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Brown eyes were responsible, Luiz!

On 27 March 2009, The Daily Mail reported that the President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula de Silva, had said this in Gordon Brown’s presence:

“This was a crisis that was fostered and boosted by irrational behaviour of people that are white, blue-eyed, that before the crisis looked like they knew everything about economics. Now they have demonstrated that they don’t know anything about economics… THE PART OF HUMANITY THAT’S RESPONSIBLE SHOULD PAY FOR THE CRISIS.”
I agree with you there, Luiz Inacio. The responsible part paying for it, that is. For the most part, though, it wasn’t us blue-eyed Northern European types who were responsible for the catastrophe.

Gordon B is, unfortunately, one of us but his glass eye is as brown as the real one.

You could say that Angelo Mozilo is white but he's one of those non blue-eyed white folks whose Italian ancestors hail from the Mediterranean regions.

In August 2008, the sub-prime mortgage giant, Countrywide Financial Group, collapsed spectacularly and was absorbed by Bank of America. In the previous five years, Angelo, Countrywide’s CEO, took home $471 MILLION in pay, over $400 million of which came from sales of the company’s soon-to-be worthless stock. Wikipedia tells us this:

"Perhaps more than any single individual, Mozilo has come to symbolize, and bear the blame for, the subprime mortgage crisis... In 1978, he and his former mentor David S. Loeb, who had already started a mortgage lending company, founded Countrywide Credit Industries in New York... Mozilo and Loeb also cofounded IndyMac Bank... IndyMac collapsed and was seized by federal regulators on July 11, 2008."
Roland Arnall, 'the father of sub-prime' was a brown-eyed giant every bit as big as Angelo Mozilo. On 19 March 2008, The Times told us this:

"The self-made billionaire Roland Arnall was a pioneer of sub-prime mortgages in the US, the collapse of which industry led to the present credit squeeze in the West and huge banking uncertainty.

The reverberations of THE SUB-PRIME DISASTER HAVE BEEN FELT IN THE COLLAPSE AND TAKEOVER BY THE STATE OF THE NORTHERN ROCK BANK IN BRITAIN and the failure of the Bear Stearns investment bank in the US, bought for a song by its rival JP Morgan Chase last week.

ARNALL WAS ALSO… ONE OF THE BIGGEST DONORS TO THE REPUBLICAN PARTY and, latterly, a diplomat, being appointed US Ambassador to the Netherlands in February 2006.

Roland Arnall and Angelo Mozilo's 'mentor,' David S. Loeb, were both Jewish. As for the following, my dear Luiz Inacio, the ancestors of these brown-eyed boys didn't originate in the western hemisphere either.
Sir Alan Greenspan (knighted at Tony Blair's behest) was the Chairman of the Federal Reserve for almost twenty years.

He encouraged the wallet-stuffing free-for-all that led up to the current conflagration.
Robert Rubin was Bill Clinton's Treasury Secretary and, since he left that post, has been one of the Democrat's top policy advisers.

He was the boss of Goldman Sachs before becoming Clinton's National Economic Council boss and then being promoted to the top Treasury job.

Rubin was the leading figure in financial sector de-regulation. He was responsible, in 1999, for the repeal of the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, which had separated largely unregulated investment banks like Goldman Sachs from government-supervised and insured commercial banks like Citigroup.

Rubin resigned as Treasury Secretary in 1999 and became Citigroup's CEO that same year. After his return to the private sector Rubin campaigned against all governmental and financial sector efforts to regulate hedge funds. Tim Geithner, Barack Obama's current Treasury Secretary, was Rubin's protégé.

On 13 December 2008, Henry Makow, was quoted thus at The Truth Seeker web site:

"The arrest of financier Bernard Madoff Thursday for operating a ‘Ponzi scheme’ costing investors $50 billion made the TV network news. Curiously, a lawsuit the same day against CLINTON TREASURY SECRETARY ROBERT RUBIN FOR DEFRAUDING CITIBANK SHAREHOLDERS OF MORE THAN $122 BILLION, also described as a ‘Ponzi scheme,’ GOT NO AIRPLAY WHATSOEVER. As we shall see, RUBIN, A DIRECTOR OF CITIBANK, PROFITED FROM THE SHADY PRACTICES THAT DESTROYED THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM AND SENT THE WORLD'S ECONOMIES INTO A TAILSPIN. Then, to repair the damage, HE AND HIS BANKER FRIENDS PUT THE TAXPAYER ON THE HOOK FOR TRILLIONS.


Ben Bernanke is the current Chairman of the Federal Reseve and was in charge when the sh** hit the fan.

James H. Simons was the world's leading hedge-fund manager in 2008, earning $2.5 billion, when the rest of the financial world was falling down around OUR ears.

Bernard Madoff was 'the $50 billion dollar fraudster.'

Richard J. Fuld was the CEO of Lehman Brother's under whose management the bank collapsed.

He managed to pocket around $275 million in the years leading up to its demise.

And, on this side of the water:

Sir Fred 'the shred' Goodwin (knighted at Tony Blair's behest) was responsible for the Royal Bank of Scotland's demise.

He receives a two-thirds of a million pounds-a-year pension for having done us all over for billions in less than three years at the helm.

Sir Victor Blank (knighted at Tony Blair's behest) managed to steer Lloyds TSB through the worst ravages of the credit crunch until Gordon Brown begged him to buy RBS. He did so and blew his own bank out of the water as a result.

Lloyds is now part-nationalised because of Blank's inexplicably inept management. Then again, it may be part-nationalised because Brown and the Blanks secretly wanted it that way. I guess it'll all become clear soon enough.

The President of Brazil said something even more categoric when he was wagging his finger on behalf of those who aren't blue-eyed and white. To whit:

"No black man or woman, no indigenous person, no poor person had been in anyway culpable for the global banking crisis... I am not acquainted with any black banker.”
Franklin D. Raines was Bill Clinton's budget director and was once touted, not only for the top job in the US Treasury but also as a possible Vice Presidential choice for John Kerry. However, his career as president andCEO of the USA's biggest mortgage lender, Fannie Mae, a position he had assumed in 1999, ended on 21 December 2004, six days after the Securities and Exchange Commission declared that his company had misrepresented its earnings for the years 2001 to mid-2004. This had wiped out 40 percent of Fannie Mae’s profits for that period.

In 1999, with remarkable foresight, The New York Times had reported that, with the corporation's moveinto the sub-prime market:

"Fannie Mae is taking on significantly more risk… The government-subsidized corporation may run into trouble in an economic downturn, prompting a government rescue similar to that of the savings and loan industry in the 1980s."
On December 18, 2006, U.S. regulators filed 101 civil charges against Raines and two of his subordinates. The three were accused of manipulating Fannie Mae earnings to maximize their bonuses. The lawsuit sought to recoup more than $115 million in bonus payments and about $100 million in penalties for their involvement in the accounting scandal.

On 8 September 2008, The Guardian informed us that the Bush administration had been forced to nationalise Fannie Mae, along with the second biggest mortgage company, Freddie Mac. The cost of this was:

"AT LEAST $200BN... Potentially saddling American taxpayers with billions of dollars in losses from home loans made by the private sector".
The Guardian added:

"Barak Obama… received $1.6m in contributions from the two companies”.
Thing is, Luiz, Franklin Raines is black.

Forgive me reiterating an obvious truth (which may not be obvious to all).

All of those seen above, except for Franklin, Gordon and Angelo, are Jewish.

Check out William K. Black and the Gangster Bankers and The new, black broom and Who stole our culture?

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