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Nelson Mandela and the Rainbow Nation

On 3 April 2000, Iain Kay was ambushed on his Zimbabwe farm by a large group of war veterans and squatters.

They chased him into a school where he locked himself into a classroom. However, they broke down the door and attacked him savagely. His hands were tied with barbed wire and he was dragged away into the bush where he would have been killed but for the timely arrival of his son.

Chenjerai Hunzvi, leader of the war veterans in Zimbabwe says:
"The white farmers have two options: to hand over the land and leave or to stay and see what land we leave them. The whites are foreigners, they are British! They should go back to Britain. We don't need them here. They can all go."
I see Mr. Hunvi's point. I'll tell you what, Hunvi, old sport, you can have all the hundreds of thousands of black Rhodesians in Britain, who came over here to get away from people like you, and we'll have your white farmers, fair enough?

Didn't think so.

On 15 April 2000, David Stevens a white Zimbabwean farmer, was taken from his property 75 miles east of the capital, Harare, and shot dead by squatters.

He was the first white farmer to be killed in the land confrontations inspired by President Robert Mugabe. Five other farmers who tried to help were also taken away, though they were later released after having been badly beaten up. One of them, John Osborne, witnessed David Steven's murder. He said:
"It was unreal. These guys are not playing, they are deadly serious and out of control."
Approximately 1,000 farms were occupied involving 'war veterans' at this time and 100 or so white families fled their farms after this incident.

In March 2002, Terry Ford, was found dead, 40 kilometres west of Harare.

Terry, who had been shot, was the tenth white farmer to be killed since land seizures began.

Robert Mugabe is the acceptable face of brutal, black nastiness. We can criticise Robert Mugabe if we want to and not fall foul of the race hate laws. We all know that, over the years, he has remained in power illegitimately. We all know his Zanu PF party has slaughtered many tens of thousands of people in Zimbabwe and we all know that whole townships have been raised to the ground and those who lived there cast out into a suburban nomansland.

We also know that white farmers have been killed and that the encouragement to kill came from him.

Compare him, however, with the sainted Nelson Mandela. Mandela has been eulogised at an almighty level by the media darlings and the political classes in this country.

More than one serving MP has said that they believe Mandela is the greatest living human being and the 'the greatest statesman of the twentieth century.'

As for London's Mayor, Ken Livingstone, well, this is what he thinks of South Africa's top bloke:
"Nelson Mandela's statue should be placed on Trafalgar Square as a symbol of our respect for this great leader... There is clear support for the statue across the world, recognising Mandela's significance in world history... It is wholly appropriate that the statue of Nelson Mandela be placed in a prominent position in Trafalgar Square. By granting planning permission, Westminster Council will join the rest of us in honouring one of the greatest statesmen of our time."
It's not too surprising that Red Ken would seek to honour Mandela in this way, he is a fellow communist after all. It isn't just London's Mayor who wants his statue erected in Trafalgar Square, however. Many MPs have signed Early Day Motions calling for the once empty plinth to be adorned with a likeness of the old chap.

And yet, in the 1960s, the former 'freedom fighter' ordered bombs to be planted which killed innocent men, women and children and, since he became the President of South Africa, 3,158 white farmers and/or members of their family had been slaughtered by Blacks up to 13 December 2011.

That's 3,158 against Mugabe's 10.

Oh, and Johannesburg has earned itself the soubriquet 'the murder and rape capital of the world,' although I think more now get raped in The Democratic Republic of Congo, and about 1-in-5 of all black, South African adults have AIDS. Indeed, Mandela's own son died of it.

None of the happy, clappy 'let's erect a statue of St. Nelson' wagtails, ever told you any of this, did they?

Why didn't St. Nelson do something about all of the awfulness occurring on his watch?

Why, when we saw him on television, was he always wreathed in smiles, as though he didn't have a care in the world? Why didn't this 'honest' Commie tell us what was really happening in his country?

More to the point, why did our own politicians keep all of this hidden? Why is this bloke beyond criticism when, under him, South Africa degenerated so quickly into brutality and genocide?

Here are a few of the things Mandela has said along the way:
"At the beginning of June 1961... I and some colleagues came to the conclusion that as violence in this country was inevitable, it would be wrong and unrealistic for African leaders to continue preaching peace and non-violence... THE DECISION WAS MADE TO EMBARK ON VIOLENT FORMS OF POLITICAL STRUGGLE."
"I started to make a study of THE ART OF WAR AND REVOLUTION... I acknowledge that I made these studies to equip myself for the role which I might have to play if the struggle drifted into guerrilla warfare."
"The soil of our country, South Africa, is destined to be the scene of the fiercest fight and the sharpest struggles to rid our continent of the last vestiges of white minority rule."
As of now, the minority rule of the ANC is entrenched and irreversible.

Let's take a look at what others have said:

In a 29 November 1993 speech at Kean College in Union, New Jersey, the black activist and Louis Farrakhan acolyte, Khalid Abdul Muhammed, told the student audience what he thought South African blacks should do to any white people who refuses to leave South Africa:

On 13 January 1995, The Jewish Chronicle said:

"The African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa WAS GUIDED BY TWO COMMUNIST JEWS, Albie Sachs, 'one of its foremost intellectuals'and Yossel Mashel Slovo (Joe Slovo.)

Slovo was born in a shtetl in Lithuania and grew up speaking Yiddish and studying the Talmud. HE JOINED THE ANC'S TERRORIST WING, THE UMKHONTO WE SIZWE, IN 1961 AND EVENTUALLY BECAME ITS COMMANDER. He was named Secretary General of the South African Communist Party in 1986.

When Nelson Mandela's ANC took over South Africa, Slovo was named Minister of Housing. Slovo, a Yiddish-speaking Lithuanian Jew, was Secretary General of the South African Communist Party AND DIRECTOR OF THE MILITARY WING OF THE ANC, WHICH PERPETRATED NUMEROUS TERROR BOMBINGS AGAINST WHITE CIVILIANS."

It is, perhaps, interesting to note that, though such Jews as Sachs and Slovo were in driving seat as the ANC progressed to power in South Africa, with the rise of black power and militancy, around 40,000 of the country's 130,000 Jews emigrated elsewhere.

On 10 November 1997, the ANC Councillor, Mzukizi Gaba, said:
"When Mandela dies we will kill you whites like flies."
On 29 July 1999, upon the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Ordination of Women, the Reverend Barbara Harris said this at the Church of the Advocate in Philadelphia.
"South Africa is... one of the 'rape capitals' of the world, where A WOMAN IS RAPED EVERY 26 SECONDS... women in some parts of the country are still being accused of being witches and killed as a result of such accusations."
On 17 September 1999, The Guardian reported thus:
"A black South African army officer was shot dead yesterday after he went on the rampage against white colleagues killing seven, including several officers. Five white soldiers were also wounded, two of them critically...

The army tried to play down the prospect of a racially-motivated murder within its ranks, but the killings will raise many uncomfortable questions about the 'integration' of the armed forces after the end of apartheid...

An army spokesman said: 'The people who were killed were white. The officer who shot them was black, but it's very dangerous to look at a matter of this nature along colour lines'."
What do you think this chap would have said if a white officer had murdered seven black people?

On 30 October 1999. Ross Benson of The Daily Mail reported thus:
"The nation the Queen so warmly welcomed back into the Commonwealth, and will visit again in a few weeks' time, is now half a decade into majority rule. In that short period it has contrived to make itself the most dangerous place on earth.

A woman is raped every 28 seconds, qualified doctors are leaving in droves, while beggars and goats have set up home in the marble foyers of derelict banks. South Africa today has become a nation on the edge of self-destruction.

Farmers are butchered in their fields. The parks and beaches have become killing fields. Car-jackings with mind-numbing violence are a daily occurrence. The murder rate is running at 27,000 a year. A white security man commented on the criminal mayhem:

'It's happening to your friends, your brother, his wife, your sister, your mother... it isn't something you read in the papers or hear about on the television news any more.' He carried a gun, but he wasn't fooling himself. He knew it could happen to him. In Mandela's 'Rainbow Nation' the rainbow is running blood red...

This was once the richest city in Africa, a gleaming steel-and-glass citadel rising out of the brown ocean of the Veld, a testament to the economic power of the white community that built it, but also an example of what can be achieved by hard work and individual enterprise. The skyscrapers are still there but the people who gave them life and prosperity have gone, driven out by hordes of squatters, beggars and illegal traders who bought Mandela's promise of a 'better life for all' and demanded instant delivery.

Barbecues made of old oil cans blaze in the marble foyers of what used to be the headquarters of banks and airlines. There are goats tethered in hallways. Corrugated iron huts have sprung up on the once-manicured lawns.

'This is not an environment in which any respectable business person, be they black or white, can live or work. and most have fled'...

The Holiday Inn is a deserted fortress, its 800 empty rooms protected by reinforced steel shutters. As dusk falls the streets start filling with prostitutes and criminals pushing drugs, and pills that turn a black skin white before eventually killing you...

The police keep promising to move in and clean the place up; they never do, and if they did it probably wouldn't make any difference: the Minister in charge of so-called security recently admitted to parliament that a policeman is three times more likely to commit a serious crime than an average member of the public. So much for the dream. This is the reality - and it is a shocking one, worse than I had anticipated. I have seen cities abandoned in war. This is the first city I have ever seen abandoned to the barbarians in time of peace.

The government has lost the battle of the streets but they have control of parliament, and they have used their power to pass legislation aimed specifically at one ethnic group."
On 13 November 1999, The Daily Mail reported thus:
"As the first man made way for the second, he spat out the hate-filled words Anne, an Afrikaner, will never forget: 'For years you Boers always took from us. Now we're taking from you.'

In fact, Anne Brown worked as a care assistant looking after mainly black children at a Johannesburg home for youngsters. But her work on behalf of such an underprivileged, have-not section of the population obviously cut no ice with her assailants. Her race was all that mattered as far as they were concerned...

The attackers remained in the family's home, a second-floor apartment, for almost two hours before brazenly carrying away everything they could find, from furniture right down to the boys' favourite Dinky toys, through the front door and into a waiting car.'

The attack had what Jones describes as 'its desired effect.' The Browns left the city, with its 'gratuitously violent gangs and simmering undercurrent of residual racial resentment.' But their move to a rural location did not help them escape their nightmares. Their having been, in effect, thus 'ethnically cleansed' from Johannesburg...

The youngest son, nine-year-old Justin, gave vent to what must have been suppressed rage of staggering ferocity and bitterness in one so young. In an attack on what was apparently the closest friend he had in his new home, a black boy of his own age, he tied the latter to a tree with his shoelaces, in the same way as he had been bound by his mother's rapists back in Johannesburg and using exactly the same type of knots. He then beat the boy to pulp with a length of plastic hose.

Questioned by his parents, Justin, whom Jones describes as a 'usually affable and impeccably mannered' little lad, replied, according to his mother, that black people had come into our home and done horrible things to us, so why shouldn't he do the same to them?'

In the new South Africa, where the very mention of the words colour and race is now deeply taboo, I will no doubt be pilloried for relating this story, just as my colleague Ross Benson was vilified by sections of the press here two weeks ago for his painfully accurate article about the demise of post-apartheid South Africa.

Instead of rounding on 'racist' outsiders and attempting to draw a veil over the underlying causes of the rape epidemic sweeping through this country with the speed and devastation of a veldt fire, the media and the ANC government would be better advised to address the facts...
Thousands of women are expected to sign up for the first rape insurance policy. For £1.10 a month, it entitles victims to free anti-AIDS drugs, the morning-after pill, trauma counselling, alternative therapies and a full range of medical tests...

In South Africa today, we are rarely just talking about 'straightforward' rape, if that is not too trite and unfeeling a phrase, but increasingly brutal and despicable rape. Rape by bottles and sticks and knives; rape by gangs who behave like packs of wild animals, biting and gouging their victims, with the intention of disfiguring them physically as well as mentally...

Among the many harrowing cases I uncovered here, one black woman had her lips scorched off with a red-hot iron after her attack; another (black) woman had been deeply bitten all over her face and body.

A young (white) bank clerk was pushed into a clay-filled building-site pit and raped just as she arrived for work in busy Central Johannesburg. Both her legs were broken, and afterwards her demented attacker abused her horribly with fistfuls of clay.

Noeleen Naude, a 23-year-old Afrikaner, was caddying for her boyfriend and his father on a suburban golf course one warm Sunday afternoon when two black men, one with a gun, sprang out from behind a small hillock halfway round the course. After robbing the golfing party of their clubs and jewellery, the men took Noeleen away and raped her in turn, telling her:

'We are black men and you are a white woman. We can do exactly as we want'...

Thanks to appallingly shoddy detective work by male-chauvinist, ill-trained, insensitive and under-manned police forces (some of whom have raped the victims they were interviewing)... there is a higher percentage of white women raped than their share of the population...

This might, or might not, explain why the Mbeki government no longer requires the race section of the crime report forms to be completed."
On 23 October 2000, the ghastly arch-Blairite, Peter Hain, who was brought up in South Africa, said this at a Foreign Office briefing:
"In the four years between Nelson Mandela walking free from prison in 1990 and his installation as President in 1994 there was more violence, more carnage, more deaths than at any other time in South Africa's history, even under the most brutal years of apartheid."
What this South African MP and all the rest of the Mandela botlicks have never bothered to point out is that, in the 'years between Nelson Mandela walking free from prison in 1990' and the present day, many more WHITE South Africans have lost their lives at the hands of the BLACK majority than at any other time in the 20th century.

On 7 December 2001, The Telegraph offered us an an example of one of those who have lost their lives since Mandela's 'installation as President:'
"Marike de Klerk, the former first lady of South Africa, was stabbed and then strangled, police said yesterday, making her the most high-profile white victim of the country's tide of violent crime...

Security guards found the body of 63-year-old Mrs de Klerk, dressed in pyjamas, in a pool of blood in the hall. A broken knife blade was embedded in her back... Police found no evidence of forced entry; the sliding door on the verandah was found to have been left unlocked...

Her ex-husband, F W de Klerk, the former president who shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela for dismantling apartheid, was last night flying back to South Africa via London after leaving a gathering of Nobel laureates in Sweden early... 'Marike's death has come as a great blow to our family,' he said last night...

Violent crime has surged since the end of apartheid. Last year 21,000 people were murdered in South Africa...

A spokesman for the ruling African National Congress, Smuts Ngonyama, said:

'We are shocked. Mrs De Klerk demonstrated her deep love for South Africa. As a former first lady, she was never hesitant to support the leadership of a democratically elected government under a black leader.'

The opposition leader, Tony Leon, said she had played, 'an important supportive role,' during the transition to democracy...

A Security guard was arrested yesterday in connection with the murder of Marike de Klerk, the former First Lady of South Africa who was strangled at her Cape Town home earlier this week. The suspect, in his 20s, who works for the firm that provides security at the Dolphin Beach apartment block where Mrs de Klerk lived, was arrested after police checked the log of telephone calls from her flat...

Mrs de Klerk had been stabbed in the back with a steak knife, which broke, leaving the blade embedded in her, and had been strangled with bare hands."
On 30 July 2002, the BBC informed us of the widespread practice of baby rape in the Rainbow Nation:
"A baby girl just a week-old has been raped in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal, police say… She is the youngest recorded victim of sexual abuse in a country where there is a widespread belief that sex with a virgin cures Aids…

South Africa has the highest number of Aids sufferers in the world. Traditional healers, or witchdoctors, are often blamed for spreading this idea, and encouraging child rape.

Last Friday, a 23-year-old man, David Potse, was sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty of raping a nine-month-old baby...

‘I am speechless and horrified’, said Kelly Hatfield, who heads a group opposing violence against women in South Africa. ‘Rape is about power and control but how much more powerful can you be over something so little and vulnerable?’...

About 21,000 cases of child rape were reported to police in South Africa last year. Children under 11 are the victims in 15% of all rapes in South Africa, according to police statistics. Convictions are secured in just 9% of all rape cases."
On 28 September 2002, The National Alliance broadcast a programme titled, The Killing Of Whites In South Africa and America's Silence.

This is it:
"The murder and eviction of whites in Zimbabwe has been commented on in the news but in Zimbabwe's southern neighbor, south Africa, whites are being slaughtered at an even higher rate. South Africa has three times the population of Zimbabwe, and 13 times the White population: almost 6 million Whites live there. As with Zimbabwe, the media silence about the murder of Whites there is almost total; and in South Africa's case, EVEN HUMAN RIGHTS GROUPS ARE LARGELY SILENT, PERHAPS BECAUSE THE BLACK TAKEOVER THERE WAS SO RECENT AND SO MANY 'LIBERALS' HAVE AN EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT IN THE ANC/COMMUNIST REGIME THEY HELPED TO POWER.

In 1994, after decades of propaganda in the media and sentimental whimpering from the churches, South African Whites were finally persuaded to hand power over to Black

Communists, who installed an ANC government that, for some strange reason, failed to follow Marxist ideology when it came to expropriating the business interests of the Oppenheimer family, who dominate South Africa's economy. They did succeed, however, in making South Africa into a multiracial sewer with one of the highest violent crime, murder, rape, and AIDS infection rates in the world. The media made a saint of Nelson Mandela, a convicted terrorist... and when the Whites capitulated he was made President.

After the media's announcement that their long campaign of sanctions, boycotts, and intimidation had finally succeeded in bringing 'equality' and 'democracy' to what had previously been one of the few outposts of White civilization on the African continent, the media coverage of that country almost ceased, and ONE SELDOM HEARS ABOUT SOUTH AFRICA TODAY IN THE MASS MEDIA. The reason is that SOUTH AFRICA IS RAPIDLY DESCENDING INTO CRIME, DISEASE, FILTH, AND SAVAGERY...

South African farmers now suffer the highest murder rate in the world -- 274 per 100,000. In a study commissioned by a leading South African bank, Nedbank, it was revealed that the Black attackers are deliberately targeting specific homesteads to kill the Afrikaner victims: robbery was not the prime motivation, in fact in 85% of last year's farm attacks, nothing had been 'robbed.' In other words, KILLING THE WHITE MAN, RAPING AND KILLING THE WHITE WOMAN, RAPING AND KILLING THE WHITE CHILD ARE THE REAL MOTIVATIONS. AND YET THIS IS NOT AN ISSUE IN THE AMERICAN MEDIA...

Unlike Zimbabwe, the government in South Africa does not have an officially-announced policy of supporting these farm invasions and massacres. But they do have a policy of looking the other way and doing next to nothing about it, a policy which encourages Black violence against Whites.

Their attitude is perhaps best expressed by Peter Mokaba, until recently South Africa's Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, who whined recently that:

'The high crime rate is seriously affecting tourism and an alternative image of South Africa needed to be promoted. We want to encourage people to come here and see that crime does not dominate.'

Really? What Mr. Mokaba did not tell you was that he himself is famous for the slogans he invented and uttered again and again when he was a leader in the ANC/Communist war against the White government of South Africa:

'Kill the Boer! Kill the farmer!' and 'One settler, one bullet.'

Kill the Boer, kill the farmer. And it is to such a government that White farmers must appeal for protection. Even that government admits that, under Black rule, crime and murder are out of control. The South African Police Service report entitled Attacks on Farms and Smallholdings 1/99 stated:

'Violence seems to have become an endemic feature of South African life. According to the comparative crime statistics for 1996 released by Interpol, the country tops the list internationally as far as the incidence of murder and rape is concerned. the fact that attacks on the residents of farms and smallholdings are escalating at a rate out of proportion to the general increase in crime figures observed in South Africa is indeed cause for serious concern'...

The murder rate in the cities is even higher, for Johannesburg alone it is 500 per month. Many of the victims are White, and the attackers Black and racially motivated, a fact that is never mentioned in the US media.


And South Africa is also the rape capital of the world. A woman is reported raped every 23 seconds in South Africa. A small child is reported raped every thirty minutes. And remember, these are the reported and admitted rapes...

On May 24 2000, the beaten, battered and nearly frozen body of a young Polish woman was found, clad only in a soaked t-shirt, along the road to South Africa's Sterkfontein Dam. Her body was so cold it was actually blue. Her hair was wet and she was covered with bruises, open wounds, deep scratches, and mud. She was curled in a fetal position. She was still alive. To students of rape in South Africa she was another digit in the statistics. To Americans and Europeans who get their news from the major media, she didn't even exist.

She was a 27-year-old newlywed on her honeymoon, a honeymoon that ended when three Blacks murdered her husband in front of her eyes and then brutally raped her, beat her, attempted to kill her and left her for dead. The bruise marks around her neck indicated that her rapists had tried to strangle her. At the treatment center she was immediately given AZT by Polish Consulate authorities (treatment refused her by the South African government) in the hope that it would prevent the transfer of HIV, since two of her three attackers tested positive for the virus.

She testified that after her attackers murdered her husband, they forced her in the trunk of their car, and went to a secluded spot where each of the Blacks raped her in turn. They then attempted to drown her by stamping their feet on her head in an attempt to keep her head underwater. The woman has returned to her native Poland and refuses to set foot in South Africa again, even to testify.

As reported by investigator Jack Galt, on November 17th of the same year, a 14-year-old White girl was cruelly raped by a gang of five blacks in her home in Pretoria. According to her counselors, she has been traumatized for the rest of her life. Spokesmen for the White Afrikaner community, who you will not hear on CBS, NBC, or Fox News, state that this attack was a deliberate attempt to terrorize Whites.

Five heavily-armed Blacks invaded the home, and proceeded to tie up the girl's mother, father, six-year-old sister and ten-year-old brother with barbed wire in the living room.

They then grabbed the 14-year-old girl and took her to the bathroom, where they brutally gang-raped her, each of the five Blacks in turn, with the family listening nearby, helpless. Then the Blacks returned to the living room where they beat and kicked the White father in the face while he was still tied up, ransacked the home, and fled in the family's car.

South African mother Ame Brown of Elliot in the Eastern Cape recently stated:

'On the 8th of October, 1998 my two children and I were overpowered by four Black men. We were robbed of everything, and before leaving the men took turns raping me in front of my two boys aged 8 and 12. They forced my boys to watch. I have since then been tested for HIV of which my tests at five months showed positive'...

Cape Town, South Africa has become the world capital of what is called the 'sex tourism' trade. Press reports have described it as the 'sleaze capital of the world,' and these days that's really saying something. Perverts from all over the world go there to have sex with children, many of them White sex slaves, but others imported from brothels as far away as Thailand...

'Child Sex Tours' are even sponsored by some 'entrepreneurs' while the government looks the other way.

In the bad old days of White rule and apartheid, such things weren't tolerated. But in the new 'rainbow' South Africa, where can the innocent victims look for protection? The mayor of Cape Town, a Black named William Bantom, was recently discovered to be enjoying his huge personal collection of child pornography in his office while on the job. And he wasn't ousted as mayor. Perhaps the Church will help them? Bantom is also a noted clergyman, known for his liberal views on 'human rights,' 'democracy,' and 'equality'."
In November 2002, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime reported thus:

"Reported rates of rape are at the most serious levels in the world, and there is much concern about the increase in violence against women and in particular against children."
On 8 November 2002, Africa Online reported thus:
"South Africa has the very dubious honour of being the regional hub for drug trafficking, and the largest transit zone for illicit drugs in Southern Africa, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) said on Thursday. It also appears to be among the rape capitals of the world!

The country also earned the dubious honour of being upgraded by British officials as the most significant source of cannabis smuggled into the United Kingdom...

While cannabis was the most widely used drug in South Africa, followed by methaqualone (known as Mandrax) and cocaine, the study noted an increase in heroin use, particularly among white school children. Arrests for heroin use increased eight-fold since the mid 1990s and, worryingly, 51% of the people treated for heroin addiction in one study said they had injected the drug, a method not previously used in South Africa. This had serious implications for the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country...

Drug trafficking and organised crime had grown in South Africa since the mid 1990s, and had drawn on factors like the country's porous borders, the increase in immigrants, and international trade links... Drug trafficking was an 'extremely profitable enterprise' for the over 200 organised crime syndicates in South Africa...

Nigerian syndicates were heavily involved in cocaine and heroin trafficking... there was also prominent involvement in the trade by nationals from Tanzania, Burundi, Kenya and Ethiopia, often under the misnomer 'West African nationals'.

Crime was still the most pressing and visible social problem in the country, the report said. Violent crimes, such as attempted murder, aggravated robbery and violence against women and children, had shown a general increase since 1994."
On 3 September 2003, BBC Correspondent, Hilary Andersson, reported thus from Tzaneen, in South Africa.
"On the side of a motorway in northern South Africa, white couples held hands with their heads bowed, as a quiet prayer was uttered for 1,500 white farmers who have been murdered since apartheid ended in 1992. The murders, often horrific in their brutality, are on the increase, according to a report by South Africa's Human Rights Commission.

Aatie Vermaak, a third generation white farmer, drove down a long dirt road on his farm showing us where he had been attacked in January. Black assailants had followed him, and when he stopped his car they shot him the stomach.

Mr Vermaak was intensive care for a month, his gall bladder had to be removed, his liver was in pieces, and he nearly died. 'They stole nothing. They just shouted kill the dog, kill the dog,' he said...

His farm is near the town of Polokwane, where just a year ago thousands of black South Africans gathered for the funeral of a prominent ANC activist... 'Kill the Boer! Kill the Farmer,' they chanted in unison to the beat of a warlike dance. That day NELSON MANDELA STOOD BY AND WATCHED."
On 25 November 2003, the BBC informed us thus:
"South Africa, alone, is home to 5.3 million people with HIV, more than any other country in the world... Two out of three new HIV infections occur in sub-Saharan Africa."
On 10 March 2004, The Mirror featured the following article by Jenny Johnston in Johannesburg.

"He is seven years old. He has dancing eyes, a wide smile and an engaging giggle. And HE IS A RAPIST. He is not alone. The little boy who sits next to him in 'class' is seven, too. Their friends are eight and nine.

The youngest member of this group is just six - barely capable of tying his own shoe laces, yet somehow old enough to have committed the most serious of sexual offences, however impossible that might sound.

All are here for a reason most will be unable to fathom: they have raped.

One of the seven-year-olds raped his three-year-old cousin. Another forced himself on a neighbour, barely more than a baby. Another sodomised a fellow pupil in school...

Just down the corridor is a suite of medical rooms where South Africa's tiniest victims of rape are examined. The youngest are just two and three months old.

It is hard to know what is most disturbing about the Teddy Bear Clinic in Johannesburg... The fact that there is a guard with an openly displayed revolver sitting among the cuddly toys is horrifying. That the dolls in the playroom have genitals is something that stops you in your tracks...

One day the boys, even the youngest, practise Anger Management; the next they learn about Creating Victim Empathy... THEY ARE TAUGHT ABOUT MASTURBATION.

THEY ARE ENCOURAGED TO 'RE-ENACT' THEIR CRIMES, putting themselves in the role of victim. They are asked to talk about how they feel WHEN THEY SEE HARDCORE PORN.

Shaheda Omar is the woman these boys call 'Miss'... The courts turned to her when they realised the number of pre-pubescent rapists, too young to be prosecuted, was reaching terrifying proportions…

'Look, this is happening,' she says firmly, having little time for visitors who can't quite get their heads around what is going on here. 'IT IS HAPPENING EVERY DAY, IN EVERY PART OF SOUTH AFRICA. Boys are raping and they are not waiting until they are 18 to start. They are getting younger and younger. A few years ago I was shocked to be seeing boys of 11 and 12. Now we're seeing seven and eight-year-olds. I've had a six-year-old. I've even had A FIVE- YEAR-OLD WHO TOOK PART IN A GANG-RAPE.'

This morning she had her first session with a 'typical' group of 10-year-olds in Soweto - where a study showed that FOR HALF OF WOMEN LIVING IN THE TOWNSHIP, THEIR FIRST SEXUAL EXPERIENCE WAS A FORCED ONE.

'There were five of them,' she explains. 'THEY HAD GANG-RAPED A LITTLE GIRL. It was brutal. Horrible… I made each one of them imagine they were that girl. We went through it step by step. What was happening to her? What was she feeling? You have to force them to go there, in their heads, to imagine just what it would have been like for her, just how terrifying…

'What we are seeing is new… WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF AN EPIDEMIC and if we don't do something about it now we are going to be looking at a whole generation of serial sex offenders.'

But she has grown unashamedly attached to her young charges. 'THEY ARE LOVELY LITTLE BOYS, REALLY,' she says. 'THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. CHILDLIKE. INNOCENT. YES, INNOCENT'... Not once does she use the word rapist when talking about them...

'In the clinic, we call them 'ABUSE FACILITATORS'...

The mummy dolls and daddy dolls have breasts and genitals. No subject is taboo…

'They may watch porn at home, but there is a huge knowledge gap there… And they are growing up in one of the most violent societies in the world. That combination is having disastrous consequences. Children are seeing explicit sex on television, and WITHOUT PARENTAL CONTROL to explain and put it in context… They are seeing sexual activity all around them. Maybe there are 12 or 14 people living in a few rooms…

There is a dramatic upsurge in the number of children getting involved in other serious crimes, too. While we are at the clinic, on another side of Johannesburg A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD BOY SHOOTS A FIVE-YEAR-OLD DEAD.

A few months ago, eight-year- old Isaac Muggles was killed in the Western Cape by four children - aged seven, eight, nine and 11. They threw bricks at the little boy, hit him with a plank and an iron bar and choked him...

During a recent parliamentary debate, it was claimed THERE HAD BEEN A 400 PER CENT RISE IN SEXUAL VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN IN SOUTH AFRICA SINCE 1994.

DEPUTY PRESIDENT JACOB ZUMA BLAMED APARTHEID for 'sowing the seed for the breakdown of the institution of the family'. STAFF AT THE TEDDY BEAR CLINIC TEND TO AGREE…

The clinic recently compiled an 18-page 'dossier of shame', claiming a widespread cover-up of the levels of rape and sexual abuse in schools. It is a devastating document, alleging that THE RAPE OF CHILDREN BY TEACHERS AND OTHER CHILDREN IS SOARING. It claims head teachers have failed to act…

At one school in the township, a teacher announced over the Tannoy: 'Would the three girls who were gang-raped last week please come to the office.' At another, a little girl was asked to lie on the floor of the staff room WHILE STAFF EXAMINED HER VAGINALLY, 'TO SEE WHAT A RAPED CHILD LOOKS LIKE'.”

And this is what the race laws are designed to protect.

From us.

The heart of every snarling do-gooder who knows so much better than you, would break on behalf of these 'lovely little boy' rapists. And if you dared to think of the as them as anything other than 'beautiful, childlike, innocent,' well that would make you a racist, I'm afraid. And if you dared to spread the information contained in this article around, in order to try and warn the people of this country what black people as young as five were capable of, why, you wouldn't just be a racist, you'd be a racist who was guilty of 'incitement to racial hatred.'

And you could go to jail for seven years. (See the video below)

That is what our politicians have done to us.

And the huge numbers of immigrants that Blair, Brown, Cameron, Clegg and co want to see entering our country every year? How about one or two of the following?

On 26 March 2004, the South African news service, News 24 reported thus:
"A woman accused of having killed a four-year-old boy in Rookdale is expected to be sent for mental observation, SABC news reported on Friday. Tshitshi Dlamini... will be sent for 30 days mental observation at Fort Napier Hospital in Pietermaritzburg.

Sabelo Dubazane, 4, was reported missing by his mother on Tuesday and shortly afterwards police established that the child was last seen at a house in the Rookdale area. Dlamini was found at the house but denied any knowledge of the boy's whereabouts when she was questioned. The house was then searched and the child's body was found in a tub under a bed, Inspector Les Botha said. Blood-stained clothing was found in another tub, also under the bed.

Sabelo had sustained an open wound to the side of his head, and his upper lip and part of his left ear had been severed. Police then found severed body parts which appeared to have been partially cooked in Dlamini's room...

Two weeks earlier North Rand police found a body of an unidentified boy who was blindfolded, trussed and set alight at the Daveyton Golf Course on the East Rand. The boy's body has not been identified yet and no arrest had been made in connection with his murder. He had not been reported missing. His legs and hands were tied and he was blindfolded with a white cloth. On the scene police found a bottle which smelt of paraffin next to his body."
Dlamini later admitted that she had bashed Sabelo's head in with a spade. This because she suspected his mother of being responsible for her youngest child's death. She also confessed to cooking and eating part of the child's upper lip and ear.

On 17 June 2005, News 24 reported thus:
"Two KwaZulu-Natal girls have been left traumatised after seeing their father eat the flesh off their dead mother's face on Friday morning, said police. Captain Tienkie van Vuuren said police were called to Thembalethu Village near Mkuze in the Tugela Ferry area about 03:00 on Friday after a 13-year-old girl ran to her neighbours for help.

She said when they arrived at the house they had to force their way in the house to rescue the other girl, aged seven, who had been stabbed in the head by the father.

'Inside, police found a naked Jabulani Siphethu sitting on top of his common-law wife's body, eating the flesh from her face,' said Van Vuuren. 'Only the forehead was still intact. The bone was visible where the rest of the face used to be."
On 21 June 2004, The Washington Times reported that, in the decade since the end of white rule in South Africa:
"1,700 farmers, nearly all white, have been killed on South African farms... If you look at what they did to these people in these attacks, there was hatred for white people. Black farmers have also been attacked, just not with the same brutality...

Many of the killings were unspeakably brutal. Rape is common. One wheelchair-bound elderly woman was scalded with boiling water until she died. And the number of 'farm attacks', where no one was killed, number in the tens of thousands."
On 3 July 2005, The Telegraph confirmed the above thus:
"Countless white farmers have fled after a huge rise in farm attacks in the decade since the end of apartheid. As many as 1,700 white farmers have been killed, many with a brutality that has shocked the police investigating the cases...

Despite this sense of injustice, policemen like Captain Manie Van Zyl think the motive for the farm attacks is more prosaic: pure greed. But if this is the motive then why the extreme violence?

One case involved an elderly woman being hacked to death, her body suffering almost 40 cuts. The farmers make easy targets. Many farms are isolated and vulnerable...

Many attacks are linked to workers on the farms, who provide information if not active support to those accused of the attacks. The irony is that the outcome is often the abandonment of the farm and the loss of their jobs...

But the young men whom Capt Van Zyl has arrested for the attacks are not farm workers. They are rootless township poor, driven to find cash and weapons with which to further their criminal careers... Most are too young to remember apartheid, so it seems that it is avarice and poverty, rather than history, that pushes them towards violence."
In October 2013, the following statistics could be seen at the 'Genocide Watch' web site:
"Since 1994, more than 70000 (and counting) white South Africans have been murdered of which more than 4000 were commercial farmers. Exact figures are very hard to come by as the South African police fail to report most of the murders that take place. These numbers are thus conservatively estimated. As the white population of South Africa was 4,434,697 according to the official state census in 1996, and more than 400,000 white South Africans have left the country, (The Daily Mail says 900,000!) it could be estimated that nearly 2% of white South Africans have been murdered in the 18 years of democracy.

Compare that to the 7,518 black people that were murdered by the Apartheid government, which comes to a percentage of 0.02% of the black population."
Here is just a fraction of the evidence of what has been happening in the 'rainbow nation' since Nelson Mandela came to power.
Seen enough, you do-gooders? Your treacherous wagtail subservience to everything alien has seen the kind of behaviour that ended the lives of these innocent dead rewarded the whole world over. Your forelock-tugging cringe before the altar of political correctness had you criminalise those who would warn the white world of the consequences of an irrational faith in and trust of those who despise us so deeply.

May the images you see here haunt your dreams forever.

As for the rest of you, who's the bad guy here? Those that did what you see in this document? Those that kept this stuff from you?

Or me, for having made you aware of it?

Do you still think Nelson Mandela is a great bloke? A hundred times the horror seen here happened on his watch and he did next to nothing to stop it. Do you still think Ken Livingstone was right to want to stick up a statue of this man in Trafalgar Square?

Personally, I'd rather have a statue of the dead South Africans cited above erected.

In May 1999, a few months before he left office, Mandela said these things:
"I step down with a clear conscience because I have contributed in a small way to what has happened in this country… WE HAVE BECOME A MIRACLE NATION… Whites have been in this country for more than three centuries and NO GOVERNMENT WHATSOEVER THROUGHOUT THAT PERIOD HAS EVER ACHIEVED THE PERFORMANCE THAT THIS GOVERNMENT HAS ACHIEVED."
Well, Mandela most certainly did contribute ‘to what happened.’ However, the country had only ‘become a miracle nation’ for those members of the ANC who were promoted way beyond their talents. It has not become a miracle nation for most of the rest.

Particularly the dead, the raped and those with HIV.

Mandela also said:
"No government whatsoever throughout that period has ever achieved the performance that this government has achieved."
I would wholeheartedly agree with this comment, but not, I suspect, for the reasons that he and the PC crowd would wish me to agree.

PS. Just so you know that I'm a fair-minded chap, here is something Mandela has said that only a very few would disagree with:
"George Bush wants to get hold of the Iraqi oil."
When Mandela became South African President in 1994, he appointed some very interesting people in his first cabinet.

For example, he appointed the Communist, Joe Slovo, as Minister of Housing and he also appointed the Lady Commie, Helena Dolny, Slovo's former wife, to the Executive Directorship of the Land Bank.

Speaking of banks, Mandela made another Communist, Gil Marcus, Vice President of the Bank of South Africa and another Communist, Michael Katz, the Chief consultant on Taxation.

He also appointed Trevor Manuel as Minister of Finance; Alec Erwin as Minister of Trade and Finance and Ronnie Kasrils as Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry. He gave the Chairmanship of South Africa's privatised railway system to Professor Louise Tager and the Directorship of the Police Service to a Mr. Meyer Khan.

Mandela also appointed a gentleman by the name of Arthur Chaskelson to the Presidency of the Constitutional Court and appointed the former head of the International War Crimes Tribunal, Richard Goldstone, to that court.

He also appointed another ex-Commie, Albie Sachs, to the Constitutional Court. Sachs was also actively involved in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and both he and Chaskelson both had a hand in the creation of South Africa's New Constitution.

So, if you don't like Communists, you really ought not to think all that much of Nelson Mandela. For that matter, if you don't like Jews, you shouldn't be too enamoured of the South African Saint either. You see, all of the aforementioned twelve Mandelian appointees, from Slovo to Sachs, were not black folk, they were Jewish.

The official opposition to Mandela's ANC at the time was the Democratic Party, whose big shots back then were Tony Leon, Helen Suzman and Harry Schwartz.

These three were also Jewish.

The Democratic Party was being bankrolled at the time by the richest man in South Africa, the multi-billionaire, Harry Oppenheimer. Who, as you might have guessed, is also Jewish.

Ironically, the Byzantine nature of Judaic politics in Mandelaland was starkly evidenced during the handover of power, when the ageing Oppenheimer let it slip that it was he who had been ‘the quiet engine running the ANC for all these years.’

In theYouTube video below, a 'Death to the Boer' song is sung.

One of Mandela's top Jewish confederates, Ronnie Kastrils, (green shirt) can be seen singing along.

Mandela, himself, stands proudly by.


  1. Great article. I tried to post a comment on the Daily Express site, mentioning Mandela singing "kill white people" and the comment initially went up, but was removed, and when I tried to sign in to my D Express account, I couldn't.

    Also, on the Daily Mail site, I just posted a comment supporting Victoria Ayling's wishes to "send the lot back", mentioning that we let any third worlder in, but currently the government is demanding the deportation of two white children back to South Africa, after their mother died and their father (British) returned here to live; that and my comments that white South African's aren't allowed asylum here, proves that the government is anti white, probably won't be published.

    I've often thought that there needs to be a site that publishes comments that the likes of the Express and Mail don't allow to be published.

    1. I was banned from the Express ages back. Banned from the Mail more than 10 years ago. Banned from the rest of MSM now. Twitter (@Ironwand) is just about the only place that will still take the truths I tell.

      All the best.

  2. Media censorship. Don't the truth-tellers know all about that? Ah well, we have the internet now. Keep telling it as it is, my friend. More and more are finding out.

    In our country, another few thousand die-hard or to-hell-with-it fact merchants, all telling the truth at the same time, will see the bad guys toppled, I reckon.


    It is fully documented that "JEWS" have an agenda - the DESTRUCTION OF THE "WHITE RACE"!


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  8. That's what you come up with after reading the above article?

    Not much sympathy for all the dead white folks then.

    If you're black, I guess the above response can be excused. Just.

    If you're white, you're a traitor to your tribe, pure and simple.