Thursday, 13 July 2006

Peter Tatchell and Ramzi

On 19 January 2005, Ramzi Isalam, a gay asylum seeker from Algeria, said this in QX Magazine:

"Gay sex is illegal in Algeria; punishable by two years imprisonment. I now face up to five years jail for evading the draft... If I was sent back, I could be jailed and tortured by the Algerian government, or be hunted down and murdered by homophobic Islamists...

In February 1994, at the beach, one of my gay friends was shot dead by Islamic fundamentalists of the Groupe Islamique Arme... At the time, one of my gay friends, a neighbour, was snatched from his house by the GIA. We never saw him again. Local people praised the fundamentalists for 'purifying' society and getting rid of 'rubbish and perversion'...

I witnessed the stoning of two young men suspected of being gay. A neighbour started to beat them, and other neighbours joined in, pelting them with stones… I was very disturbed by this incident, as I knew it could easily have been me.

In February, 2002, I heard about the police raiding a private gay party, after a neighbour’s complaint. All the gays were arrested. Two were raped while in police custody. The others were severely beaten.

Later that year, I resumed a secret relationship with an ex-boyfriend. Since we lived with our families, the only place we could have sex was on a nearby building site. One night, we were discovered by a GIA terrorist. He produced a gun and threatened me, saying you 'sexual deviants' should be killed...

I could not go to the police because, as a gay man, the police do not protect 'sodomites'... I also knew my military exemption was due to expire, and I would be forced to join the army, where gay conscripts suffer violent and sexual abuse. In January 2003 the Military Police came to my house. They told my father I had to go to their headquarters, collect my papers, and join the army…

I heard Algerians were being granted asylum in Britain. So I flew to Heathrow on the 9 February 2003 and applied for asylum. I thought I would be greeted with sympathy and understanding. Instead, I was fingerprinted and photographed, like a common criminal. Since then, the Home Office has twice turned down my asylum claim. I feel betrayed and fearful.

Nevertheless, I am also enjoying the pleasure and relief of living openly as a gay man. For the first time in my life I have gained self-confidence and self esteem. This would have been impossible if I had remained in Algeria. There are no gay organisations or support groups. Gay people have no protection from arrest, torture and murder."
So, a gay, Algerian deserter who doesn't want to do his National Service, then. At the OutRage! website, the article cited above was big news and the OutRage! crowd said this:

"OutRage! is appealing for funds to help Ramzi and other gay asylum seekers: Please make cheques payable to OutRage! and send with a cover note marked Gay Asylum Campaign to: OutRage!"
OutRage! is the organisation which 'outs' homosexuals who wish to keep their homosexuality secret and, as a general rule, campaigns aggressively for any and all homosexual issues and against those who take issue with their point of view. Peter Tatchell, the Australian homosexual, is the head of this organisation.

In 1983, a youthful Tatchell was chosen by an aggressively PC Labour Party to stand as their candidate in the by-election for the safe Labour seat of Southwark. The constituents of Southwark didn’t like this strident, heterophobic foreigner instructing them how to be, think and do, however, and they voted for someone else.

23 years later, the hypocrisy and dishonesty of the professional, 'bleeding-heart' politician would be evidenced for all to see when the President of the Liberal Democrats, Simon Hughes, who won the Southwark seat from the gay Australian in 1983, was outed himself.

As late as 2005, one of the most soft-faced, pro-immigrant, pro-colour, pro-gay, anti-nationalist PC MPs in parliament was still lying to the media about his preference for all things anal. A few days before Hughes was done over by the media, another candidate for the leadership of the Lib Dems, Mark Oaten, had been exposed as a frequenter of rent-boys. Oaten bowed out of the leadership race as soon as his prediliction for such activity became known.

In 1983, the Liberal spin doctors had re-designed sweet, little Simon Softie, lover of bum and all things politically correct, as one of us, a rough, tough working man's champion and the rough, tough working men of Southwark voted for him rather than Tatchell.

At the time, an outraged Tatchell had blamed his defeat on the unreconstructed working-class dinosaurs of Southwark who were not prepared to kiss his fairy bot. Whereas, he should have been aiming his acid drops at an unscrupulous, young, slithery-up-the-greasy-pole merchant who decided that it would be wiser to keep HIS sexual orientation under wraps.

The Southwark voter, however, had not rejected Tatchell because there was a bovver boy who was a bit like them on offer. Nor did they reject him just because he was a screeching deviant from the other side of the planet. He didn't get sent to Westminster because he was a nasty, priggish, jumped-up, self-serving little misfit and it showed.

Fourteen years later, the all-inclusive New Labour government of Tony Blair couldn't see too much wrong with the odd self-serving puff and Tatchell was recruited as a legal advisor. He was, at this time, campaigning with OutRage!, for a lowering of the age at which blokes like him could do what they wanted to our children.

The campaign paid off in New Labour’s first term, when the government saw to it that the legal age of 'consent' regarding homosexual sex was lowered to sixteen.

On 27 June 1998, whilst Tatchell the Tony Crony was a trusted New Labour counsellor, he was quoted thus in The Guardian:

"Several of my friends... had sex with adults from the ages of 9 to 13... It is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful".
In September 1998, Tatchell also stated his desire to have a central London Square be designated as a law-free zone for homosexual activity. He said that the public did not have watch and could use other squares if such activity offended them.

In June 2005, Tatchell, who 'has been arrested hundreds of times' was honoured by the Gay Police Association. The Chairman of the Gay Police Association, Paul Cahill, said:

"His principles are very are very similar to our own".
I just bet they are, Cahill, old cock. I just bet they are.

Be in no doubt, ladies and gentlemen, if Peter Tatchell and the high-ranking parliamentary fairies of New Labour and the Liberals had their way, every ladyboy living in Africa, Asia and everywhere else on the planet for that matter, would have an absolute right to come and live here if they felt like it.

And anyone who disagreed with such a prospect, in the perfectly perverse world of Tatchell, Hughes, Oaten and co., would probably be 'betrayed, hunted down, snatched from his house, arrested, purified, severely beaten, pelted with stones, raped in police custody, gang-banged, tortured, murdered, killed and shot dead.'

Which is something that is never, now, going to happen to a chap called Ramzi. Because your average Algerian Muslim, 'enjoying the pleasure and relief of living openly as a gay man' in this country, unquestionably, has more rights and privileges than we do.

3 years and 4 months after he first arrived, Ramzi Isalam was still here and Peter Tatchell was still campaigning on his behalf.

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