Monday, 26 June 2006

The shocking loss of British lives

On 7 March 2012, Phil Hammond, the Defence Secretary, said this in The Telegraph:

“The shocking loss of British lives this week, the worst for many years, understandably raises questions about the continued presence of UK Forces in Afghanistan; about why we are there and what we are achieving? I am clear about the answers: THE MISSION IS NECESSARY FOR NATIONAL SECURITY.”

“UK forces, and troops from 49 other nations, are preventing Afghanistan again being used by al-Qaeda and other terrorists as a base to plan attacks against the UK and our allies. WE ARE FIGHTING THERE TO PREVENT THEM ATTACKING US HERE."

“We have got to make sure that Afghanistan is secure and that the terrorists who thrive in chaos cannot re-establish their pre-9/11 training camps.”
We will NEVER make Afghanistan secure. Once we leave, the Taliban will return, take over and everything will be back to the way it was before we invaded. Everyone who is anyone in Washington and Westminster knows this. Including this traitorous jobsworth.

“The reinvigoration of campaign strategy in the past few years is achieving our aims – building the capability of the Afghan government to maintain its own security and by extension protecting ours.”

“We are not there to impose a Western liberal democracy. But an enduring solution in Afghanistan, that meets the needs of UK national security, must encompass all its different peoples. Security must be linked with progress on development and governance, and crucially, with a sustainable political settlement.”
It’s not going to happen. Hammond knows this. He’s a liar who would rather lie than save the lives of our finest young men and women.

“To be successful, the Afghan government must be able to negotiate from a position of strength. Building up the strength of the Afghan National Security Forces is a central part of this. We are training them, mentoring them, operating alongside them and then steadily drawing back as their capability improves. As they step up, we can step back. THIS STRATEGY IS DEMONSTRABLY WORKING.“
Which, in the mind of a liar, will be why six of our young lads got blown up in one big hit this month, one supposes.

“The ANSF are now over 320,000 strong and well on course to meet their full strength targets. The capability and quality of ANSF personnel is improving all the time.”
It needs to. Most of them are drug addicts, reprobates and, beneath the radar, Talibani.

“Central Helmand, where the majority of British troops operate, is a particular success story.”

“By mid-2013, the Afghans are expected to be leading security provision across the whole of the country, with ISAF in support.”
Yeah right.

“By the end of 2014 British troops will be able to end their combat role completely.”
And, by the end of 2015, the Mohammed Karzais will all be living it up in St. Tropez and things will, as previously stated, return to the 2001 status quo.

“British troops will remain to train ANSF forces but in much smaller numbers.”
More body bags on the way then.

“We will help to finance the Afghan forces as part of the international effort.”
More of our billions in the Kharzai bank accounts.

“I understand it when people question our continued presence in Afghanistan and want the sacrifice being made by our Armed Forces to come to an end immediately. But our national security requires us to see the job through and we owe it to the all-too-many who have sacrificed their lives to see this mission successfully concluded. This is a volatile region from which threats to Britain and our allies may continue to emerge. Walking away is not an option. I know that our nation will continue to stand by our Armed Forces and the sacrifices they and their families make.”
Those who want 'our armed forces' back now 'stand by' them in a way your sort could never understand. Bring them home and have them patrol the British street! Let them bring safety back to the towns and cities that your lot have ceded to the immigrant criminal! Have them fight for their country here, where it will do some good, rather than have them die fruitlessly out there in someone else’s land!

To the global warmonger, the deaths of a thousand twenty-year-olds from Huddersfield, Warrington or Bradford matters very little.

To those who truly care, they do.

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