Wednesday, 28 June 2006

A sick man quibbling over numbers

On 26 November 2011, The Telegraph's Christopher Booker posed the question, 'is the global warming scare the greatest delusion in history?'

I replied thus:

"NO. The '6 Million Jews lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis in WWII' lie is the 'greatest delusion'. Anywhere between 300,000 and ten times that number died during the course of the war. But not 6 million.

AND THE MAIN PLAYERS KNOW IT! But they will not back off from the lie. Why should they? They managed to make it an unquestionable religion for many.

The truth doesn't figure in the moral vocabulary of those who sold us what some are minded to call the Holohoax."
To which alan_c responded:

"If you have seen the images of the pile of dead bodies awaiting cremation in the death camps why would you quibble over numbers? You're sick friend, go get help."
I replied:

"That's what the PC Crowd always does. It sneers at the truth-teller and the truth when the truth doesn't suit it. alan-c's 'sick' observation would suggest that a 'pile of dead bodies', say 100-strong, could legitimately be extrapolated into a pile dead bodies 6 million-strong at the whim of the establishment.

And, if one is in the business of being emotionally evocative, how would 'a pile of bodies awaiting cremation' compare with the shadows of the dead already cremated at Dresden and Hamburg? (Or Hiroshima/Nagasarki)

In practical terms, the German people have been forced over the years to pay reparations based on the 6 million figure. Fairness would suggest that they should have paid reparations based upon the ACTUAL figure, not a mythological one.

Anyway, what's wrong with the truth? If less than six million Jews died during the course of WWII, why should we not know the actual total? Why should we be strong-armed into believing a fashionable lie? If, say, three million died, why would you sneer at those who would have this figure known if it happens to be more accurate?

If 400,000 British people died during the course of WW2, should we have been told that a million died, just to reinforce our hatred of the Germans? If 35,000 died in the firebombing of Dresden, should we have been told that only 35 died, in order to make Churchill and co. look a little better?

You are a propagandist, Al. You prefer the spin and the lie. I prefer the truth. In many more minds than yours, in this Godforsaken day and age, that makes me 'sick.'

Thing is, this sicko can PROVE, beyond all question, that less than six million died. You do not know anyone who can PROVE the schoolroom mythology. In fact, when questioned upon the subject, the usual response from the powers-that-be is an alan_c sneer and, in some 'democratic' European countries, threats of prosecution and imprisonment if the myth-buster persists in his attempts to have the facts made known. There are, indeed, historians in jail as we speak for attempting to enlighten the multitudes.

Big Brother would have you imagine that I am 'sick' for suggesting that the most sacred tenet of a generally accepted quasi-religious belief is factually inaccurate. I would have us investigate what he wants us to think a little more closely than we are wont to do.

As for Big Brother's most earnest disciples, there's a world that describes them very adequately.


Unquestioning followers of the Shepherd."
alan_c did not respond.

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