Thursday, 13 July 2006

The National Front's really disgusting web site

On the 8 November 2006 edition of Newsnight, the BBC's Home Editor, Mark Easton, was interviewed along with Kelvin McKenzie and Lee Jasper.

They were discussing the race murder of Kriss Donald and related matters. During the interview Mackenzie was good enough to admit (many years too late):

"It's utterly disgraceful, television, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, it doesn't matter who it is, national newspapers, including my own, The Sun, radio national bulletins, none of them have covered that disgraceful crime in Glasgow… If that had been the other way around… If a black lad had been pulled off the streets knifed and then burned alive it would have been a huge story, correctly. Why doesn't it happen the other way around?…

There is no doubt that… If you believe you're a victim of an ethnic minority and you're white there is nowhere to go. Editors are so liberal that they are scared to be seen that they're moving to the right of their paper so that when something happens to somebody white well that's over there but they report a black victim."
Lee Jasper interposed at this point and said:

"I think that's slightly naïve… what interesting about the victims you had there is that they were all prosecuted they were all convicted they were all put away If you contrast that with Jay Abatan in Brighton or Singh Shoka… their murderers walked away and have not been prosecuted, there has been no successful prosecution."
If you want to check out a very different slant on the Jay Abatan killing to that which Jasper and co. have been trumpeting since his death, go here.

After it was pointed out that Nationalists had been reporting those deaths in the white, British community at the hands of the ethnic minorities, when the mainstream media had never bothered, Jasper also said: 'those cases are hijacked... they have been hijacked.'

Mark Easton put it this way:

"Among the white community many of those people feel that this is a subject that just never gets discussed by the media and that Into that vacuum the FAR RIGHT has moved and often tried to sign up for their own cause. One is Ross Parker... who was murdered in 2001… by an Asian gang. The judge said it was a racist murder…

His family were approached by one FAR RIGHT GROUP and told them to GET LOST but they still feel very strongly that because their son was white the crime didn't cause nearly as much stir as it would have done if he'd been black."
Later on, Easton managed to find his stride and got down to the serious business of Brit-Bashing.

"The National Front has a really disgusting website (raising his voice and sneering) described as THE FALLEN LIST (under new management now) which is their great long list of people THEY CLAIM (raising his voice and sneering) were victims of killings by black and ethnic minority people…

This was the case with Ross Parker's parents… the last thing they want is for their relative to become a POLITICAL FOOTBALL and I think that there is a concern that if we don't talk about this… white people who feel that they have been the victim of race crime, it will allow the RIGHT WING to come in".
Easton then heaped contempt upon the Nationalists' attempts to publish what was really happening in this country over the years. This despite admitting earlier in the interview that, according to the British Crime Survey, serious racial attacks upon white people, which involved wounding, were 5 times higher than they were upon Black and Asian. He then excused the figures to some extent by saying:

"We have to be so careful with the figures. Because 90 per cent of the population is white actually, the risk of being a victim of racial crime is higher in black and minority ethnic groups".
Which is a creative way of putting it. A less creative way might have had Easton point out that a similar extrapolation from the same British Crime Survey suggests that an individual black person is around 106 times more likely to kill an individual white person than the other way around, an Asian being over 18 times more likely.

During this Newsnight segment Ross Parker's mother, Davinia, also said this:

"Because we are white, English, we didn't get the coverage… and that's what makes us angry. It's just as if we (the media) don't care any more, we don't care. I mean what was Ross's life worth, nothing because nobody seems to bother".
Now then, I don't know if Mark Easton was lying, exaggerating or telling it straight when he said that the Parkers told the FAR RIGHT 'to get lost.' If he was telling the truth, it's a shame that Ross's parents didn't show some appreciation of a committed group of British lads who cared enough to tell their son's story and keep his memory alive when the media big shots were not the least bit interested in doing so themselves.

Funny isn't it? For almost the first time, the BBC decided to talk about anti-white criminality in some depth last night and, when they do so, it's perfectly OK. However, as regards the efforts of the FAR RIGHT to fill in a forty-odd year BBC gap, well, that not OK at all. They were only trying to 'sign up for their own cause' unwary relatives of the various deceased who, most often would tell them 'to GET LOST.'

Figuring out who has always told the uncomfortable truth and who has always tried to prevent it becoming known is much easier when you have all the evidence in front of you. If any guests at this site are unaware of the 'claims' that The Fallen List has made over the years, why don't take a look for yourself. The briefest of internet checks will alert you as to who is the most truthful; a Brit-Nat bashing media darling called Mark Easton or a bunch of 'political footballers' like the National Front.

One thing we can definitely say, no matter how they put it, what the British Nationalist has been telling the indigenous population of this country for more than 50 years now is, all of a sudden, becoming acceptable in the mainstream. I reckon the snide attempts to discredit those who dared to do their job, when they would not, will not gain the Mark Eastons of this world too many brownie points.

They've been at it too long. Their form is in the book. Or should I say, their form is NOT in the book.

If you want to check out a bunch of media-protected first and second- generation immigrants who Mark Easton and Lee Jasper would most definitely NOT sneer at, check out the Rogues' Gallery.


  1. Good article
    I'd like to remind Lee Jasper that the undoubted murderers of schoolgirl Charlene Downes were unsucesfully prosecuted and wrongly walked away with huge payouts thanks to the shambles that is anti-White British justice

    1. Lee Jasper is fond of saying: "Black people cannot be racist!" When he said that on Twitter I took him to task about it.

      He didn't reply.

  2. Well written article once again telling "it like it is" but sadly lost on those that divert the truth (press,and media) so successfully.
    I am a new comer to this site, but have found it riveting.
    Will pass this site on to all our members.Terry

    1. Thank you, Terry.

      When I first got on the internet 17 years ago, there weren't too many blogs and web sites outside the U.S. daring to tell it how it is. There are thousands now.

      In the comment sections of the mass media Mr Angry now predominates where, 17 years back, the PC Crowd held censorious sway. Also, quite a few journalists dare to tell, in no uncertain terms, important parts of the whole truth nowadays that were off limits until recently.

      The tide is turning slowly but surely and the animals at the top of the tree are getting increasingly worried about it.

      The important thing is not to ease off. Not to think enough has been done. I'll keep banging away until I can't bang any more. If enough of us keep on doing the same, the whole, rotten house of cards will, in the not too distant future, come tumbling down.

      I'm sure of it.

      All the best.