Thursday, 29 June 2006

Iran: the mother lode of evil

On 2 November 2011, the Jewish-American journalist, Ben Shapiro, said this at

“Benjamin Netanyahu… has been bringing home hostages such as Gilad Shalit in anticipation of an attack on Iran. When that attack takes place, Netanyahu knows, every Jew in Muslim territory will be endangered.

Why the sudden urgency from Israel?… The answer lies in President Obama's support for Islamist regimes across the Middle East. The Arab Spring… was an Islamist revolution of the worst sort, toppling BRUTAL DICTATORS WITH WHOM WE COULD DEAL with in favor of POPULIST Islamist movements that we cannot. And Obama stands behind all of it.

It started with his invitation to members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the supposedly moderate group that stands behind Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaida and virtually every other terrorist entity in the region, to attend his speech in Cairo in 2009. His words in Cairo emboldened Islamists; his appeasement rhetoric suggested that the conflict between Western civilization and radical Islam is a mere misunderstanding, and just a few days before that, his statements calling America ‘one of the largest Muslim countries in the world,’ told Islamists that they had nothing to fear from the United States.

That was doubly true for Iran. America's policy on Iran has been feckless for the better part of three decades… Obama made clear from the outset that he would do nothing about Iran. In the presidential debates, he said he would meet with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; since Obama's ascendance to the White House, Ahmadinejad has visited the United States repeatedly… The United States will do nothing to prevent Iran, THE MOTHER LODE OF EVIL IN TODAY'S WORLD, from going nuclear.

Perhaps if Obama had shown half as much worry about the turn of the Middle East towards Islamism that he now shows towards AN ATTACK ON ISLAMIST NUCLEAR FACILITIES, we wouldn't be in this situation. Israel wouldn't stand alone. But it does, and it will, against all odds. MAY THE HITLERIAN ARAB SPRING END THE SAME WAY AS HITLER'S EMPIRE DID: IN UTTER FAILURE, BURIED BENEATH ITS OWN ASHES.”
Not much room for doubt as to whose side Benny is on, is there?

Nope. There’s no equivocation at all here. This guy is for ’brutal dictators,’ an ’attack on Iran’ and the ‘Arab Spring… buried beneath its own ashes.’

As for what the people want, if their democracies don’t suit the Jew, ‘populist… movements’ can go to hell. And, of course, if you disagree with Benny’s appraisal, it is almost certain that you will be a ‘racist’, a ’hater’, a ‘Hitlerian’ Nazi whose outlook needs adjustment.

Hey, Benny! I’m guessing that if ‘who is the mother lode of evil in today’s world’ was a quiz question, a whole lot more people would answer ‘Israel’ than ‘Iran’! Oops! Here’s me, a Nazi, (according to the Benny type) indulging in ‘appeasement rhetoric’ just like Obama. Who is, according to Benny, an Islamist.

It’s a funny, old ‘Western civilisation,’ we civilised folk hang out in nowadays, isn’t it?

The above is pretty typical of Ben Shapiro’s output. Let's see what he was saying at the same web site back in August 2003:

“The time for HALF MEASURES has passed. BULLDOZING HOUSES of homicide bombers is useless. Instituting ONGOING CURFEWS in Arab-populated cities is useless. ROADBLOCKS, TOUCH FENCES, midnight negotiations and cease-fires are useless.

Some have RIGHTLY suggested that Israel be allowed to DECAPITATE THE TERRORIST LEADERSHIP OF THE PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY. But this too is ONLY A HALF MEASURE. The ideology of the Palestinian population is indistinguishable from that of the terrorist leadership. Half measures merely postpone our realization that the Arabs dream of Israel's destruction. Without drastic measures, the Arab dream will come true…

Here is the bottom line: If you believe that the Jewish state has a right to exist, then YOU MUST ALLOW ISRAEL TO TRANSFER THE PALESTINIANS AND THE ISRAELI-ARABS FROM JUDEA, SAMARIA, GAZA AND ISRAEL PROPER…

There is certainly room in the spacious Muslim states of the Middle East for 5 million Palestinians and Israeli Arabs… PALESTINIANS, whose claim to Judea, Samaria and Gaza is dubious at best, CAN BE EXPELLED. IT'S TIME TO STOP BEING SQUEAMISH. Jews are not Nazis. Transfer is not genocide. And ANYTHING ELSE ISN'T A SOLUTION.”
Like I said, there’s no equivocation in our Benny.

P.S. 'Mother lode of evil?' Reminds me of another phrase that George Bush used to use back in the day. Yeah, 'axis of evil', that was it.

One of Bush's speechwriters, a gentleman by the name of David Frum, invented that evocative little gem.

I wonder if our Benny got the inspiration for his mother lode from his fellow tribesperson?

Maybe it's just a Jewish thing. You know, with these cute little, hair-raising, let's-get-them-before-they-get-us phrases?

Yeah, that'll be it.

"David and Ben,

Get ten out of ten

For Iraq and Iran-bashing lore

With axis and lode

Evil was sowed

And the goyim all marched off to war."
Sorry about that.

Old habits die hard.

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