, THAN LEARNING HOW TO READ.

One in four girls faces the prospect of being raped before the age of 16 according to the child support group, Childline.

Sexual violence pervades society, with one of the highest reported rates of rape in the world, and an alarmingly high incidence of domestic violence and child abuse…

In 1994, the year South Africa became a democracy, 18,801 cases of rape were reported. By 2001 that figure had risen to 24,892.


During a recent parliamentary debate on child abuse in South Africa, it was reported that THERE HAS BEEN A 400% INCREASE IN THE SEXUAL VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN OVER THE PAST DECADE. The majority of the victims are 12 years old or younger…
‘Baby Tshepang’ was just 9 MONTHS OLD WHEN SHE WAS BRUTALLY RAPED… (by David Potse, who can bee seen here) Baby rape is not a new phenomenon in South African society, but it is becoming more common. One possible reason, say Aids activists, is the myth, widespread in southern Africa, that sex with a child or baby will rid a man of HIV or Aids.

South Africa already has more than 4.5 million people living with HIV, more than any other country in the world. As the HIV pandemic becomes an Aids pandemic, rape can also be a death sentence.

At the root of the problem, says Dr Rachel Jewkes, a senior scientist with the South African Medical Research Council, is men's attitude towards women. ‘In South Africa you have a culture where men believe that they are sexually entitled to women. You don't get rape in a situation where you don't have massive gender inequalities. One of the key problems in this country is that people who commit rape don't think they are doing anything wrong.’

Her findings are borne out by the experience of Rose Tamae, a survivor of gang rape, who is HIV positive… ‘In our culture, as a woman, you don't say no to a man. Sex is not open for discussion,’ she says. ‘So they think they can do as they like… The women have to go looking for work far away, often the children are left at home in the care of men, or strangers. They are vulnerable’…

A ‘culture of violence’ has also been a dominant feature of South African society for decades, say sociologists, and it has spawned attitudes which are tolerant of sexual violence.

South Africa's Deputy President Jacob Zuma blames apartheid for ‘sowing the seeds for the breakdown of the institution of the family.’ He believes that the molestation of children and infants today is a symptom of this degeneration.”
Zuma would say that, wouldn’t he? Blame everything the black man does on Whitey. Yeah, yeah, tell us the old, old story. Things will only get better when the white man has been erased! Then, of course, magically, just like that, the savagery of the black man will disappear from the earth and all will be well.

Zuma, himself, a man with three wives, wwould, subsequently, be brought to trial on rape charges. He was found not guilty. Which isn’t all that surprising seeing as how the crime isn’t taken too seriously in South Africa and he was the country’s President at the time. Dempster continues:

“Out of the 24,892 rapes reported last year, ONLY 1,797 RESULTED IN SUCCESSFUL CONVICTIONS.”
Dempster makes no mention of the massive incidence of black-on-white violence although
elsewhere at the BBC website in 2002, she did say:

“Since the early 1990's there has also been an increase in violent attacks on white farmers. A commission of enquiry set up by former president Nelson Mandela has failed to find the root cause of the attacks.”
Well, Carolyn, a Commie like Mandela wasn’t ever going to tell you the truth if it refected badly on him and his own crew. The ‘root cause’, for anyone out there interested in knowing what it ACTUALLY was back there in 2002, (and still is now) is the stone bl**ding obvious one: black savagery. Let a savage out of its pen and it will behave savagely towards those who are least likely to be able to protect themselves from its savagery.

Saint Nelson was never going to tell you this, was he? He was never going to tell us about the baby rapists who ‘don’t think they’re doing anything wrong.’ Although I must admit we did get to find out about his son dying of HIV. Which, of course, in a brainwashed white world, is more likely to provoke sympathy than thoughts of the sexual irresponsibility of the African man.

By 2012, 3,177 white farmers and their family members had been murdered in South Africa by marauding, black gangs. In the wider community it is believed that around 40,000 white people had died at the hands of Blacks since Mandela came to power and that as many as 80,000 white women and girls could have been raped.

How many of you were aware of these statistics? Has the ultimately venerable Christ-like icon of the nu-globalist age ever mentioned them? For that matter, have the politicians and the PC Crowd of the western world ever let you in on the fact that those whom they were promoting and pandering to for so many decades were capable of such bestial behaviour?

They never have, have they? I repeat, a Commie isn’t ever going to tell you the truth if it refects badly on him and his own crew. And, to all intents and purposes, what we westerners have had in charge of us for many decades now are Communists. You don’t believe it? What are the UN and the EU? They are globalist organisations which concentrate power in the hands of unknown and unanswerable bureaucrats in the service of a Machiavellian, string-pulling few.

Why will all three of Britain’s three major parties, whom we foolishly imagine we elect to serve our wants and needs, never let us have a referendum on EU membership? They know we’d opt out. And opting out of the great, global game, once in, is out.

Globalism, which Labour, the Lib Dems and the Cameronian Tories are all for, is another word for Capitalistic Communism. You think the two concepts are mutually exclusive? Ladies and gentlemen, know your history! The Russian Revolution, the bloody, peasant-genociding excesses of Lenin, Stalin et al. and the various anti-human ‘five-year plans’ were backed to the financial hilt by western bankers and businessmen, particularly those located in America.

Anyway, Mandela’s South Africa, and the ongoing ethnic-cleansing and genocide of the Boers who made it, are global constructs. And globalism is anti-white. Which, I guess, is why so many non-whites and self-loathing white lemmings are all for it.

Check out Nelson Mandela and the Rainbow Nation here.

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