Monday, 3 July 2006

The need to be fair to victims is being ignored

On 5 October 2011, Detective Inspector Bob Campany, a 30-year veteran of the Metropolitan Police, was quoted thus by the Mail Online:

“Years ago, robbers would attend the Old Bailey wearing suits, and they still do, but TOO OFTEN NOW THEY MASQUERADE AS DEFENCE LAWYERS…

Quite often suspects make it clear they want to give their account in a police interview, but once they have spoken to their legal representatives THEY ARE ALMOST WITHOUT EXCEPTION ADVISED TO MAKE NO COMMENT…

The legal advisers hide behind the caveat that they don’t want their clients to incriminate themselves, which roughly translated means THEY DON’T WANT THEIR CLIENT TO TELL THE TRUTH. IF THEY TELL THE TRUTH, THIS NEGATES THEIR OPPORTUNITY FOR A TRIAL, STOPPING LAWYERS FROM EARNING A SHED LOAD OF MONEY. There’s no reason not to give an account in police interview. Interviews are all video-taped anyway. IF THERE IS AN AGGRESSOR IN THE INTERVIEW ROOM IT IS EITHER THE SUSPECT OR THE LAWYER OR BOTH…

Courts have become so obsessive in their desire to ensure a defendant has a fair trial. Nobody doubts that principle but THE NEED TO BE FAIR TO VICTIMS, THEIR FAMILIES, WITNESSES AND THE GENERAL PUBLIC IS BEING IGNORED.”

That’s what Cultural Marxism is, Bob. The institutionalised inversion of all societal and common-sensical norms such that right becomes wrong, good becomes bad and the criminal becomes the victim.

As long as the attack is concerted within politics, the media, law enforcement and the judiciary, democarcy cannot stand for long against behaviour such as Bob describes.

In recent times Cultural Marxism has come to be known as political correctness.

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