Tuesday, 11 July 2006

More mixed-race propaganda

On 14 April 2010, the BBC quoted Dr Michael Lewis thus:

“Previous, small scale, studies have suggested that PEOPLE OF MIXED RACE ARE PERCEIVED AS BEING MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN NON-MIXED-RACE PEOPLE. This study was an attempt to put this to the wider test.

A random sample of black, white, and mixed-race faces was collected and rated for their perceived attractiveness. There was a small but highly significant effect, with MIXED-RACE FACES, ON AVERAGE, BEING PERCEIVED AS MORE ATTRACTIVE…

The results appear to confirm that PEOPLE WHOSE GENETIC BACKGROUNDS ARE MORE DIVERSE ARE, ON AVERAGE, PERCEIVED AS MORE ATTRACTIVE than those whose backgrounds are less diverse…

Although mixed-race people make up a small proportion of the population, they are over-represented at the top level of a number of meritocratic professions like acting with Halle Berry, Formula 1 racing with Lewis Hamilton; and, of course, politics with Barack Obama.”
The BBC added:

“Mixed-race people are 'more attractive' and more successful, results of a new study suggest. The Cardiff University study involved rating 1,205 black, white, and mixed-race faces. Each face was judged on its attractiveness, with mixed-race faces generally perceived as more attractive.

Author of the study, Dr Michael Lewis, also suggested mixed-race people were disproportionately successful in many professions… There is reason to believe that mixed-race people may not just be more attractive, but more successful.”
Some folks really do seem to want the white man gone, don't they? We’ve heard it all before, of course. Check out Is it better to be mixed-race?

Here's a news article from 1 April 2009:

“Cosmetic Botox injections not only help reduce frown lines but could also make you feel happy, a new joint University research project has found. The project, led by Dr Michael Lewis, School of Psychology in conjunction with Court House Clinics and published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, compared the mood of patients who received Botox treatment for frown lines with patients who received other forms of cosmetic treatments...

Dr Lewis said: ‘Botox injections are a cosmetic treatment for frown lines which temporarily paralyses some of the muscles in the face. Patients who receive this cosmetic treatment find negative facial expressions harder to make. It appears that the lack of negative mood feedback from the facial muscles – the fact that patients are unable to frown - leads to those patients feeling happier’.”
I wonder how much the Botox industry bunged the mixed-race-is-best bloke for that fluffy, little advert?

P.S. Not saying that Mr Lewis is a Jew but Lewis is a common Jewish name. And he does look a tad Hebraic, don't you think? And some of the Jews have been after shuffling us off for quite some time, after all, what with world wars and Communist genocides and the mixed-race melting pot and such.

And by the way, it's only Whitey who'll disappear via this last technique. There'll be plenty of Blacks, Browns and Yellows left when we're long gone. You do know that, don't you? I mean, you are aware of this?

Never mind.

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