Saturday, 22 July 2006

Cops snub hero for being white!

On 9 February 2008, The Sun reported thus:

"Cops snub hero for being white! A soldier who saw nine comrades killed in Afghanistan told yesterday how he was stopped from becoming a cop — because HE IS THE WRONG COLOUR...

Brave Lance Cpl Ben Mayer... was shown capturing Taliban terrorists on a telly documentary screened last week. When he quit the Army last month to fulfil his ambition of becoming a cop, the Metropolitan Police refused to even send him a recruitment pack — and told him in a letter they were only 'actively seeking to raise interest from black and minority ethnic communities and females'…

Stunned Ben, 23, said: 'After all I went through for my country to defend it, I just wanted to help the community at home — especially at a time when terrorism is such a threat. While I was in Helmand, I risked my life constantly to take on terrorists. To get back and learn that I am the wrong colour or sex to even be considered for the police has left me speechless.'

Non-white officers make up 24 per cent of the London force... (around 3.5 times their incidence in the country as a whole)

The Met confirmed Ben had been refused a recruitment pack…

In 2006, Gloucestershire Police were forced to pay £2,500 compensation after 'deselecting' white male candidates who had applied to become coppers."
Isn't Political Correctness wonderful? Aren't those who practice it, to the detriment of the native Brit and the encouragement and promotion of the alien, just the most fabulous geezers ever?

Well, we should be used to it by now. When 90-odd per cent of us kept saying 'no more immigrants' in the 1950s. Those we voted for didn't take any notice, did they? And when the Notting Hill and Nottingham riots took place in 1958, THEY banged up the white lads for four years and the black lads for just one. That should have given us a bit of a clue, shouldn't it?

And when Harold Wilson's half-Jewish Russian Home Secretary, Frank Soskice, introduced the first Brit-bashing race law in 1965, we really should've woken up then, shouldn't we? And when old Enoch warned us about the 'rivers of blood' to come, well, some were paying attention but most just sat back and let it happen, didn't they?

And when Edward Heath and the Eurosniffs sold us down the river in 1973, what did YOU do to prevent us being taken over by a faceless, foreign bureaucracy?

And then came Maggie. And the destruction of British industry on behalf of the free marketeers. So now most of our jobs have gone overseas and most of what's left of the 'family silver' belongs to THEM.

And then came, Blair. And the destruction of British industry on behalf of the free marketeers etc. etc. etc. And spin. And lies. And Iraq on behalf the fattest of the Fat Cat free marketeers and the most warmongering of the warmongers in America, Israel and the UK. And immigrants. Oh Lord, the immigrants.

THEY promised us that only 5,000 to 13,000 would come from eastern Europe. Well, we knew THEY were lying but, by now, we were powerless to do anything about it. And so they came. At least 1.5 milion of them. To take the few jobs that were left. You know, the jobs we weren't supposed to want to be doing anymore? The jobs they could have given to the prisoners instead of sending them on safari and surfing holidays?

And they came from the former communiist countries to take the benefits and the the housing and the hospital beds and the property and even more of the little peace of mind and security the British had left.

Oh, THEY'VE been putting the true Brit last for a very long time now, ladies and gentlemen. Remember how THEY got almost a million of us killed in WWI and around 400,000 in WWII?

GLOBALISM! The disenfranchisement of the native-born within their own country and the theft of their birthright by those who espouse the globalist ideal. There aren't many of these under-floorboards bloodsuckers compared to the rest of us but THEY own half of the whole wide world and all of ours. Putting the jobsworth and/or the immigrant in a position where he or she can do the most damage to the indigenous is all part of the plan.

Thus do our heroes miss out. Thus does the alien profit at his expense. 'Cops snub hero for being white!' That's the way it's done down there on the bottom rung, that's the way THEY do it to the Lance Cpl Ben Mayers.

On 15 March 2006, Prince Charles said this:

This what happens when you let the PC Crowd 'snub' the best of us just 'for being white.'

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