Sunday, 25 June 2006

Partners of gay knights who "marry" may be given courtesy titles

On 17 March 2012, Simon Walters told us this in The Mail Online:

“The male partners of peers and knights who take part in gay marriages may be given courtesy titles to put them on a par with wives of titled men. It could lead to Sir Elton John’s partner David Furnish being known as ‘Sir David’...

In a consultation document published last week, Home Secretary Theresa May and Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone declared: ‘If commitment and marriage is a good thing, we should not restrict civil marriage only to opposite-sex couples’…

To ensure full equality, the Government will either have to grant courtesy titles to the partners of married gay peers and knights – or remove them from the wives of their heterosexual counterparts…

To add to the complications, male spouses of female peers and dames are already discriminated against. They are not granted courtesy titles, and remain plain ‘Mr’…

Even if a courtesy title for gay partners were to be decided, there remains the question of which surname to use. Wives with courtesy titles have to use their husbands’ surnames, but gay couples often keep their own surnames.

Then there is the issue of lesbian married couples, where one is a baroness or dame.”
'If commitment and marriage is a good thing, we should not restrict civil marriage only to opposite-sex couples.' A matter decided, at the highest level, by two women and the Prime Minister. And you can be sure Mr Cameron's Lib Dem deputy did not raise any objections.

Lynne Feathestone is Jewish. David Cameron's great-great granddad was a Jewish immigrant who made a pile in banking. Nick Clegg is 75% foreigner.

As for Theresa May, well, I guess she's just one of the many bought-and-paid-for folk who think more of their onward slither up the greasy, political pole than they do of the wants and needs of the British majority.

THEY will never stop taking the p***, you know. THEY will carry on as they do until Whitey is completely neutered or disappeared altogether. In an uncertain world, that's one thing you can be one hundred and ten per cent sure of.

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