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Richard Desmond

In November 2001, Richard Desmond purchased Express Newspapers for £125 million, from fellow Jew and New Labour peer, Clive Hollick.

Express Newspapers comprises The Daily Express, The Sunday Express, The Daily Star and The Daily Star Sunday. Altogether Express Newspapers distributes an average 13 million newspapers in Britain every week week.

Desmond also owns the celebrity magazines OK! and Heat. Desmond made his personal fortune selling pornography. He still owns the porno magazines: 40-Plus, 50 and Over, All Girl Action, Amateur Video, Asian Babes, Best of Asian Babes, Best of Big and Black, Best of Big Ones, Big and Black, Big Ones, Best of Electric Blue, Bumper Video Pack, Contact Girls, For Women, For Men, Genuine Wives, Horny Housewives, Mothers-in-Law, New Talent, Only 18, Pantie Parade, X-Treme, Young and Old. Nude Readers' Wives, Readers' Wives, Real Wives, Red Hot Pack and Stuffed amongst others.

He also owns the porno satellite station Television X, which features such programmes as Sorority Sex Kittens, Spunk Sucking Sluts, Jane's Big Jug Jamboree, The Fantasy Channel and a variety of ‘sex’ sites on the internet. Desmond says:

"Would it be better to be a former pornographer rather than a pornographer? I'm probably being more honest by keeping them. They serve a need."
Just 8 days after being given the go-ahead to buy the Express Group by the croniest of Tony cronies, Stephen 'Lyers' Byers, the sleaze merchant-in-chief donated £100,000 to New Labour. Chairman Blair invited him to Downing Street for a chat on the day the sale went through.

According to the of 8 April 2002, edition of, Desmond was, at this time, number 111 on the UK ‘Rich List’ with a personal fortune of £300 million.

The 11 of June 2002, edition of The Independent reported thus:

"During an embarrassing interview with Jeremy Paxman on the BBC's Newsnight last month, Mr Blair claimed that he did not know much about Mr Desmond's porn operation, despite having been shown a selection of the titles mentioned above by the late Tony Bevins, former political editor of The Daily Express, two years ago.

Instead, Mr Blair made much of the fact that the Department of Trade and Industry had ruled that Mr Desmond was a ‘fit and proper’ person to own The Express titles… The DTI has just admitted that it failed to investigate Mr Desmond's pornographic websites before making that decision…

Desmond's foul language and the presence on the news floor of what some staff described as ‘heavies’ only served to reduce his standing as a serious Fleet Street proprietor. Senior staff left in droves. Before she parted company with Desmond, The Express editor Rosie Boycott was in the habit of having her office swept for listening devices.

One staff member once described hearing Boycott dictating a letter to Desmond in which every other word was ‘fucking’. She later explained: ‘It's the only language he understands’. One journalist said: ‘It's a terribly intimidating atmosphere. Desmond marches down the office with his cigar – he always has a cigar in his mouth – and everybody looks down. When I first started, someone warned me to look busy and not catch his eye. Some of the people he surrounds himself with are, well, a bit frightening’.

Richard Desmond… left school at 14… in 1982… he won the rights to publish a British version of Penthouse. In the mid 1980s, after the Penthouse deal was rescinded, he began publishing his own magazines, set up hugely lucrative telephone sex lines and went on to bring the world Television X, on cable and satellite, in 1995…

The Prime Minister might like to consider the way in which the people, the ‘models’, used in Desmond's magazines, television programmes and videos are treated…

‘A lot depends on whether it's open-leg work or closed-leg work, and then there's solo, girl-girl, boy-girl, group,' says ‘Michelle’, whose south-London agency, Adoration Models, has supplied hundreds of women to photographers and videographers whose work is bought by Fantasy Publications and Television X. ‘For open-leg work, you're looking at a minimum of £150 a day, probably £200. For video work, it's about £180 if you're solo, £200 girl/girl and up to £500 for real sex, boy/girl’…

Even though Desmond's television station and magazines don't show hardcore sex, edited versions of films and photographs produced from encounters between these models and photographers/videographers do appear in his programmes and titles…

Tony Savage, whose company Savage Secrets produces hardcore videos, says of Desmond… 'This industry is divided into two types: those who consider it an art form and apply themselves to it, and those who churn out overpriced rubbish. Desmond is the latter’.

It is easy to see why the industry has such a low opinion of Mr Blair's friend. On Desmond's website, under ‘ethnic’, one girl, Shaheeda, is pictured naked in a variety of poses. The accompanying text reads: ‘It's hard to believe that we found Shaheeda in the slums of Bombay. She was begging in the streets so we gave her $100 to strip for us’. Text such as this is often made up. But even if it is, it may be regarded as an insight into the minds of the people who wrote it.

Mr Blair would do well to see some of this. He may also wish to pay a £9.99-a-month subscription to Desmond's website. For that sum, he can use the company's webcam and see ‘young girls, housewives, mature wives, old ladies, fat girls and girls with huge tits’ stripping off and performing sexual acts in a flat rented by the company near the Northern Shell offices…

The description above is from a two-page spread on the webcam in May's Pantie Parade…

Viewers are invited to send requests to the flat's occupants. Working in shifts, they will perform the acts the viewers request. ‘It's a wank a minute, and don't forget that the girls are talking to you and doing what you ask them to do’, the text reads…

Some of the girls, the piece says, will even send viewers their panties…
Something, then, for the Prime Minister to fall back on come the next general election. If asked nicely, these girls might even vote Labour".
Even the Yasmin Alibhai Brown, Ugandan Asian critic of just about everything British, had this to say about the Rich and Tony show in The Independent of the 3 of June, 2002:

"These are the people we are now asked to worship. We know that it was made alarmingly easily for him to take over The Express titles and that Mr Desmond has enjoyed tea with our Prime Minister, upholder of family life and Christian values.

Apart from the hypocrisy and the obvious facts about the trillion-pound, worldwide porn business, what shocks me is that New Labour can be bought so cheaply. A hundred thousand pounds? Three friends and I could beg and borrow that much in a week. If we handed it over to 10 Downing Street, could we please have tea with the PM and maybe one or two of those appealing jobs as political advisers?...

It has been revolting, thus far, to watch some of the antics of their male colleagues, the likes of John Reid, who got in a right twist justifying the inexcusable: ‘We have acted with complete propriety. We have acted with complete integrity,’ he said. ‘If you are asking if we are going to sit in moral judgement on those who wish to contribute to the Labour party, then the answer is no’.

You see, even words can be transformed under the power of New Labour. Acting with ‘integrity’ and ‘propriety’ now means whatever is good for our cause, our lust to stay ruling over you forever.

Actually, I am less bothered about the porn mags than many… I am not all that whipped up, either, about the idea of undue influence for personal or business gain that rich donors exert. All this sleaze over so many years has dulled outrage and ideals. So if there was some strange forgetfulness about money or regulatory practices or passports on the part of ministers, that's just life as we live it today…

What Mr Desmond says in his papers is influencing public policy. Margaret Thatcher and some editors were in similar cahoots when they demonised the miners. These days, one comes across one or two of these editors who laugh as they tell how they lied and manufactured stories to make the public turn against miners, the Greater London Council and others".
On 13 February 2002, an EDM was introduced into the House of Commons, which stated:

"This House deplores the acceptance by New Labour of a £100,000 donation from porn publisher Mr Richard Desmond; believes it is no coincidence that this followed Government approval for Mr Desmond's controversial purchase of Express Newspapers; notes with surprise and disappointment the remarks by the honourable Member for Hamilton North and Bellshill that New Labour does not exercise 'moral judgement' over prospective donors; believes that Mr Desmond's titles are demeaning and degrading to women; and further notes the academic research showing a link between pornography and violence against women; and calls on New Labour to end its relationship with Richard Desmond and return this donation".
In all, of those 280 MPs who had signed at least one of the seven Early Day Motions which condemned the 'suicide bombers in Israel,' congratulated 'the State of Israel on its 50 Anniversary,' and commended 'Holocaust Memorial Day', 274 of them did not sign the EDM above. In fact, of the 442 back bench members of the British parliament who were moved to sign at least one of almost 50 EDMs/ammendments which offered congratulations to or sympathy for the Jewish experience, in Israel or elsewhere, 432 of them did not bother to sign the above EDM.

It must have come as a bit of a shock to St. Tony when Desmond decided to come down on the side of his tribe and push the boat out for Michael Howard in 2005. After he had handed The Express to him on a plate and all.

Anyway, in November 2001, Tony Blair gave the Jewish pornographer, Richard Desmond, the office to take over control of one of the most powerful publishing empires in Britain. For Blair to allow Jewish control of our press to be further augmented by such a dreadful sleaze as Richard Desmond is as corrupt and despicable as can be imagined.

However, as a Jew, Desmond knows that he can say whatever he likes and, unlike us Anglo-Saxons, will not be condemned for it. Thus, when his papers criticise the Islamic hate-merchants very few PC politicians and activists dare complain. Every cloud, as they say.

Here's a thought. Desmond is a palpably unattractive character. There aren't many outside Westminster who would disagree with this. And yet, for a hundred grand bung, Blair bestows The Express and The Star upon him.

Do you think that if I had gone along with the necessary readies and asked TB for Express Newspapers, he'd have given me the green light? Do you think that if old Joe England had propositioned Our Dear Leader with the exact same deal as the hard-core Hebrew who gave us Spunk Sucking Sluts,old Joe would have got what he asked for?

You do?

You're a moron.

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