Sunday, 2 July 2006

The establishment colludes to ensure the Briton is shut out

After Ed Miliband ordered Labour MPs to vote against a referendum on the EU, (David Cameron ordered his Tory backbenchers to do likewise) MP Kate Hoey said this on 20 October 2011:

“Labour voters across the country will be very angry that Labour is taking the same view as the Tory leadership... This just shows how THE ESTABLISHMENT COLLUDES TO ENSURE THAT THE VOICE OF THE ORDINARY BRITISH CITIZEN IS SHUT OUT of what is happening at Westminster.”
Confirming his decision to order his MPs to oppose the motion, Miliband said:

“We are going to be voting against a proposal for a referendum on getting out of Europe. IT’S NOT THE RIGHT THING FOR BRITAIN. IT IS NOT THE RIGHT THING FOR JOBS. IT IS NOT THE RIGHT THING FOR GROWTH.”
The 'jobs' thing is one enormous p***-take, seeing as how ninety percent of all the jobs created by New Labour were gobbled up by foreigners.

Miliband's parents were both immigrant Jews. His father spent his life here commentating on the benefits and advantages of Marxist Communism.

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