Saturday, 23 June 2007

More Quotations and Commentary


The child brides of Britain
We are governed from Brussels!
A drug-crazed, gun-toting, knife-wielding multi-cultural cesspit
The Walkerville Way
John Saunderson-Smith murdered by thieving Polish builders
Mandelson's Oligarch pal linked to assassination
Rapper Dappy pays tribute to headteacher's killer
A Gay Pride flag on Whitehall

Baroness Vadera and the Libor scandal
Entrepreneurial zeal and the gang brand
The Murder of Heather Cooper
A shocking culture of cynicism and greed
Cheerleaders for international aid

Systematic dishonesty and computer glitches in India
The deterioration in Israel's legitimacy accelerates
Why did USA recognise Israel? Truman wanted the Jewish vote!
Brash, egotistical, hyperactive President Bling-Bling
Ritalin for the kids: trouble for the future
Wholly reminiscent of a totalitarian state
We need more Tatchells in the world
Partners of gay knights who "marry" may be given courtesy titles
Britain needs more Capitalism not less
Christians must not wear crosses at work!
Black people can't be racist
Our children aren't being taught their own history
The Rich List
Cardinal Brady just doesn’t get it
Welcome to Israel, only kidding you're in Giffnock
Ban and ostracise those the Moshes don't like!
Nationalistism, extremism, xenophobia and populism is increasing!
The Murder of Luke Fitzpatrick
Afghanistan will be a mess for many years to come
Young, black male unemployment doubles in 3 years

Cinderella slave, 7, smuggled in by Gypsies
Israel is not the master of its fate
They let it grow until it was out of control
The rioters lost hope in the future
We should complain more
Mr Jones must apologise
Make Bradford British
Mass immigration has changed our country for ever
De-b***ocking pervs
Eric Joyce
Why should the baby live?

A major democratic deficit within the EU
The politics of division, the politics of treachery
Being raped by a gang is normal
Poor leadership, PC dogma, warped priorities, tactical incompetence
Cultural differences causing damage and hygiene issues
Tragedies happening in many familes
With each passing year, interracial marriage is less of a rarity
Councillor Bevan deals the Holocaust hand
Militant secularism is taking hold

250 criminally active gangs in London
Childhood shyness could be relassified as a mental disorder

Israel is a crazy country - every 3 years it goes to war!

3,000 cases of 'honour-based' violence in 2010
We should return to the law as it was
Labour was one day away from handing Gibraltar to Spain

What an ordinary child could do
The 'sociocide' of Libyan society

Black people cannot be racist


The establishment isn't at war with the Asghars
Out of kit, out of nurses, out of beds
A bloke who could have predicted the riots
A sick man quibbling over numbers
An expendable Lord
I'm not sorry I burgled your house

Punish the bad
Our Satanic Government!
The Big Boy's Book of Bogey Men!
Children are sexually abused in greater numbers than ever imagined

The big global giveaway game
Our Satanic Government
Welcome to our world
The immigrant populations have been grossly underestimated

We must unite or face irrelevance!
The Expenses Cheat and Racism!
CLEGG: We are in nobody's pocket
Now no one thinks the single currency was a good idea
TUTU: our government is worse than the apartheid government
A slab of meat
Louise Mensch, MP: taking drugs was a natural part of growing up

A slab of meat
Europe's worn out welfare societies
Economic culture based on excess
They can't stand Israel's President
Iran: the mother lode of evil

Make them believe absurdities and they will commit atrocities
This is only the beginning
The deviance and threat posed by the white, working-class
The sheeple way
Unity and diversity didn't stop a Christian being murdered
The murder of Jo Yeates
Anti-Semitism is the new black
They drug us up, they dumb us down

Custody won't rehabilitate them!
Let me finish him off!
If they are not culturally close it can't work!
Sugar Daddy parties

Not a man one would trust
Education takes second place to husltle culture in Jamaica
Our civilisation has developed a culture of self-hatred, a death wish

The establishment colludes to ensure the Briton is shut out
Their poor understanding of fraud and corruption
The symbolism of seeing leaders who represent you really matters
Politicians and economists are out of options
For the good of this country
Committed to community harmony!

A charter for failed asylum seekers, criminals and terrorists
The need to be fair to victims is being ignored
We know what's wrong, we want you to put it right
Violence can be inhibited by physical and political boundaries

I will cut you into little pieces said the nurse!
They have total contempt for what the people think

Moral Bankruptcy is Blair's lasting legacy
Margaret Hodge
New Labour's top 50 achievements
The Palestinians have the right to resist!
The Norway Massacre
Ed Miliband's biggest donor
Ed Miliband's magus
'Democratic' governments do what their master wants

Children should come together in a common purpose
A different kind of Briton
Do you know when WWI ended?
Dutch society and its values must take precedence
They all despise the British
Outnumbered is my favourite programme

Tony Blair: the cutting edge of the future!
Nuclear base on Clyde to be handed to multinationals!
Only one black person went to Oxford
Call the bluff of the big, bad bankers!
William K. Black and the Gangster Bankers
The new, black broom
Jews did not kill Jesus says Pope
The global villagers all stand together
A representative on the Management Board
There's something comforting about Wayne
Britons must see themselves as a single nation!
The impact Jews make
Andy Gray's a dinosaur
Hypocrisy is everywhere these days, ricardo
Muslims will soon overtake churchgoers
Is it worth staying in the EU?
There's nowt so queer as folk
Ann the elephant
Like special father, like special sons
Big kiss for Barnsley
Making money out of the gullible is perfectly acceptable
All the way to the top
Bash the bankers
Spot the honourable man
A man to whom the world owed so much
Zionist editing on Wikipedia
Civic death!
Can this gene be switched off?
Christopher's crusade for common sense
Population growth: mankind faces serious problems

An irrational hatred of Muslims
This corrosive mindset
Gay celebration in maths, geography and science
The most senior officers should be tried for treason
Dumbing-down, equality and diversity
Afghanistan looks gloomy in terms of casualties


Villains of 2010
Herman says no!
Was privatisation a mistake?
Bullingdon Boys v Blinkered Lefties
Mass incarceration is a luxury we can no longer afford
Politicians should say what they think about drugs
Is England too honest to survive?
BNP members cannot be teachers!
White, Christian, married, English does not fit the bill
Our prisons and asylums are full of ethnics!

More Blacks jailed here than in US
Put your money in a bank and it's THEIRS not YOURS!

Protect the jobs of ethnic workers!
Unstoppable, accountable to no one and anti-democratic
The Advancement of World Government

The smallest navy ever!
Why aren't bankers behind bars?

The forces of hate are still with us
Only fools and blackguards
Us priviliged Whities
The worst people in the world and their Tonies
Pope hid sex abuse! Pope soft on Holocaust deniers!
Carswell's banking reform bill
A degree of instability
Top Cop wants a diverse mix
Ambition powered by insecurity
Sell off the motorways says Rothschild!
More mixed-race propaganda
Liberalisation, social engineering, unions, gays and Srebrenica!


Reds are good for something!
Tom Harris' Confession
Griffin's Question Time
I hate Peter Mandelson
Living a pretentious life

And those who operate under him

Irregularities Happen in Every Democracy!
Leopards and spots
Labour loves mass immigration!
Dominated by an army of overpaid, self-important party hacks
In the interest of Israel AND the whole world?
Dishonesty runs through every area of policy
Banned from wearing Union Jack badges!
Gordon's leadership make a Conservative victory likely
Holocaust survivor warns Britain not to give power to BNP
The hatred flourishing beneath
Cameron: 'I will empower UK Jews'
Insulted, abused and all too often silenced

Fear is not the only reason
Some of the Most Reviled Lags in Britain!
Sir Fred Goodwin's obscene deal!
Now Mr Average is daring to blame the Jew
The power the Zionists wield

Obama declares war on the BNP!
The new black broom


Islam Group Urged Forest Fire Jihad!
Amber Latif cancels Christmas!
Someone's Made a Fortune: I Hope They're Held to Account!
Correct Spelling is Such a Burden!
Foreign sperm donors required
What was it all for?

F*** off, this is police business!
Gangs of Asian youths terrorise pensioners!
I am not Superwoman!
The Soaring Demand from Immigrants

I will teach those pigs a lesson one day!
They feel like the Jews of Europe
Revenue interest outweighs this!
Equality and absence of discrimination
The Bush Scroll
The ethnic cleansing of Palestine
Bash the Bishop!
Hardly any children haven't been mugged!
How offensive the truth can be to the politically correct


A very Jewish conspiracy
How they murder us
An issue of trust

We have to prepare for the worst and the worst is war
George Orwell: On Patriotism
The Contribution of Jews is Simply Astounding!

Sarah Silverman would kill Christ again!
Jun 2007 Why England is rotting
The Miliband Prerogative: New Labour Manifestos

Blair's final betrayal
Raise the age of criminal responsibility to 18!
31m precriptions for antidepressants issued in 2006

Home Secretary cannot promise success against terrorism
Seven reasons to vote for the BNP
It should have been Rena that died
Prince Charles’ pal murdered in Mandelaland!


Polish female outraged! Groping is OK in Poland!
Anywhere else it would be called war

The Bishop of Southwark got drunk as a skunk
Tessa, Tony, Gamblers and Criminals
Tony Blair's private fundraiser

Leaving your house unlocked


Immigration, Obesity and Directorships
Dead in a denim jacket
Churchill goaded Hitler into bombing London
Peter Tatchell and Ramzi
Deterring people like you


Cop kills Pastor for cash
ref=" "/>That's just living in London
The death of Terezia Sternbergerova
Are You Brainwashed?
The New Conquest of Britain


The death of Jay Abatan
To christian is not a verb


Rape is endemic in South Africa


Back in the Londonistan day


Abeeku and Jane come to England
For the good of the people


Nov 1996 Tony Blair's Secret Donors


1994 David Morgan's Christmas rampage
Greville Janner and the Frank Beck affair

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