Monday, 19 June 2006

The worst people in the world and their Tonies

On 1 September 2010, Tony Blair was interviewed by Andrew Marr in a BBC 2 interview following the launch of his book, The Journey.

In the interview, he said this:

"It is wholly unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapons capability and I think we have got to be prepared to confront them, if necessary militarily. I think THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE TO THAT IF THEY CONTINUE TO DEVELOP NUCLEAR WEAPONS. They need to get that message loud and clear…

I am afraid, in relation to Iran, that I WOULD NOT TAKE A RISK of them getting nuclear weapons capability. I WOULDN'T TAKE IT… I WOULDN'T TAKE THE RISK of Iran with a nuclear weapon."
Tony would not take the risk, that's for sure.

He'd get a couple of hundred thousand working-class US and British lads to take it for him. In his book, a postscript says:

"Iran with a nuclear bomb would mean others in the region acquiring the same capability; it would dramatically alter the balance of power in the region."
For once, Anthony B wasn't spinning. The balance of power would, indeed, be altered. His paymasters would not, for the first time in decades, be able to intimidate others in 'the region' without compunction.

The ability to screw with the rest would be severely curtailed as a result.
This would be a 'wholly unacceptable' state of affairs for the worst people in the world. And their Tonies.

Oops, did I say Tonies? I meant to say toadies.

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