Tuesday, 13 June 2006

A continuum of harm

On 8 August 2008, Deputy Chief Constable Jon Murphy was quoted thus in The Times:

"Some 60 per cent of criminal groups are involved in drug trafficking...


What we’re talking about here is a continuum of harm from a poppy field in Kandahar to a burglary on an estate or somebody getting shot here. The two things are linked.
So, the idiocy (or intent) of the politicians caused a 'big shift by organised criminals into cannabis.'

Don’t you think that they might have guessed that if 'the profits were high but the penalties were less,' criminality in this area might increase?

As I suggested, perhaps the politicians behind the 'different approach' (the law was changed so that cannabis usage and possession was no longer an arrestable offence in most cases) weren’t being stupid. Perhaps they weren’t just being ultra PC and lessening the criminal load for their immigrant pets. Perhaps some of them were, actually, HAPPY to inflict the damage upon our society that was always going to follow from the relaxation of the law.

The Times added:

"Gangland is still controlled by British families, despite the influx of crime syndicates from Eastern Europe and South-East Asia over the past decade... Although they are all in jail, Terry Adams, Kenneth Noye, Brian Brendon Wright, Brian Gunn and Curtis Warren are being monitored closely."
Curtis Warren 'the richest criminal in British history' might well be what The Times, Tony B Liar and the PC crowd would like to convince us is 'British' nowadays but I doubt that most of us would think of him as being one of us.

A Year 2000 edition of The Observer tells us this:

"His father a mixed-race sailor with the Norwegian Merchant Navy, his grandfather listed as a coffee manufacturer in the Americas. His mother was Sylvia Chantre, the daughter of a shipyard boiler attendant and a mother with a Spanish name, Baptista, originally from Bird Island, South Africa."
Wikipedia also tells us that Warren's gang, the Granby Crew, were 'predominantly black and mixed race.'

The Times continues:

"A £40 billion underworld economy is dominated by homegrown criminals, (like Curtis Warren) with at least 27 'Mr Bigs' running their empires from inside British jails...

London has more than 170 gangs... (Mostly Black) Manchester has established gangs such as the Longsight Crew (Black) and the Gooch Close Gang, (Black) while Birmingham has been dealing for years with the rivalry between the Johnson Crew (Black) and the Burger Bar Boys. (Black)

Bradford is a centre for money laundering and a major distribution point for heroin by British-Pakistani gangs...

Many foreign gangs active in Britain are based overseas and exploit the 11,000-mile coastline and security weaknesses at sea ports to smuggle drugs, guns and counterfeit goods into the country...

The declassification of cannabis led to a boom in cannabis farms, controlled largely by Vietnamese syndicates and producing high-strength skunk.

A recent investigation in London uncovered an arms deal in which a Lithuanian gang had been trading handguns in return for an introduction to Colombian cocaine contacts. Another inquiry broke up a sex trafficking ring run jointly by Lithuanian, Albanian and Chinese criminals."
Aren’t enrichment, diversity and multiculturalism wonderful?

Aren’t the globalist gangsters and their bought politicans wonderful? I mean, it was them who gave us the 'drug trafficking,' the 'continuum of harm,' the 'influx of crime syndicates from Eastern Europe and South-East Asia,' Curtis Warren, the '£40 billion underworld economy”, 'more than 170 gangs' in London, the Longsight Crew, the Gooch Close Gang, the Johnson Crew, the Burger Bar Boys, the 'money laundering' and 'major distribution point for heroin by British-Pakistani gangs' in Bradford, the 'many foreign gangs active in Britain' who 'smuggle drugs, guns and counterfeit goods into the country,' the 'boom in cannabis farms, controlled largely by Vietnamese syndicates producing high-strength skunk,' the Lithuanian gangs 'trading handguns,' the 'Colombian cocaine contacts' and the 'sex trafficking ring run jointly by Lithuanian, Albanian and Chinese criminals.'

Aren’t we wonderful for letting THEM do it to us? You know, every generation is the custodian of the nation's wealth and happiness. What did our grandparents will to us? What will we pass on to our own grandchildren?

If you want them to have what our ancestors left in our care, just once in your life, vote for those who give a damn.

And not for those who don’t.

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