Tuesday, 27 June 2006

They let it grow and grow until it was out of control

During the course of last summer's riots, Malaysian student, Ashraf Rossli, was violently attacked for no reason by street thug, Beau Isagba.

Left with a broken jaw, his distress was seen on national television. Posing as good Samaritans, Reece Donovan, who is white, and John Kafunda subsequently robbed him.

Interviewed in Kuala Lumpur for The Sunday Express, (3 March 2012) Ashraf's father said this:

"The boy who attacked my son was young – he was only 17. But he wasn’t at school, he wasn’t at work, and he was getting Government money. THE SYSTEM IN BRITAIN MAKES PEOPLE LAZY. In Malaysia, if you want to earn money, you have to work. And if you want to earn more money, you have to study hard.

This kind of system is not good. I believe if you are physically well, if there is nothing wrong with you, you should work. THEY SHOULDN’T GIVE MONEY TO PEOPLE WHO CAN WORK BUT DON’T.

You should only give this money to the right people, people who are disabled, people who are ill, people who are in hardship. But NOT TO PEOPLE WHO ARE WELL AND CAN WORK, BUT CHOOSE NOT TO…

It is up to parents to raise their children. Children need to be taught civic responsibility and discipline as they grow up…

The police in Malaysia would have taken action sooner… YOUR POLICE LET IT GROW AND GROW UNTIL IT WAS OUT OF CONTROL. I don’t understand why people were allowed to run riot and rob in that way. Here in Malaysia the police can catch you and grab you if you do something wrong. But IN BRITAIN IT SEEMS THAT YOU CANNOT…

After this happened, people asked Ashraf why he went outside when there were riots and he replied, ‘Because in Malaysia we are always free to walk outside’. We have a tough government in Malaysia, but when something like this happens, THEY TAKE ACTION. THEY DON’T LET IT GET OUT OF CONTROL. THE STREETS ARE SAFE.”
They’re not safe here, Rossli, the politicians, the PC Crowd and their immigrant foot soldiers have seen to that.

Ahraf’s grandfather, Abu, said this:

“What happened to Ashraf doesn’t make me feel bad towards Britain. It IS JUST A CERTAIN KIND OF PERSON WHO DOES THESE THINGS. I believe most in Britain are very good people.”
They are, Abu.

Unfortunately those who beckon in the Beau Isagbas and John Kafundas, create the Reece Donovans and then encourage them all to do their worst, are very bad people. And, until the 'very good' pluck up the courage to do something about it, it's the bad who'll be making the rules.

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