Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Community Cohesion and Migration

On 16 July 2008, Community Cohesion and Migration: a report by the House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee, was released.

This is what it said:

"Migration is having significant effects on some local communities across the country. The sheer pace of change experienced in some areas has escalated public concerns about migration to the point where MIGRATION HAS BECOME THE SINGLE GREATEST PUBLIC CONCERN IN BRITAIN, overtaking concerns on crime and terrorism...

Community cohesion cannot be improved without addressing and alleviating public concerns about migration. THESE CONCERNS ARE NOT MERELY BASED ON PREJUDICE, BUT CAN OFTEN BE GROUNDED IN GENUINE ANXIETIES ABOUT THE VISIBLE AND PRACTICAL EFFECTS OF MIGRATION.

Recent migration has placed particular pressures on local public services in areas that have experienced rapid inward migration, including schools; translation services; social care; English language teaching; policing and the NHS. Currently THESE SERVICES ARE LEFT UNDER-FUNDED OWING TO THE GOVERNMENT'S RELIANCE ON ALLOCATING MONEY BASED ON FLAWED POPULATION DATA. The consequence of this is not only vital services left without adequate funding, but detrimental effects on community cohesion...

The continued under-funding of migration pressures at the local level increases the risk of community tensions escalating, particularly given that THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN THE UK ALREADY BELIEVE THAT SOME GROUPS, SUCH AS IMMIGRANTS, GET UNFAIR PRIORITY ACCESS TO PUBLIC SERVICES.

The Government needs to take immediate action to address public concerns about migration, and TO DEFUSE TENSIONS BEFORE THEY LEAD TO DISTURBANCES.

A spokeswoman for the Department for Communities and Local Government said:

'We recognise that migration can bring challenges. That’s why we’ve established a £50million cohesion fund'."

How is this particular drop in the ocean supposed to help those who don't want to cohere? You know, the vast majority of the British people who just never saw the point of cohering with terrorists, murderers, rapists, pimps, drug dealers, burglars, muggers and gang members? All of whom are represented in the immigrant communities at a much greater level than the indigeous community? And all of that before we get to the 'white flight'?

Hey, you we vote for! How are you supposed to cohere when you've been ethnically cleansed from the coherence place?


Cute euphemism, don't you think? Just in case our MPs haven't been paying attention: Notting Hill; Nottingham; Southall; Brixton (4 times); Bristol; Toxteth; Handsworth; Oldham; Burnley; Bradford. Don't these RIOTS count, then?

They don't, actually. Do you know why? Because, apart from the first two, (which heralded the introduction of the first Brit-bashing race laws) it was the immigrant who was doing the rioting. Anyway, when a House of Commons Committee, most of whose members are New Labour MPs, censures the government as boldly as this one, you better believe that the boss men are well and truly worried.

The disturbances that they are worried about are the upcoming indigenous disturbances. When the immigrant riots, cities burn. When the placid and uncomplaining Briton riots, politicians sweat.

Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of Migrationwatch UK, said:

"The Government still does not get it. It is not a question of managing local impacts, it is a question of a massive impact on our whole society from having to build the equivalent of seven Birminghams in the next 25 years."
'The massive impact on our whole society' that those who are at war with us continue to have. It will never change, Sir Andrew. Plaintive words from a good man won't do it. THEY will never stop what THEY are doing until we stop them ourselves. The House of Commons Communities and Local Government Committee knows this. And so do an ever-increasing number of British people.

Here's a little thing that might just explain a lot:

In July 2008, a survey conducted by the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Mental Health discovered this:

"Almost one-fifth of MPs have suffered mental health problems at some time."
Is anyone out there the least bit surprised?

Didn't think so.

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