Wednesday, 21 June 2006

An irrational hatred of Muslims

In the 2 February 2011 Daily Telegraph article, ‘If you're looking for Islamophobia, try the comments under my article about Baroness Warsi’, Peter Oborne complained of 'an irrational and phobic hatred of Muslims', adding:

"Of the total of 1,633 comments, some 201 attacked me personally. I counted exactly 36 (just over 2 per cent) which were in support of my general point of view." Irrational hatred of Muslims
I guess I would have to hate the Muslim paedophiles who have been raping and prostituting our little girls but then I loathe the politicians and the media darlings who knew it was happening and said nothing even more.

I confess that I also loathe the hate preachers who wish to impose Sharia law upon us and the protestors who wish to behead us but then I loathe the politicians and the media darlings who did so little to curb their brutish chauvinism even more.

I don't hate the millions who have poured into our country against the express wishes of the British people but I do wish they hadn't come. As for the politicians and the PC Crowd who encouraged them, oh yes, a very rational hatred of them is the order of the day.

As for those who, at best, wish to aggressively evangelise us and, at worst, would like to blow up, well, if any indigenous Brit doesn’t dislike them, they're nuts.

You obviously don't get it Peter. The traitorous race laws have been putting the foreigner first in our country for the last 47 years. The animals at the top of the tree have been housing foreigners before the British lowly for all of that time and, recently, foreigners have been given almighty preference in the jobs market. The British people are SICK of it, Peter! Why on earth wouldn’t they be?

Phobic? Irrational? You must have led a very privileged, leafy-suburbian kind of life. There's nothing the least bit irrational about hating the fact that those who rule your life routinely put you last and the foreigner first in the land that your ancestors' built for you.

And then there would be the Sayeeda Warsis. I hate the fact that jumped-up, utterly unrepresentative second-generation immigrants can patronise the British working-classes at will from their positively-discriminated-on-behalf-of ivory towers. Supported all the while by the treacherous politicians and fashion-following luvvies in the media.

Oh, there's a deal of hatred knocking about in this country, that's for sure. Where it is aimed at the politicians and the PC Crowd it is neither irrational nor phobic, it is both righteous and appropriate to the nth degree. Where it is aimed at those who came here to wreak their alien will upon the kind, tolerant, decent and fair-minded British people, it may be 'phobic' but it certainly isn't irrational. It is entirely understandable.

Shame on you for this extraordinary lack of insight.

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