Wednesday, 28 June 2006

Expenses and Racism!

After three Asian peers were banned from Parliament in the wake of the expenses scandal, Labour peer Lord Alli hired human rights lawyer, Imran Khan, to review the Privileges and Conduct Committee judgement.

He said:

“Something is not right about the way these three peers were treated. There were at least 12 members of the House of Lords who were accused of abusing their second home allowances. Yet only these three were singled out to be disciplined. Look at them. ALL THREE ARE ASIAN. It does not look right. This process was flawed.

At one point, when Lady Uddin was before the sub-committee she was reduced to tears by the questioning. She excused herself, and went to the lavatory, but within three minutes they were bashing on the door demanding she come out… I felt I had no choice but to ask Imran Khan to conduct an independent review.”
Racism then, bound to be.

Baron Waheed Alli used to be an investment banker, he set up the Planet 24 broadcasting company with Bob Geldof, no less, and he was ennobled by Tony Blair at the tender age of 34! Oh, and he's gay, a Muslim and a multi-millionaire! Whoever such a fabulous New World Order pin up boy accuses of racism jus has to be a racist, Fascist, Nazi, bigot! I mean, come on!

One member of the undoubtedly racist Privileges and Conduct Committee, Tanzanian-born Lord Dholakia, a former President of the Lib Dems and, for 25 years, head of the Commission for Racial Equality, responded thus:

“I reject any suggestion that race played a role in the deliberations of the relevant committees and House officials. I have spent almost 30 years in the race relations industry. It is unthinkable I would be involved in anything that smacks of racism.”
P*** off, Adolf!

B*gger off back to Bavaria where you belong!

The sanctions against Lady Uddin, Lord Paul and Lord Bhatia were the most draconian imposed upon peers of the realm in 300 years.

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