Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Olympic Logo - ho, ho, ho!

On 28 February 2011, OK Magazine said:

"The secretary general of Iranian Olympic Committee has deemed the design racist, CLAIMING the figures spells out the word ‘Zion’." OK Magazine
OK did not bother to rearrange the constituent parts.

On 1 March 2011, The Evening Standard said this:

"London Olympics chiefs today defended their logo after Iran CLAIMED it concealed the word ‘Zion’.' Evening Standard
The Evening Standard didn't bother to rearrange the constituent parts.

On 1 March 2011, ITV News said:

"Iran is claiming that London's 2012 Olympic logo is racist. It says the logo spells out the word 'Zion'." ITV News
The logo was shown but no attempt was made to see if Iran’s claim was justified.

On 1 March 2011, The Telegraph said this:
"The Iranian national Olympic committee CLAIMS the logo spells out the word ‘Zion’." The Telegraph
They also showed us the logo but didn’t bother to rearrange it.

On 1 March 2011, The Daily Mail went further, saying:

"Not even the most ONE-EYED CRITIC had thought it spelled out the word ‘Zion’. That, though, was the ACCUSATION made yesterday by Iran’s Olympic Committee." Daily Mail
As it happens, The Mail’s interesting dismissal of we 'one-eyed critics' was not backed up by a rearrangement of the logo’s constituent parts.

On 1 March 2011, The Sun said:

"Iran has threatened to pull out of the 2012 Olympics… The boss of the country's athletes says the emblem spells out ‘Zion’…

Mohammad Aliabadi, head of Iran's National Olympic Committee, has accused the organisers of next year's summer Games of outright racism. He wrote the STAGGERING REMARKS in a letter to Jacques Rogge, President of the International Olympic Committee." The Sun
The Sun also demonstrated the logo but, guess what, the newspaper’s journalists didn’t bother to rearrange it either.

On 1 March 2011, The Independent said this:

"Iran is threatening to boycott the London 2012 Olympics because it CLAIMS the Games' official logo spells the word ‘Zion’." The Independent
The Independent did not attempt any rearrangement.

On 1 March 2011, The Jerusalem Post showed us the logo but didn't attempt to rearrange it. Jerusalem Post

On 12 March 2011, the BBC said:

"The Iranians CLAIM the logo spelt the word ‘Zion'." BBC
The BBC showed us the logo but their editorial staff didn’t bother to rearrange it either.

An IOC official said this:

"The London 2012 logo represents the figure 2012, nothing else."
Well, yes, I can see 2012 in it. But, hey, this 'one-eyed critic' can also see the word 'Zion' there as well. Can you see it, folks?

You can’t? Check it out: Olympic Logo

What do you think? If someone asked your seven-year-old to spell out the letters here, wouldn't they say: Z-I-O-N?

Now why do you think the mainstream British media chose NOT to see if the Iranians were right to 'claim' that the Olympic logo could, if the constituent parts were rearranged, spell out the word ‘Zion’? Do you think that they might be happier to have you chortling at the silly Iranian conspiracy theorists than have you be made aware that, in fact, the word Zion IS contained within the logo?

It might be a coincidence. It might mean nothing at all. But the fact that the totality of the most important British media chose to deride the Iranian accusation, as opposed to investigating the matter, makes me think otherwise.

I think the word 'Zion' was deliberately inserted. You see, ladies and gentlemen, the Jewish elite, and the lesser Masters of the Universe who run with them, love their symbolism almost as much as they delight in taking the p*** out of we know-nothings.

Check out the Star of David on top of the Bank of England on the twenty pound note.

Go on! Go get a twenty pound note out of your purse and trace the Star for yourself! The Star of David on top of the Bank of England? What do you think those who had the design created to their specifications were trying to tell us when they did what they did here?

Well, first of all, THEY weren’t trying to tell US anything. THEY don’t expect the plebs to pick up on their in-jokes at our expense. But for their fellows, THEY were demonstrating the power they had over the rest of us. THEY were flaunting their control of OUR money supply. Who are THEY? Well, really, ladies and gentlemen, ZION? STAR OF DAVID? It doesn’t take a brain surgeon. Does it?

Of course, it’s not just the Jews. Ever hear of the Illuminati? The Illuminated ones? The Illuminati gathered together before the French Rvolution and, almost certainly, brought that revolution about. The man generally credited with being this most powerful society within freemasonry was one Adam Weishaupt. He was Jewish. The original Illuminati were backed, financially, by the Rothschilds.

Who are Jewish also.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the same folk were still providing the funds.

Have you ever noticed the 'all-seeing eye' of Illuminism on the dollar bill? Check it out: And you see the Latin words, 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' underneath the Pyramid? Guess what they say? NEW WORLD ORDER!

Creepy, huh?

Anyway, ladies and gents, if you think that all of this is bunkum, get yourself a copy of the Olympic logo, cut out the various shapes and spell out the word Zion for yourself.

Remember, if the evidence is all before you and you turn away, not wishing to believe it, you are almost certainly brainwashed. To all intents and purposes, you are an automaton who will do the bidding of the all-seeing-eye Illuminati and the Bank of England hexagram folk no matter what.Even though you lose your life or jeopardise the lives of those closest to you, as you do it.

Don’t turn away. Investigate the things that make you feel most uncomfortable. Check out what THEY don't want YOU to know. Once you dare to do that, once you have crossed that bridge, you will be a slave to the malign will of those who ply us with drugs, who spin and propagandise, who create the wars and the world-wide financial depressions, no longer.
And, for the first time in your life, you will be free to make up your own mind.

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