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On 15 July 2007, at the RISE Anti-Racist Festival, Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London and Chairman of Unite Against Fascism, said this:

"London's fortunes are tied up with our stand against racism and prejudice... Fighting racism is a daily fight and a political priority for our city."
Regarding the teenage violence that had plagued London in 2007, Tim Donovan put these questions to the Mayor:

"Are you worried about this recent spate of teenage violence is it something new and alarming?... Tony Blair said, not long ago, that this was a black, cultural thing, do you agree?"
To which he replied:

"There is an element of that, particularly around the drug trade but NO! IT’S A LOT OF WHITE KIDS STABBING OTHER WHITE KIDS!"
Now that is as big a lie, if not bigger, than any Tony B Liar ever told.

In the year to 15 July 2007, when Livingstone said what he said, 16 teenagers had been murdered in London. Ten of the dead teenagers were black boys, three were black girls, one was mixed race and the other two dead children were white. At the time of Livingstone’s great lie, ALL OF THE KNOWN KILLERS AND THOSE SUSPECTED OF THE KILLINGS WERE BLACK.

The murder most proximate to Livingstone’s categoric assertion that 'white kids' were 'stabbing other white kids,' was that of 14-year-old Martin Dinnegan, who was stabbed to death on 26 June.

Martin was white. The gang that chased him and the gang members that caught and attacked him were black.

Do you think Livingstone would have been unaware of Martin's ethnicity or that of his killers when he said what he said?

Four youths had been arrested. Joseph Chin, who would later be found guilty of murder, had a criminal history dating back to when, at twelve years of age, he was caught carrying a snooker ball in a sock. He was in breach of a 12-months supervision order when he killed Martin.

He was jailed for twelve years.

Kevron William, who had punched Martin to the ground and stabbed him with a screwdriver before Chin arrived, was convicted of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm only and sentenced to just four years in jail.

Don’t you think Livingstone will have known all about this particular killing as it had taken place so recently? Don’t you also think that he will have been informed of the pedigrees of all the other 2007 victims and killers?

Livingstone was lying and he knew it. Why do you think he did so?

Listen up, Red Ken is an old school Marxist, a died-in-the-wool PC propagandist who will say whatever he has to say in order to get the result he wants. The ends justify the means as far as Red Ken is concerned. And the ending that Ken Livingstone wants is one where all but the tamest, on-message, immigrant-hugging Brits have been ethnically cleansed from their own capital city.

To effect this demographic upheaval, the harsh truths must be kept hidden. The fact that the falsehoods he and his ilk must tell to maintain the PC fiction are can be so easily disprived is neither here nor there. The brainwashing is so all-pervasive and the politicians and the media so bought-and-paid-for that, when a lie as extraordinary as the one Livingstone told here gets told, almost no one outside the Nationalist community will pick up on it. Indeed, as far as I’m aware, no mainstream newspaper, no one at the BBC and no parliamentarian has ever mentioned it.

Anyway, Lingstone lied. Not only did he lie, he tried to make out that the innocent were guilty and the guilty innocent. He did his best to con the viewer into thinking black was white.

The fact that so many will shrug their shoulders and put Red Ken's dishonesty to the back of their minds if they ever get to see the video below, should give you a clue as to the Orwellian nature of the society in which we are living now.

The former London Mayor's casual dishonesty has been captured in the YouTube video:


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