Sunday, 2 July 2006

Education takes second place to husltle culture in Jamaica

On 21 October 2001, the BBC quoted Adolph Cameron, Secretary General of the Jamaican Teachers' Association, thus:
"Education... takes second place to notions of entrepreneurship as, predominantly OUR YOUNG MEN, GET INVOLVED IN the informality of what the University of the West Indies academics, Witter and Gayle, have called a 'HUSTLE CULTURE'…

That notion of masculinity says that, IF AS A MALE YOU ASPIRE TO PERFORM HIGHLY, IT MEANS YOU ARE FEMININE, EVEN TO THE EXTENT OF SAYING YOU ARE GAY. But in the context of Jamaica, which is so homophobic, male students don't want to be categorised in that way so that THEY WOULD DELIBERATELY UNDERPERFORM in order that they are not…

I would not be surprised if HERE IN ENGLAND THE SAME OR SIMILAR THINGS OCCUR in terms of how they feel about themselves and how they respond to and with respect to the society around them. BOYS ARE MORE INTERESTED IN HUSTLING, WHICH IS A QUICK WAY OF MAKING A LIVING, RATHER THAN MAKING THE COMMITMENT TO STUDY. THIS IS A SUPPOSED TO BE A STREET THING WHICH IS A MALE THING.

The influence of this attitude towards masculinity seems to be having a tremendous impact on how well African-Caribbean and Jamaican males do. THERE'S A FEAR OF BEING CATEGORISED AS GAY IN A SOCIETY WHERE HOMOPHOBIA IS SO STRONG."
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what the powers-that-be have forced an ever-increasing majority of our children to be educated alongside for the last sixty years. The PC Crowd have imposed ‘hustle culture’ upon all of us. This is what they have promoted and encouraged at our expense. This is what the PC Crowd and the politicians legislated on behalf of to an insane degree.

Just as they legislated against us.

The BBC added:

“Mr Cameron said research had suggested that BOYS IN JAMAICA DELIBERATELY UNDERPERFORMED in literacy tests because the tests were carried out in standard English and ‘TO SPEAK IN STANDARD ENGLISH IS CONSIDERED A WOMAN'S ACTIVITY.’ He went on to suggest THE SAME CULTURAL ATTITUDES AFFECTED THE LEARNING OF AFRICAN-CARIBBEAN BOYS IN ENGLAND.”

Funny isn't it, even now, if a BNP man said the things that politicians and media darlings are having to say nowadays, (because the true nature of so many within the immigrant communities is so very different to the way they have portrayed them historically) they might well be arrested. They would certainly get all the usual bogey words (racist, Fascist etc.) hurled at them.

This is because the last thing those who have destroyed our world can permit to filter though to the masses is the thought that the Nationalist was right all along. That he was telling the truth all along.

The good guys must NEVER be see as anything other than bad by the majority. As long as those outside the loop continue to think the man who cares for them most is their greatest enemy, they are less likely to notice their greatest enemy sneaking up on them. Which, of course, just how that enemy wants it.

And the motto of the Mossad is:

"By way of deception shall we do war."

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