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Mandelson's Oligarch pal linked to assassination

On 10 July 2012, Cahal Milmo’s article, Peter Mandelson's oligarch friend was linked to assassination' was published by the Belfast Telegraph.

This said:

“A Russian billionaire with links to Vladimir Putin and the upper echelons of British society was linked to the murder of a banker yesterday as he was accused of lying on a ‘grand scale’ to avoid paying an exiled oligarch more than £700m.

Oleg Deripaska, whose British connections include Lord Mandelson, was said in court submissions to have been the member of an organised crime group that ordered the assassination of businessman Vadim Yafyasov in 1995. The allegation, which Mr Deripaska denies, was made in the opening day of legal action brought against him in London's High Court by Michael Cherney, a Ukrainian-born businessman who lives in Israel…

The case, which will lift the lid on events during the so-called 1990s 'Aluminium Wars' between oligarchs to gain control of post-Soviet Russia's metal reserves, revolves around a meeting between Mr Cherney and Mr Deripaska in London in 2001."
Michael Cherney can be seen here having presented the 'Scoop Jackson' Award to Richard Perle, the man who did most, along with his fellow Jew, Paul Wolfowitz, to bring about the 2003 war with Iraq. This honour was bestowed by the Washington-based Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs at the Inaugural Jerusalem Summit in October 2003, seven months after Iraq was invaded.

JINSA tells us that Senator Henry 'Scoop' Jackson 'inspired Americans with his dedication to a strong U.S. defense posture and his abiding interest in helping oppressed peoples.' One presumes that recipients of this award might have an interest in 'helping oppressed peoples' also.

I have a feeling quite a few might quibble with the Perle nomination on these grounds.

The Telegraph article continues:

Mr Cherney claims the meeting resulted in two written agreements being drawn up in which Mr Deripaska made a preliminary payment of $250m (£161m) to him and agreed to hold his stake in what became Rusal. Mr Cherney alleges payment for his share of Rusal was never forthcoming while Mr Deripaska counter-claims that his accuser was at the heart of a network of organised criminals and the money was being extorted as part of a ‘krysha,’ or mafia, protection racket…

Mr Deripaska, who has an estimated fortune of $9bn, is one of the best-connected oligarchs to emerge from the break up of the Soviet Union.”
Beneath the above, The Telegraph also mentioned two other recent Oligarch v Oligarch battles that have been fought out in the british High Courts. These were:

“Roman Abramovich versus Boris Berezovsky – judgement pending.

What is at stake? Mr Berezovsky claims he is owed £3.2bn in damages after allegedly being intimidated by Chelsea Football Club owner, Mr Abramovich, into selling shares in the Russian oil company, Sibneft, for a ‘fraction of their true worth.’ But Abramovich denies the allegations."
Lev Leviev versus Arcadi Gaydamak – High Court ruled in favour of Leviev.

What was at stake? Mr Gaydamak brought a $1bn claim against Mr Leviev, the world's largest polisher and cutter of diamonds, for alleged non-payment of cash from an Angolan diamond venture. The High Court ruled in favour of Mr Leviev on June 29. The dispute centred on a mining venture set up during Angola's civil war. Mr Gaydamak plans to appeal.”
Of those high flyers mentioned in the article, ALL the Oligrachs, Deripaska, Cherney, Abramovich, Berezovsky, Leviev and Gaydamak, are Jewish.

The father of the homosexual politician, Lord Peter Mandelson, was also Jewish. Vladimir Putin and the assinated businessman, Vadim Yafyasov, are/were, as far as I know, not Jewish.

The most heartening thing about the information published above is not that it is now mainstream, it is this: the most powerful and prosperous Jewish personalities on the planet are falling out in plain view. In fact, they are at each others throats to such an extent that they are willing to see their own dirty washing laundered on the public stage just to see their rival kinsman similarly exposed.

This is nuts. The secret of Jewish power over us is, for the most part, just that, secrecy. When our overlords lose their marbles, not only do the rest of us get to find stuff out we never knew before, we also have a much better chance of fighting back and winning.

Peter Mandelson is a close friend of the heir to the banking dynasty, Nat Rothschild who, along with Mandelson, is a close business associate of Deripaska.

Rothschild is a also a close personal friend of the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne.

Rothschild is Jewish also.

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