Monday, 19 June 2006

Celebrating Diversity

On 24 September 2010, Camden Council told us this:

"Camden schools are CELEBRATING THE DIVERSITY AND CULTURE of their pupils by signing up to a new scheme – THE STEPHEN LAWRENCE EDUCATION STANDARD…

The launch of the programme, named after the black teenager who was murdered in a racist attack in 1993, coincided with a photographic exhibition about pupils’ heritage at the German Gymnasium in King’s Cross…

The Stephen Lawrence Education Standard encourages schools to explore and PROMOTE race equality and DIVERSITY in classes, assemblies and play times as well as in their work with the community and other schools. This can include CELEBRATIONS OF BLACK HISTORY MONTH, projects to increase children’s understanding of COMMUNITY COHESION and disability as well as local campaigns with the police or other organisations to stop HATE CRIME.

‘I’m immensely proud that 13 Camden schools have already signed up to the Stephen Lawrence Education Standard with others waiting to join. This scheme is crucial to HELPING COMMUNITY COHESION TO FLOURISH in Camden…

We hope every Camden school will sign up.


‘You are already doing a great deal in Camden as this amazing photographic exhibition shows.

Councillor Heather Johnson, Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Families, Camden Council, said:

‘I am delighted that our schools are embracing this initiative. Learning to live within a DIVERSE COMMUNITY and to CELEBRATE ITS DIFFERENCES is a great way of promoting a healthy, happy borough’."
Camden Schools Celebrate Diversity in the name of Stephen Lawrence

A question for Nasim, Rehana and Heather:

In the spirit of fairness, would it be OK if I got the children of Camden to 'sign up' to an even newer 'scheme'? This would present a photographic exhibition of all of those indigenous Britons who had been, murdered, manslaughtered, raped and gang-raped, shot, stabbed, beaten up, drugged-up, prostituted, robbed, mugged, threatened, bullied and forced to flee their own ancient neighbourhoods by peoples of other 'cultures' and 'heritages' since Stephen Lawrence was, himself, murdered.

The 'diverse' criminals who 'cohered' with the aforementioned so savagely, would also feature.

Would that be OK? In the spirit of fairness and balance? I mean if you present an unbalanced view of the way things really are, you are liable to end up with a lot of unbalanced kiddies who might just end up trusting the wrong sort, mightn’t you? They might just end up wanting to 'cohere' with the murderer, the rapist and the drug dealer, mightn’t they? Just like so many murdered, raped and drugged up folk have done since folks like you began ramming their Brit-loathing PC message down the throats of the most vulnerable back in the early sixties.

You wouldn’t want Whitey cohering with the Rogues' Gallery type, would you, Nasim? Chance of a bit of politically incorrect 'equality' in this matter, Minhas? And Heather, how about if I bring the various victims (those that are still alive) on show in last month's News articles at this blog round to your place? You could ask them if they’re as 'healthy' as they once were and how happy cohesion and diversity has made them!

And if they‘d care to 'celebrate... difference' along with you.

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