Wednesday, 21 June 2006

You can be racist about any colour so long as it's white

In his 7 February 2011 article in The Daily Telegraph, ‘You can be racist about any colour, so long as it's white’, Michael Deacon opined thus:

“You can be racist about any colour, so long as it's white... Racism, I'm sure most of us agree, is bad."
I replied:

“The invention of ‘racism’ was bad. Before it was invented, people took the mickey out of each other and the bullies got seen to. After it was invented, the bullies took the mickey out of the white working-classes and nobody but them got seen to.

The mass-murdering Russian Revolutionary, Leon Trotsky, was the first to use the word ‘racist’ in a pejorative sense. He was Jewish. I wonder, how many fully paid up members of the PC Crowd would say I was ‘racist’ or ‘anti-Semitic’ for pointing out the ethnicity of the leader of the original Red Army?

‘Racism’ as a bogey word and concept was popularised by the 1938 translation of a 1934 work by Magnus Hirschfeld, a cross-dressing German ‘sexologist.’ The Hungarian-English publisher, Victor Gollancz was the owner of the company that published it with this title.

Hirschfeld and Gollancz were also Jewish. I'm sure that the Trotskies, Hirschfelds and Gollanczs would agree with you about the ‘racism is bad’ thing, Michael. Just as I'm sure most of those unjustly demonised by the word would agree, if they were only aware of the origins of it, that the the creators of this artificial crime, along with its latter-day touts, are far less savoury than those they wished it inflicted upon."
Serfmeister commented thus beneath the article:

“It's a well-accepted Socialist fact that only white folks can be racists. It's utterly impossible for a person of any other ethnicity to be so.”
To which I replied:

“Well said, serfmeister. I remember listening to the black, lesbian activist, Linda Bellos, say that that black people couldn't be racist on the radio about fifteen years back. Here's a potted history of the ultimate PC Crowder:

Bellos is an adviser on equality and diversity to Southwark Council, the Met, the Crown Prosecution Service, the Association of Chief Police Officers and the British Army amongst others. She is also the treasurer of the Africa Reparations Movement and used to be the chairperson of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Network. Bellos now also runs her own consultancies, Diversity Solutions and Design for Diversity. Here are a few choice Bellosisms:

'There has been no apology for the enslavement of millions of African people… We should receive reparations as other peoples have done in the past… They ask how much will it cost? We consider this an offensive question.'

'Black remains a political term that we should be encouraging'.

'As a black working-class lesbian… I make deliberate decisions about what I wear and what I look like for the sake of power'.

'Men don't need to be obliterated. Changed, yes'.

'The Black Power movement in the 1960s made me realise there were other people who were angry like me… I could’ve been a black person who doesn’t rock the boat, but boats are there to be bl**dy rocked.'

'Largely, revolutionary feminism got it pretty right.'

'My politics has stood still and the world has come to meet us.'

'I predict that so long as we are ruled by Thatcherism, gas chambers will be here within 7 to 10 years for lesbians, gay men, blacks and Socialists’.”
The Guardian once described Bellos thus:

“She doesn’t listen so much as lecture. And much of what she has lectured down the years has become standard policy. On matters such as… policing and diversity, opinion has come round to her way of thinking… She has got in touch with her Judaism.”
In 2006, the black, lesbian Marxist Jew, Linda Bellos, was awarded an OBE by the Queen.

For services to diversity.

Like I said, ladies and gents, the invention of racism was bad.

On 9 January 2012, Lee Jasper, who was, for a time, Mayor Ken Livingstone's top racial advisor, said this on Twitter:

"Lesson no 1. Black people in the UK cannot be racist. Racism requires power plus prejudice We do not have the power to discriminate en masse."
Jasper added:

"No black person in the UK can be racist. Racism is prejudice plus power."
In which case, no white people in South Africa and Zimbabwe can be racist. On the other hand, Nelson Mandela et al can.

Check out Mandela's uncritical presence as a 'Kill the Boer' song is sung here. (11 minutes in)

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