Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Zionist editing on Wikipedia

Coming to santise the truth somewhere near you we have the would-beWikipedia censors!

In the YouTube video, 'Course: Zionist Editing on Wikipedia', Natali Bennett, says:

“The goal of the day is to teach people how to edit in Wikipedia... As way of example, if someone searches the Gaza Flotilla we want to be there. WE WANT TO BE THE THE GUYS WHO INFLUENCE WHAT IS WRITTEN THERE, HOW IT'S WRITTEN and to ensure that it's balanced and ZIONIST IN NATURE.” Zionist editing in Wikipedia
'Balanced AND Zionist'? Bit of an old mutual exclusion there, I reckon. Of course, exclusivity, (as opposed to the Zion-built 'inclusivity' we've been suffering from in recent times) has always been a big thing with our Hebrew chums. Here's an example of the balance you get when acertain kind of 'just' and righteous person is in charge of the scales.

In his 1978 history, 'The Jews in the Gold Rush,' the Jewish author, Robert Levinson, quotes the western chronicler, Charles Elmer Upton, thus:

“A blue or red shirt would sell for at least half an ounce of gold and the Jewish trader would invariably get the better part of the bargain, as the settlers had no means of weighing their gold. The peddler would put the desired article of purchase in one side of his scale and insist upon the buyer's pouring sufficient gold dust into the other side to balance the goods...

Doubtless my readers can readily understand how so many of these self-same Jews afterward became wealthy and prominent merchants in various California towns.”
In 'The Jews in the Gold Rush,' Levinson, himself, admits this:

“Historians of this period, both scholarly and popular, overlooked the dominance by Jewish businessmen of the retail economy in practically every mining camp and town in the Mother Lode and Northern mines of California and in every other mineral discovery in the American and Canadian West... The merchants became some of the richest men in the gold rush region.”
To 'overlook the dominance' of the Jews, ('the richest men') in line with the rest of the Western world's media, is what Natali is after here, I fear. When Wikipedia is 'balanced' by such as Natali, I'd bet 'half an ounce of gold' that one page in two will be a Page Three.

In the aforementioned video, Miriam Schwab says:

“I PERSONALLY TRIED TO EDIT THINGS IN WIKIPEDIA THAT WERE AGAINST ISRAEL… I HAVE THE POWER AND THE RIGHT TO CHANGE THAT… It’s so important for us to be online working to defend ourselves and to prove to the world that WE ARE JUST AND WE ARE RIGHT.”
No problem with someone who‘s in the right, Miriam.

Someone who is in the right won’t be editing out the facts and editing in the propaganda. My experience with the internet censor, however, suggests that the inconvenient truths often get edited out whilst the sneers, snarls, insults and spin get left in.

As a man who was occasionally wise once said:

“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.”
The Natalis and the Miriams would do well to remember that.

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