Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Big kiss for Barnsley

On 4 March 2011, Simon Heffer said this in The Daily Telegraph:

"We are now partly governed by one party that can only manage to come sixth in a by-election, and by another that manages only two thirds of the votes of UKIP."
Or, put another way, in the constituency of Barnsley, the electorate would favour Nationalism (BNP) + pseudo-Nationalism (UKIP + English Democrats) + an Independent whose policies most Nationalists would agree with, (Tony Devoy) 2.1 times as much as they favour those who currently rule the roost. (6226 votes / 3011 votes)

Those who voted for even more mass immigration, even more recession, even more cash for questions and peerages, even more illegitimate war, even more privatisation, spin, politicial correctness, EU, globalisation, dumbing-down and drugging up, etc. etc. etc. (14,724) in the shape of the Blairs, Browns, Mandelsons, Milibands, Straws, Harmans, Blunketts and Ballses (along with noble Lords of the calibre of Sainsbury and Levy) should be encouraged to stay at home with a can of lager, a box of chocolates, a soap opera denouement, a Jacqui Smith porn video and the latest computer game whilst the polling booths are open.

Big kiss for Barnsley.

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