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The prophecy-wallahs wanted it that way!

I wrote the following some time ago. With Syria about to be bombed by a shiny new batch of interchangeable warmongers, it is, perhaps, even more pertinent now.

On 25 March 2003, the most illuminating admission of intent and causative history that I have ever seen was featured in a Jewish Week article.

It was written by Jonathan Mark, the Associate Editor of Jewish Week, so nobody can pretend that what was said were the ravings of some unrepresentative loony that somehow slipped through the net.

THIS IS MAINSTREAM. This is what THEY really think. This is what THEY have been planning. This is what THEY have in store for us if we don't do something about it. The opinions of the brute, messianic nutcases whose side Blair, Bush and the New World Order have always been on are catalogued here in a New York magazine that anyone can get from your average New York newsagent. The article was, appropriately titled, Apocolypse Now. This is it:
"The looming war with Iraq has long ago taken on the language of a religious crusade, in Arab capitals as well as the White House. But the Jewish messianic excitement that grew out of the first Gulf War back in 1991 is more muted now… And yet, deep into conversations, Orthodox Jews are saying an Iraq war might be of a piece with nothing less than the Messiah’s arrival.

In the 1990s, Americans began to speak of 'the end of history,' but are these the End of Days? In 1991, even mainstream organizations like the Orthodox Union and Young Israel were caught up in the excitement, distributing an hour-long video to hundreds of North American synagogues for study sessions on how to see God’s fingerprints on everything…

That the first Gulf War ended on Purim (Feb. 28, 1991) made the whole thing seem like a mystical masquerade, a children’s holiday, with Americans and Israelis as unscathed as Esther. And now one of the deadlines for Iraq is said to be March 17, which happens to be Purim."
Do you not get this? The first Gulf War did not end on the Jewish festival of Purim by accident, it was ended then to accord with Biblical prophecy! The second Gulf War was not being lined up to begin at the time of Purim because it was logistically the most favourable time, it was scheduled thus because the Jewish prophecy-wallahs wanted it that way!

Do you really not get this? History, dreadful, genocidal history, is being created to fit in with some ancient Jewish code and, hey, if the pieces of our future's puzzle don't slot into place as snugly as they ought, there are people out there who are going to mallet them into place anyway!

The Jewish Week article continues:

"Rabbi Benjamin Blech, the Yeshiva University professor whose videotaped seminar on the End of Days was distributed by Young Israel and the OU, sees all the messianic elements of 1991 still in place, and the hand of God in the confluence of Purims. Rabbi Blech, the author of The Idiot’s Guide to Judaism, points out that we’re already in the End of Days.
According to the Talmud, human history will last no longer than 6,000 years 'and we’re already in 5763.' The six millennia correspond to the six days of the week. Just as Shabbat does not come at night but at twilight, some have calculated that the ‘Shabbat of the end,' the time for lighting Shabbat candles, so to speak, has already arrived — in 1967."
Do you get the symbolic attachment to the number 6 here? 6 working days of the week, 6,000 years and what else could there be? Oh, yes. How about How about 6 million dead Jews in the 'Holocaust?' The article continues:
"We’re already in the endgame. Part of that will include a terrible time of catastrophe, which many see as the Holocaust, followed by a return of the Jews to Israel, followed by a return to Jerusalem, all of which has happened. And remember,' said Rabbi Blech, 'the messianic story is rooted in a return to the Garden of Eden. That’s the ideal state. Kicked out, we strive to return. And the Garden of Eden is in Iraq,' situated near the Tigress and Euphrates rivers. 'We have the coincidence of time [Purim] and place [the Garden]'."
'We're already in 5763.' Therefore, according to the bonker brigade, we've got just 237 years left. However, before we get to Armageddon, the Jews are going to return to a Garden of Eden that just happens be located in IRAQ! Which, according to Rabbi Blech, is 'the ideal state' to whence, the Jews 'strive to return.'

Do you really not understand on whose behalf our lads are out there fighting and dying? Do you really not understand on whose behalf the 'committed Christians' in Downing Street and the White House lied and lied and lied again? The article continues:
"Even as he (Rabbi Pesach Lerner, executive director of the Young Israel synagogue movement) was speaking to The Jewish Week on the phone, he said was holding a commentary by Rabbi Chananya Berzon for an upcoming Viewpoint, which states that Moshiach (the Messiah) 'will appear very soon. ... The world is sitting on a powder keg; at any moment it can frantically detonate, and we can fear cataclysmic events…
Before the Messiah comes, says Rabbi Shmuel Butman, director of Lubavitch Youth Organization, the nations of the entire world are supposed to be at odds."
Get it? 'Before the Messiah comes… the nations of the entire world are supposed to be at odds!'

The article continues:
"This war is clearly a continuation of the 1991 war, says Rabbi Butman, when the rebbe connected the messianic dots. He recalled the rebbe’s citation of the famous Baal HaTurim commentary that says Ishmael, Abraham’s son who is the prototype for Arabs and Islam, 'will fall in the End of Days'. 'We usually think our ultimate enemy is Esau,' says Rabbi Butman of the metaphorical representative of Christianity. 'Here, we see it is Ishmael. Esau — the president and the Christian right — support us and Ishmael is the culprit we’re going to break now'."
Hear that? Did you realise that it's YOU whom the Messianic Jew 'usually' thinks of as the ultimate enemy! Did anybody bother to tell you? Although it's 'usually' us who are the 'ultimate enemy,' whilst the President and the Christian right are supporting Jewish prophecy nuts like him, BINGO, Islam and the Arabs are 'the culprits!' It's THEM, not US, whom the Messianic Jew is 'going to break now!'

Does it not horrify you that Tony Blair is on the side of these guys? Does it not horrify you that he prefers to be on their side rather than ours? The article continues:
"In fact, no one has so openly cast this war in religious terms more than 'Esau.' It was President Bush’s repeated use of the word 'evil, with its biblical connotations, that has driven the debate out of the public square and into the pews. The president, who easily speaks of 'God’s plan,' refers often to the 'power of prayer,' of God’s hand guiding his own, of the 'spiritual shield that protects the country.'

Newsweek, in a recent cover story on 'Bush and God,' speaks of war 'in a land once called Babylon,' words lifted, it seems, from the mouths of Jewish messianists. The president proposes a wartime mission as messianic as Israel’s own — to bring God’s liberty to 'every human being in the world.' Jewish religious conservatives aren’t nervous, they’re delighted.

Radio talk show host, Dennis Prager, writing for Jewish World Review, an Orthodox online magazine, says, 'To the extent that one is ever able to see the hand of God in history… I believe that either divine intervention or good luck on the magnitude of a lottery win explains George W. Bush’s rise to the position of president."
Bush is 'remarkable,' Rabbi Fund tells The Jewish Week, the ultimate Shabbos goy. He’s a goyish Menachem Begin, with God on his lips all the time. How can it be bad? He speaks of God more than Tommy Lapid,' leader of Shinui, 'that’s for sure. More than any Israeli leader, Bush is removing a Haman from the Jewish neck'."
Bush and Blair, nice to the Jews, aren't they? Removed a Haman from around the neck of the Asiatic Jew, they did. Used European, Afro-Caribbean and Hispanic lads to do it. Just like a President and a Prime Minister did in Gulf War I. You know, the war that had 'God's fingerprints' all over it?

It isn't white, European lads who have mostly died, of course. The Haman-like types living in a Garden of Eden that doesn't belong to them are the ones who have mostly died.

No Israeli soldier lost his life in either Gulf War.

Esther, a Jewish girl, was chosen by the Persian king Ahasuerus as one of his many brides. Haman, the king’s Prime Minister, was very suspicious of the Jews and he advised the king to massacre those who were living in his kingdom.

Esther got wind of Haman's plan and begged the king to have mercy on her people. When the king discovered that Haman's ire was principally directed at Mordechai, a Jew who had previously donethe Kinggood service, Haman was hanged upon the gallows that he had prepared for Mordechai.

Ahasueras, then, decided to give Mordechai and Esther permission to be revenged upon Haman's kinfolk and supporters. As a result, according to the Bible, the Jews slaughtered almost 80,000 people throughout Ahasueras' empire.

If, as most Biblical scholars seem to think, the Ahasueras of the Bible is the Xerxes of ancient history, Ahasueras wasn't served too well by these developments. His military machine, which was vastly superior in men and equipment, was destroyed after he decided to take on the Greeks.

Fourteen years after Salamis, (480 BC) and Plataea, (479 BC) having devoted himself for rather too long to what the historian, Herodotus, calls 'the intrigues of the harem,' a courtier stabbed him to death.

Anyway, the Jews celebrate their deliverance, the death of Haman and the slaughter of eighty thousand others who didn't like them much, to this day.

Rabbi Fund said that George Bush is 'a goyish Menachem Begin.'

In a speech before the Knesset that was reported in the 25 June 1982, edition of The New Statesman, Menachem Begin, Prime Minister of Israel from 1977, described the Palestinians as 'beasts walking on two legs.'

Begin became the head of the Jewish terrorist organisation, Irgun, in 1943. On 22 July 1946, the Irgun bombed the King David Hotel in Jerusalem leaving 91 people dead. The HQ of the British Military was based in the King David Hotel and many British soldiers died.

The Irgun also hanged two British Sergeants in 1947. You wouldn't ever find a Tony Blair or a George Bush speaking ill of a Menachem Begin. It might upset Rabbis Fund, Butman and Lerner if they did.

They, like George Bush, Tony Blair and the Jewish Neocons who forced the Iraq catastrophe upon the world, have never been to war.

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