Thursday, 20 July 2006

Abeeku and Jane come to England

In 1998, Abeeku and Jane came to England from Ghana 'to do the jobs the British won't do any more.'

Sure enough, they soon found work. Looking after baby Lorna, who had been born soon after their arrival, became a problem. Victoria Andoh, Jane's mother, was sent for. Almost as soon as she arrived, Lorna's Ghanaian grandmother stabbed her 14 times and chopped off her head. In court, it was established that she had been mentally ill for some time.

So, two Ghanaians arrive, have a child, find work and, then, invite another Ghanaian, whom they know to be nuts, to come and look after that child. All of this, with the blessings and encouragement of the Blairs, Blunketts, Harman and Straws, who determined that Britain needs hundreds of thosand so Andoh types entering the country every year to help us out.

I'm mad as hell.

I'm not as mad as some, I wouldn't chop the head off a two-year-old child under any circumstances, but, I must admit, I am mad enough to chop the heads off Blair, Blunkett, Harman and Straw.

That wouldn't be a lunatic thing to do, of course, that would be just and proper. It would be an entirely appropriate punishment for those who have encouraged the mass immigration into this country that only Big Brother, the PC Crowd, the global financiers, the fattest of the Fat Cat businessmen, their bought politicians and the immigrants themselves ever wanted.

As for grandma, I'd chop her head off as well.

That's what I would do.

However, when Victoria Andoh was tried at the Old Bailey, the learned judge decided to imprison her for just three years.

That's the punishment these days for chopping off the head off a two-year-old.

I hope for the sake of your blue-eyed two-year-old, you are politically incorrect enough to send the next elderly, African childminder back to the babysit place, the next time they send one round.

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