Monday, 26 June 2006

Councillor Bevan deals the Holocaust hand

Councillor Sarah Bevan (Lib Dem, Peasedown) was incensed when opposition Tories blocked the allocation of £1.8 million for the development of new gypsy and traveller sites.

She was subsequently quoted thus at the This is Somerset website:

“If the Conservative group… believes that those who hold the purse strings should prioritise potholes over people, some of whom may well be members of minority groups such as the Romany, it is swerving perilously close to the kind of low level, INSIDIOUS RACISM THAT ULTIMATELY LED TO THE HOLOCAUST.” (16 February 2012)
Bevan is Jewish. A Jew dealing the ‘Holocaust’ hand. YET AGAIN!

In hopes that £1.8 million of Somerset taxpayer cash be spent on improving the living quarters of those whom the majority of Somerset taxpayers would not want living alongside them.

I reckon most Somerset folk would be happy if the Gypsies went elsewhere.

I reckon they’d be ecstatic if Bevan went the same way.

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