Tuesday, 20 June 2006

Hypocrisy is everywhere these days, ricardo

In a Daily Telegraph Comment section, ricardo_lion said this:

"I am not against Britain, but against the hypocrisy of so many in your country. I can't understand why so many in a Christian (a religion born from Judaism), free, democratic country are siding against Jewish (the religion of Jesus), free, democratic, civilized (no gay hanging, women stoning, 'honour' killing of girls, hand chopping, etc.), peaceful (yes, they declared war, not the other way round) and siding with Muslim bloody dictatorships, medieval kingdoms and Jihadi groups."
I replied thus:

"Jesus Christ was Jewish but Christianity was born of a reaction against the Jewish orthodoxy of the time. From that period in history to this, the orthodox Jew and most Rabbinical authority has despised Christianity and many of the most powerful have done their best to subvert and destroy it.

'I can't understand why so many in a Christian, free, democratic country are siding against Jewish, free, democratic, civilized, peaceful,' says Ricardo. If you went to Palestine and asked the Palestinians how 'free, democratic and peaceful' their lives under Israeli occupation were, I thing they might say 'not very'. You will know this. I think if you asked the same people how civilised their Jewish neighbours were I think they might also say 'not very'.

Of course, if you asked the Israeli Jews the same question, they’d probably respond similarly. The difference being, one side fights with helicopter gun ships, F111 warplanes, Merkava tanks, seperation walls, contant interruption of water, sewage and electricity supplies, housing demolition, deportation and routine intimidation, the other side fights with suicide belts. Oh, and the odd home made and Kassam rockets which irritate but kill very few.

I agree with you in one respect, Ricardo, you really 'can’t understand' us. The British (the proper ones, not the imperialistic elite or the PC Crowd) have a long history of sticking up for the underdog. In the areas of the earth where Israel and those who sniff its bottom hold sway, there are the underdogs and the brute overdogs. Even you will know which is which.

As for ‘Muslim bloody dictatorships, medieval kingdoms and Jihadi groups,’ well, the cynical often use the 'us or them' tactic, as if we’re not allowed to despise both. Wherever evil rules I’ll speak out against it. But I would not invade someone else’s territory because Israel, the Jewish lobby and the ricardo_lions insist I should. I’m for letting the people of the earth wipe their own behinds, build their own palaces and devise a way of living that suits them best.

The Jihadi groups in this country? Well, if anyone out there has read my previous offerings they will know how longs such folks would be around if I was the boss. How long will they be around with the Conservative and New Labour 'friends of Israel' groupings being the most powerful and demanding parliamentary lobbies, we wonder?

Oh, there is hypocrisy everywhere these days, ricardo. Especially at the very top of the jungle canopy.

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