Friday, 30 June 2006

These crazy chemists are making millions

On 26 October 2011, The Daily Mail quoted Maryon Stewart, whose 21-year-old daughter Hester died after taking the legal high GBL before it was criminalised in 2009, thus:

In the same article, The Mail also quoted Professor Les Iversen, Chairman of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, thus:

“There is a whole group of people who have started using drugs who before would not have dreamed of doing that… USERS ARE PLAYING A GAME OF RUSSIAN ROULETTE. They are buying substances marked as research chemicals. The implication is that you should do the research on yourself to find out whether they’re safe or not. THIS IS A TOTALLY UNCONTROLLED, UNREGULATED MARKET.”
The Mail’s Jack Doyle added:

“At least ONE PERSON A WEEK DIES AFTER TAKING THE DANCE DRUG MEPHEDRONE, it emerged last night. Known as ‘meow meow’, it was legal until last April AND HAS BEEN LINKED TO NEARLY 100 DEATHS IN THE PAST TWO YEARS. The figure emerged in a report by government drug advisers, who warn that taking ‘legal highs’ is like playing Russian roulette because USERS OFTEN HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IS IN THEM…

The report found MEPHEDRONE CAUSED OR CONTRIBUTED TO 42 DEATHS IN THE UK between late 2009 and October 20 this year. Tests are still being carried out in another 56 suspected cases. But THIS MAY UNDERESTIMATE THE TRUE SCALE OF THE PROBLEM as mephedrone leaves the body quickly after use... MEPHEDRONE HAS ALSO BEEN IMPLICATED IN A NUMBER OF DEATHS WHERE USERS HAVE BECOME DEPRESSED AND COMMITTED SUICIDE.

The report says CHILDREN UNDER 16 ARE MOST AT RISK OF SERIOUS HARM FROM LEGAL HIGHS… The report urges ministers to put pressure on COUNTRIES SUCH AS CHINA to crack down on websites known to be EXPORTING LEGAL HIGHS TO BRITAIN.”
Louise Ellman, MP, possibly the most unashamedly Zionist MP in the House of Commons, has been outspoken in her condemnation of drug misuse, ‘even condemning GPs for handing out anti-depressants too readily.’ However, in March 2010, her son, the owner of a chain of shops across the North of England, was caught selling mephedrone across the counter.

Despite the known risks. Ellman's son exposed as Mephedrone drug dealer
On 26 March 2010, The Jewish Chronicle reported thus:

“Sean Ellman, who runs a chain of drug accessories stores has been found selling 'legal high' mephadrone, known as meow meow. The drug has been linked to six deaths.

Jewish MP Louise Ellman’s son Sean sold the controversial ‘legal high’ mephedrone – known as “meow meow” – in his chain of drug accessory stores. Sean Ellman, 37, is the son of Labour MP for Liverpool Riverside, and vice-chair of the Labour Friends of Israel.

Speaking from Liverpool, Mrs Ellman told the JC: ‘I am aware of the story. This is my son’s business and he is 37 years old. I have no connection with it. I disapprove of the activities reported in The Sun.’

When asked whether she had spoken to her son or was in contact with him, Mrs Ellman repeated her statement…

Four different variants of the drug were available in the shop. The drug is legally sold as plant food but is illegal for human consumption.” MP's son sells deadly 'legal high'
And do we think Sean Ellman was selling 'plant food' in his DRUG STORE?

As far as I know, Ellman has never been questioned by the police. He has certainly not been arrested.

Subsequent to the events described above, the drug was banned.

Check out the essay Louise Ellman and the slave trade.

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