Wednesday, 28 June 2006

A slab of meat

George Taylor, 83, was admitted to Chase Farm Hospital in August 2011.

On 9 November 2011, his daughter, Gaynor Marshall, was quoted thus by The Daily Mail:

“On one occasion during his time on the ward dad was sat in a chair by his bed and needed the toilet. He asked a nurse to assist him, but was told that SHE WAS TOO BUSY AND THAT IT WOULD BE EASIER FOR HER IF DAD RELIEVED HIS BOWELS IN THE CHAIR. She promised to clean it up later… My mother… discovered dad sat beside his bed, quite literally, SITTING IN HIS OWN FAECES. What makes matters worse is that THE NURSE DIDN'T COME AND CLEAN DAD UP AS PROMISED…

For most of his time on the ward dad, who previously always looked after his appearance and hygiene, was not given a wash or a shave. Over time the smell around his bed became overpowering. On another day I noticed a strong smell coming from my father's cupboard. When I investigated the source of the smell, I FOUND A PAIR OF URINE SODDEN PYJAMAS STUFFED AT THE BOTTOM.

Dad was an insulin dependent diabetic. However, despite this we never felt his insulin levels were monitored properly, and as a result of this we believe that he didn't receive the right amount of insulin throughout his time in hospital. NURSES WERE OFTEN VERY BRUSQUE WITH HIM, and would carry out medical procedures without either asking for his permission or telling him what they were doing.”
The Mail added:

"Last year, a joint campaign with the Mail and the Patients Association triggered hospital inspections by the Care Quality Commission, which last month reported that IN A FIFTH OF THEM THE CARE WAS SO BAD THEY WERE BREAKING THE LAW...

One family revealed how THEIR DYING MOTHER WAS TREATED LIKE A ‘SLAB OF MEAT’… Nurses at Central Middlesex Hospital in North London ‘treated her roughly and left her covered in bedsores and bruises’…

In another case at York hospital, Sheila Wood said she believed her husband Bill was sent home on December 22 last year, when he was so breathless from pneumonia he could not speak, TO EASE STAFF WORKLOAD IN THE FESTIVE PERIOD. He died on Christmas Day.

And relatives of Sally Abbott-Sienkiewicz were told by nurses at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester days before her death that she could not have sedatives because SHE ‘WASN’T A PRIORITY’. When they resorted to fetching from home the painkillers prescribed by her GP, THE NURSES CONFISCATED THEM.”
Why would you vote for those who created this nightmare? Why would you vote for a politician who would inflict it on our loved ones?

There’s a simple answer to these questions: those who are prepared to treat the vulnerable like ‘a slab of meat’ vote. Such voters have been educated to behave badly, without any consideration of what their selfish actions might mean for others. They have been educated not to care. Such an education encourages those it educates to elect politicians who behave badly and do not care.

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